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The Honeymoon Sex Stories [VulgarWriter]

The Honeymoon Sex Story [VulgarWriter]
The two lovers stand at the alter. The priest reads the words slowly and carefully to make sure that they understand the power in the words. “To Love, honor and cherish,” he says. The couple, so immersed in their love for one another take turns reciting the words. The priest, satisfied that the couple has understood and thought through their decision to become one smiles as he says, “You may kiss the bride.” The couple kisses and then after milling around with the family they get back to do what they’ve been waiting for since they said “I do”. As he carries her into the motel room he smiles..laying her on the bed.

Mandi stood 5-8 and 150 pounds, her breasts were large, about a 38 D. She had short strawberry blonde hair and entrancing blue eyes. In her wedding dress she was even more stunning. It was tight and form fitting except for the fluffy flowing lower half with the trail. Under that fluff of fabric was a hot quivering mound, shaven just prior to the wedding as a gift to her new husband. She looked up at him with loving eyes taking in his form. Evan stands a good 2 inches taller than his wife and weighs about 145 pounds.

He’s very muscular as all United States Marines are. Athletic and strong he stands before her in his Dress Blue uniform bare except for the Shooting badge signifying him as an expert rifleman.

Mandi and Evan have fucked many many times in the past. She knows just how expert he can be, one day, just for fun, she was giving him a blow job and he pulled away..told her to open wide and let one fly from 3 feet away he hit her dead in the mouth. He was the only guy she had ever let cum in her mouth and she loved the taste of him. His semen was always hot and gooey and it felt so good sliding down the back of her throat.

On this night she looked up at him in his uniform and smiled her seductive little smile. She wormed out of her dress as he slowly worked at the buttons on his Dress Blues. She was out of hers first laying there in lacy white underwear, see through so he could see her glistening pussy beneath the lacy white thong that barely covered it. As she watched him she felt her juices flowing, her eyes glowing from his muscular chest and biceps to his Rock hard cock that threatened to break free from the briefs that strained to hold its mass. She crooked a finger and beckoned him toward her. He moved forward and crawled up the bed, kissing up her leg, up her thigh..he hovered over her quivering mound and licked off to the side, barely brushing her clit he set her into a small shiver, smiling he worked his way up until he hovered above her…looking into her eyes he smiled. She reached up and brought his face to hers, tenderly kissing him on the lips, he deepened the kiss a little and began to massage her 38 D breasts. She pushed him away lightly and whispered, ” I want you to fuck me, I don’t mean make love, tonight I want you to fuck me, hurt me, make me scream. Can you do that baby? Can you fuck me? hmmm?”

Evan laughed and nodded his head, “If that’s what you really want baby I will make you scream until you pass out.” She smiled knowing he could in fact be serious. “But first”, he said, “We’ll play a little.” He lowered himself down and slipped the thong from her waist. She closed her eyes and moaned as he brought his tongue to meet the lips of cunt. He ran his tongue up from the ass to her clit. Spreading it apart with two fingers he licked at the swollen hard clit and that sent her into a spasm. Thrusting her hips at him and away from him she reached down and dug her nails into his head. Evan loved this and he began to lick harder and faster, plunging his long tongue into her pussy he lapped at her juices as he brought her to an orgasm.

Now it was her turn to show him a good time and she thrust him backward, he landed roughly on the bed. He sat up on his elbows and watched as she crawled toward his rock hard cock. Her hips swayed and she grinned as she looked down at his thickness. He was a good sized man, 8 1/2 inches long and 2 inches thick. It was very rare that she could take the whole thing in her mouth. she was bound and determined though tonight to take it all. She leaned forward and first she licked the tip, her eyes lifted through dark lashes watching his reaction. It was just as she suspected a look of pure satisfaction as she wrapped her lips around his stiffness and slid down on it. She took it halfway in and then 3/4. At this point she had to almost stop she felt herself starting to gag but she pressed on forcing herself to engulf the whole thing. She moaned against his cock as she massaged his balls. She raised and lowered, sucked his rock hard cock and hummed, he always loved that.

She glanced up at him and saw that his eyes were closed and he was shivering. She knew that he was close to cumming and she nodded her head as she bobbed on his dick. She wanted him to blow his load in her mouth and she stroked and sucked him until he finally exploded, sending three hot slippery spurts of jism into her throat. It started to ooze down and like a champ she gulped it down, smiling, she moved up and kissed him deeply. Straddling him she smiled and sat down, his cock still rock hard began to protrude into her. She eased it into her tight pussy and then all at once she sat down letting to slam into her fully. She closed her eyes and put her hands on his chest, she began to buck her hips and ride him. She started out slow and rhythmic but soon she was bouncing up and down like she was a prize bull rider. A few moments of this and Evan wanted to show her just how hard her could Fuck her, she was now going on her third orgasm in one night and he rolled her over, positioned himself so that he could really give her what she wanted. “I Love You.” he whispered, brushing a feather soft kiss over her full lips. He smiled and stood up at the foot of the bed, spread her legs and began to slowly pump his dick in and out of her. First slowly to warm her up, and then with more and more increasing speed. Soon, she was screaming for him to never stop fucking her. She begged for him to fuck her harder, she begged to feel his cock in her stomach.

He continued to ram his dick into her hard, pounding faster and harder into her. She screamed so loud that he could have sworn she had woken the neighbors 3 rooms down. He smiled as the sensations that tell him he’s getting ready to come flowed through him. Sensing him close to coming she squeezed her legs together drawing him into her, he thrust himself deep inside her and she came again for the 7th time. At that exact moment he too let his load loose inside her pussy.

They stayed there, Evan dropped down laying on Mandi and Mandi’s arms wrapped around him and slept the nights passion away. When they awoke they made sweet love, loving and caressing one another but still that feeling lingered in their minds. Maybe, Mandi thought, we could one day expand on more of our fantasies.

- The End -
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