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Hi, I’m Sidharth from Delhi with another true story and this can surely give you goosebumps & wet the ladies pussy.

This story belongs to the aunt of mine who’s name is Tanya with the figure 34 28 36, she’s very very smoking hot and any guy can have an imagination to fuck her in his bed with his best.

I’m coming to story here,
– Tanya aunty is my chachu’s wife and she’s very close to me because of our relation. Tanya aunty is very frank & friendly, though. She is the most beautiful lady in our family and everyone has an eye on her. I used to masturbate calling her name! Once there was a family gathering in our house! We’ve great big house. Chachu, Chachi, and their 4-year-old son as well. Drinking is normal in our house!

Everyone was in the hall. Gossiping, eating snacks and drinking cocktails. But my dad & chachu were drinking like there’s no tomorrow. Chachi and mom had 2 shots only that’s for even formality! I had 4 shots and I was little high. We gave one big room to chachu and their family at night and they went there, chachu slept ’cause he was hell drunk and my mom and dad also went to sleep in their room.

I was going through chachu’s room and I saw aunty is still awake but chachu and their son is sleeping. I asked her ‘do you need anything, aunty?’

She replied – I’m not drowsy.
I asked her – we can go to the terrace or my room to have a walk & conversation.
She immediately came with me and we went to the terrace, I locked the door of the terrace so that no one can come on the terrace. We were having a good walk and talking very formally then she asked me
She- ‘are you high’

I said ‘yes a bit’
She asked me – ‘what’s with your girlfriend’
I said – ‘we had a breakup’
She asked ‘ why’
I said – that’s very personal and will sound inappropriate to you.

She forced me, convinced me and then I replied ‘I wanted to have sex with her very wildly with some intense wild tricks, that’s why she dumped me.

Aunty face was stoic only question she suddenly asked was ‘what wild tricks’

I said – I wanted to use a blindfold, a rope to tie her hands, a cloth to cover her face, chocolate syrup, hard chocolate, ice cubes, strawberries and fuck using a viagra tablet. And even I bought all this for her.

Her eyes got wide open and she said how can she dump you for this? Is she crazy and I can see a change in her face. She was getting close to me and suddenly she asked me ‘do you want to try it with your aunt with a naughty smile’ I got shocked but then I replied her with a kiss on lips then we started to smooch very intensely. I was pressing her boobs over her clothes and she was breathing heavily and asked if we can go into your room? ’cause everyone is asleep and no one is gonna know.

I took her in my arms and kissed her then we headed towards my room and I softly made her lie in bed and locked my door then we started to smooch and started to remove our clothes one by one then I asked her wait for 2 mins. Then I opened my cupboard and went to the kitchen to get some ice cubes! Then I came back in and she was looking very gorgeous in bra and panty in my bed I came in and blindfolded her, then I locked her both hands tied then with the rope she was trying to kiss me and I was getting away. And in between, I had a viagra tablet! Then she can’t see or touch anything.

I started to pour chocolate syrup on her lips and then I started to smooch her very wildly then I started to put some chocolate syrup on her neck then I started to lick that very wildly and bite her neck then I removed her bra and started to press her boob very hardly. She was screaming in pain likee ahhhhhh ummmmmmm yeahhhhhhhhh moreeeee then I took ice cube in my mouth and came closer to her neck and started to rub it over her neck then her boobs then her belly, I was rubbing ice cube all over her upper body and she was shivering in a great pleasure then I tied her face with a cloth and started to continue then I poured chocolate syrup all over her upper body and hard chocolate on her nipple then I started to lick every inch of her body and after licking left side completely I ate chocolate from her left nipple then same with the right portion then I took ice cube in my mouth again and started to make circular motions on her belly and started to press her both boobs with my both hands.

She was trying to scream but the cloth was making her voice in her only and she can’t see anything though even can’t touch me. Then I put 3 cubes around her belly and I came on her naked and we both were feeling the ice cube sensation together and I was sucking her boobs. Then I gave her a body to body massage very intensely and I know she was going nuts, then I turned her and started to lick her back and squeeze her ass then I started to spank her ass very wildly then kiss it one by one then I started to remove her panty and after removing it, from her toe I started to lick her to her thigh then

I licked mainly on her both thigh then turned her again and I got in between her legs and started to kiss and lick every side around her wet pussy. She wanted me to lick her pussy but I was teasing her then I made her stand and then sit on her knees and I remove her cloth from the mouth and I put my dick on her lips and asked her not to suck it just lick it from side otherwise I’m not going to fuck you. She obeyed me well and then suddenly she was tasting some chocolate thing and that was syrup which I was pouring from above and then I asked her to suck, she started to suck very deeply and I was continuously pouring syrup on my dick and then after 5 mins I didn’t let her stand instead I got on my knees as well and started to smooch her very deeply then I took her in my arms

And made her lie in bed with wide open legs and came in between her legs and started to rub my dick over her pussy but I didn’t enter ’cause I was teasing her. She said ‘please inside now’ but I didn’t enter but I put that cloth again on her mouth to stop her from speaking then again I was rubbing my dick on her pussy then from nowhere she felt some wetness on her pussy and that was chocolate syrup which I was pouring from above then I got down and started to lick it every corner inside her pussy and she started to lift her pussy area more in my mouth……Then I kept some hard chocolate pieces inside her pussy and poured more syrup on her pussy then I started to lick her clit, her hole then I took my lips and tongue inside and ate the chocolate. Her juices were flowing out and I can hear her sounds.

Then I took 2 fingers in her pussy and was licking her clit with my tongue along. Then I got to her side and started to suck her boobs and with one hand I was fingering her, rubbing her clit…Then I started to stimulate her g spot with 2 bent fingers in her and she went nuts again and I removed her mouth cloth and started to smooch her. Then she said please fuck me please then I denied and I came on top of her boobs and I put my dick in her mouth and started to make in out actions with a dick in her mouth. She was going all crazy and I removed my dick from her mouth and

Took her over me and
Made her sit on my face and I started to lick her pussy and asked her to twirk like that only and she started to does that. Then she got down and tried to grab my dick with her mouth ’cause her hands were all tied and even she couldn’t see anything. Then she took my dick in mouth and started to suck and I was licking. 69 was for like 10 mins.

Then I made her lie with closed legs to the right side and I entered my dick in her and removed the cloth from her mouth and she was moaning badly and her pussy was very very wet. I started to hump and she wanted it faster but I was going slow then I gave her very deep powerful strokes then I started to fuck her very rapidly. Then I made her in doggy style and I made her legs wide open and just entered her and she screamed in and great pleasure. Then I took her hairs in my one hand from behind and started to hump very hard in her pussy and was pulling her hair as well, then I started to spank her with another hand with every stroke.

She was moaning very loud. Then I took my dick out and sat down and started to lick her pussy again for some seconds, then again I started to fuck her. I asked her to twirk and hump by yourself and started oh damn that was amazing

Then we switched position and she came over me and jumping on my dick and screaming with every jump and then I asked her to suck she did then we came in reverse cowboy position and she was moving her pussy to fuck me badly.

Then we moved to bathroom and I started the shower and took her to the wall and removed her blindfold and rope from hands then I lifted her one leg on my shoulder and started to fuck her in a standing position then I took her both legs in air and she was with wall and I was penetrating her to her pussy core. She reached her orgasm again and I’m still fucking her because of viagra. Then I made her sit on knees and shower was on then I gave her my dick and she was sucking it this time using her hands and stroking me ‘she said she never expected this kind of pleasure and again started to suck’ then I cum in her mouth and she drank and she was smiling very badly with a great pleasure.

Then we kissed each other and went to our rooms and cleaned everything. Now, whenever I get a chance I fuck her and fucked her ass very wildly as well , i will tell that sometime later.

Take care and hope you had a great time. 
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