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Swapna Teacher Bang Bang Sex Story [VulgarWriter]

Swapna Teacher Bang Bang Sex Story [VulgarWriter]

This story is in my final year in school (i.e. 12th standard) where Babita was my partner as we shared the same bench. I was very weak in Mathematics whereas Babita being one of the toppers of the class was very good at it. One day our Math’s teacher gave us a surprise test. She brought the test on preprinted question sheets with different questions on different sheets. Each student had to solve only one question i.e. the problem on his/her sheet. This way no two students sitting on the same bench had the same question on his/her sheet.
Let me tell you about our Math’s teacher. Mrs. Swapna our math’s teacher was in her late twenties. She had a stern demeanor and a quick temper. She taught very well but was very strict and therefore unpopular with the students. . We students used to complain about her behavior to the other teachers who were popular with us. They told us that when she first joined our school she had been a very sweet and gently lady, and had been liked by all the students. However she had been widowed about 5 years previously when her husband and son had died in an accident. This incident had made her bitter and changed her nature completely into the stern, angry and frustrated woman she was today. On the physical side she had a very voluptuous figure, with huge breasts and very sexy ass. Although she dressed very conservatively her assets were self-evident. She had a pretty face; whitish complexion and short boy cut hair.
Anyway the test papers were distributed and as usual my partner completed her paper within 15 minutes (maximum completion time allowed – 45 minutes). I as usual was making heavy weather of my paper. As per our teacher’s instructions all students who completed their papers had to submit it immediately and after returning to their benches had to put their heads down and take a nap. They were prohibited from looking here and there and trying to help their fellow students. As I had been unable to understand the question completely I gave up trying to solve it but pretended to be solving the question while my hand was busy with my partner. As usual I put my hand on my partners thigh as she was sitting to my left and started rubbing the creamy and soft flesh I found there. We usually did this when the lecture in our class was boring and nobody really noticed as we sat on the last bench and there was no one on the bench next to us. My partner did not object as this was our regular practice and she continued to sit with her head on the table pretending to nap. I pushed my hand further up her thighs as she parted her legs to facilitate the movements of my left hand. I was rubbing her thighs in long strokes starting from her knees and ending at the edge of her skirt. With each stroke I moved my hand a little further up towards her crotch, pushing the skirt up as well. Her thighs were soft and warm and I was enjoying the feeling. Eventually my hand reached her crotch and I rubbed the wet crotch of her panties with my fingers. I brought my hand out from inside her skirt to my nose and inhaled her musky smell. This gave me an instant erection. I took my partner ‘s hand and put it on the lump in the front of my pants and she immediately clutching it in her palm started giving it light squeezes with her fingers. I in the meanwhile returned my hand to her crotch and taking her whole crotch in my palm squeezed her. She almost moaned out aloud with the intense sensations that shot through her but controlled herself considering the situation by putting her handkerchief in her mouth and clamping down on it. I then inserted my fingers inside her panties by pulling down the waistband and encountered her mossy bower. Her pubic hair was already wet from the juices that had leaked out of her pussy. I inserted my middle finger into her pussy and started stimulating her with small in and out as well as circular motions. I used my thumb to locate and rub her clitoris. By now I knew how her body responded to the various methods of stimulation and I kept up the movement of my fingers in her pussy. By now my partner had broken out into a sweat from the intense sensations that were traveling through her body. I knew that she would reach her orgasm before the deadline for the test ended and so I kept at it sincerely trying to make her come.
In all this action I had not noticed that our math’s teacher Mrs. Swapna had gotten up from her seat and was making rounds of the classroom. I only realized it when I found her standing next to me staring down at my hand and me. In the shock of getting caught I could not even open my mouth and say anything. I dumbly continued to masturbate my partner with my math’s teacher glaring at me breathing down my neck. My partner did not even realize that our teacher had discovered us as she had her head down and eyes closed concentrating on the approaching explosion in her pussy. I was expecting our teacher to explode with anger as she usually does and was dreading the moment. But surprisingly she walked away quietly without a word. I then expected her to castigate me after class so as not to embarrass my partner in front of the class. However the expected storm did not arrive and we all went home peacefully after submitting our papers. Needless to say I failed in the test. When the results were out my parents were summoned and advised to get private tuitions for me in Mathematics. So eventually my private tuitions were fixed up with Mrs. Swapna whose home I had to visit regularly in order to take it.
When I arrived at her house I found another junior student also there for his tuitions. She was going to give tuitions to us simultaneously giving us sums to solve turn by turn. Since the tuition was early in the morning I found that Mrs. Swapna was still in her silk nightgown, which ended, just below her knees. She served us tea. When she bent to keep the cup in front of me the front of her gown ballooned out and I got a clear view of her breasts enclosed in a silk bra and the deep valley between the two hills. As the gown was very loose and had no waistband, it also gave me an unrestricted view right up to her panties which were incidentally blue in color. I was ogling at her assets with wide eyes. I suddenly looked at her face guiltily and thanked god that she had not noticed me ogling down the top of her gown.
We settled down on her dining table with her sitting on my left and the other boy opposite her on the other side of the table. As she was giving us the lecture she leaned towards me to pick up the eraser and momentarily her heavy warm right breast rested on my forearm as I was solving a problem in my book. It gave me a jolt like an electric shock and I actually looked at her properly for the first time. What I saw was a voluptuous sexy woman who possibly had not had sex in a very long time. I looked her from top to bottom and liked what I saw. My thoughts were traveling at great speed and when a male starts thinking with his cock instead of his brain, the power to differentiate right from wrong goes out of the window first. Here I was lusting after this woman sitting next to me and I had forgotten that she was my teacher and this adventure could get me into a lot of trouble. But an erect cock brooks no opposition and her I was making plans to seduce her.
She was sitting with her legs crossed one over the other. As she turned to either of us to explain the sums, she was changing the crossed legs from one to the other. This repeated action had resulted in the hem of her gown rising above her knees. Sitting next to her I could see the lower half of her thighs. I put my left hand on my thigh as I continued to pretend to solve the problem in my book. I moved my left thigh further to left and reached a position where both our thighs were almost touching. I moved my little finger out and touch the skin of her right thigh lightly. Finding no reaction from her I lightly caressed her thigh with first only my little finger and then gaining confidence with my other fingers as well. She continued to teach the other boy as I was caressing her thigh.
Now I was confident that this was what she also wanted and I boldly moved my entire hand onto her thigh sliding it between her legs and started rubbing her inner thighs. Her skin was warm, smooth and as soft as silk. I continued to rub her blatantly and simultaneously move my hand up towards her crotch. I could feel her thighs trembling as I caressed and rubbed both her thighs turn by turn. As I reached her crotch and rubbed my middle finger against her pussy she suddenly got up and said she had taught us enough for the day and asked us to leave. As we were on our way out she called me back and told the other boy to leave as she had some work with me.
I was expecting to get laid and confidently came back into her house. But all my confidence lay broken to pieces at my feet as she gave a tight slap on my face and asked me what I had been doing. She reminded me that she was my teacher and that I should respect her. Instead I had been treating me like a hussy and pawing her without permission. I was speechless. I then tried to pacify her by saying that I had only been trying to help her get rid of her loneliness and if what I had done was wrong she should have stopped what I had been doing in class or at least when I had first laid hand on her thighs. By her actions she had given me the wrong message and therefore she was as much at fault as I was. While I was saying all this she did not utter a word. I turned around and was walking out of her house when she recalled me again, this time softly. She said she was sorry and confessed that she had been turned on by the sight of me masturbating my classmate in class. She had suddenly felt the loneliness of the past years too heavy to bear and had agreed to give me tuitions hoping for some action. But as the time passed and the day of the tuitions dawned she had got second thoughts and had scrapped the idea of seducing me. I could not believe my ears or my luck. I immediately dropped my school bag and going up to her took her face between my hands. She was about the same height as me. I kissed her lightly on her lips. It was like as if a switch had been turned on in her body. Her lips, which initially had been soft, warm and yielding, suddenly were harder and more demanding. When my tongue darted inside her mouth she sucked on it hungrily.
I picked her up and carrying her into the bedroom set her down on the bed. I flicked open the lace of her nightgown and she pulled it over her head. Then getting up she walked away from me to put on the air-conditioning in the room. I could see she was wearing a thong, which left most of her ass cheeks exposed. She had thick massive thighs. “Thunder Thighs” they are called in Indian movie jargon. Her ass was a lovely pair of half moons. The skin was tight and not sagging. She came back and sat on the edge of the bed with me kneeling on the ground in front of her. I unhooked her bra releasing her massive breasts. They looked like big ripe mangoes. Each of her breasts was topped off with nipples, which stood out like a couple of fresh ripe black grapes. Her breasts though huge in size stood out proudly without sagging even a little bit. She was in very good shape even though a couple of small wavelike folds had enveloped her tummy through years of neglect. Feeling self-conscious she was trying to cover her breasts with her hands. I moved her hands away and taking both her breasts in my palms squeezed them softly. I could feel her shudder. Then I leaned down and sucked on her left nipple, as I brought my right hand over her right breast. I took her right nipple between the thumb and forefinger and slightly twisted and pinched it. She gasped. I flicked my tongue over each of her nipples, alternately biting & sucking. Her chest was heaving and she was moaning lightly.
I then pushed her back until she was lying on the bed on her back with her legs hanging over the side, and me kneeling between her legs. I rubbed her pussy through her soaked panties. I leaned forward and put my mouth on her pussy on top of her panties. She let out a loud gasp as I blew warm air on her pussy through my mouth. She said in a tortured voice “Take me fast, please bang me NOW “. Sensing her urgency I pulled down her soaked panties and undressed my self. She was watching me as I took off my clothes and groped for my shaft as it came into view. I took her face in my hands and kissed her deeply. I then kissed her ears, neck and chest leaving a wet trail of kisses over her body. My lips sought out her breasts. My tongue & teeth were licking, sucking and nipping on them. I was using my hands to rub her pussy and clitoris. She was pulling at my erect penis in frenzy. She reached a feverish pitch as I mounted her. I Smoothly eased my penis into the moist welcoming depths of her pussy. She clung to me like a snake entwining her legs around my waist and using her fingers and nails to leave a bloody trail on my back. She did not last very long and her body stiffened and spasmed with a massive orgasm. She was breathing in explosive gasps. Tears were streaming down her face from the unbearable pleasure she was deriving from our frantic coupling. We separated as she collapsed in a swoon.
I had still not come. In a few minutes she came to her senses and found that I still had an erection and was using my hand to bring myself off. She smiled at me as I stopped in embarrassment at being caught masturbating. She turned on her side and taking my erect cock in her warm palms started to pull it up and down while simultaneously rubbing her inner thighs against my knees. When I was about to come she straddled me and guided my cock into her hot pussy and clutching my cock with her pussy muscles started riding up and down as if she was riding a horse. Her massive breasts were dangling in front of my eyes and her nipples looked succulent and tempting. I took hold of both her breasts and squeezing them pulled them to my mouth. I then proceeded to suck ardently on both the nipples turn by turn making them still harder and larger. When I felt the imminent explosion in my balls I started bucking up answering each of her strokes with a push of my own. She grunted with every thrust as I worked her clitoris in order to bring her also to the pinnacle.
When we reached the peak of our desire we both came simultaneously screaming at the top of our voices. I injected a huge quantity of love juice, which only a young man of my age could produce into her aching and palpitating pussy. We were both late for school that day.
Her whole outlook on life changed after that day. She started working out (besides the working I was giving her) and regained her svelte figure. She became a popular teacher in school with her gentle and helpful manner.

Each time I went to her house she would say let us Bang Bang. My Bang Bang with her continued even when after I passed out of school and was going to college. In the meanwhile her mother had passed away and her father who was seriously ill was staying in Bangalore. She took up a job in Bangalore and shifted there. After College I took up a job and visited her often when I went to Bangalore on official business. On these visits we Bang Banged for old times sake, but sometimes we just talked enjoying each other’s company. Last year she got married to a colleague of hers. I went to Bangalore to help out in the marriage arrangements. I am very happy for her and very thankful for all the pleasure and companionship she had given me. I sure she feels the same way about me. Now she is happily married and pregnant with her first child, don’t ask me if it mine? I wish her all the happiness and love, which she definitely deserves!

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