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Surprise For Ex Girlfriend Sex Story

Surprise From Ex-Girl Friend Sex Story

This is the real-life story of me and my ex-girlfriend. Let me describe her. She is extremely fair with brown hair, baby pink lips (au natural), dark eyes, and a body to die for. She had 34 D cup boobs and a voluptuous navel to suck at – also she kept her pussy clean by shaving and taking care of it every day, so it gave out a nice aroma out of her cunt, when you licked her down there. She would suck cock like a pro no matter how big it is, she would ride you in the best way you can fathom.

We met and fell in love and even decided on marriage since we have been long for quite a long time. She acted naive and innocent with me saying, she is a one-man girl and all those shits – but sooner I had some feelings and gut instincts, so I started to be more aware and careful of her moves. One night I called her up asking where she was and she said that ” I Am at home now” but when I called up her parents ( because I had to pass on some important information) said, She is not home. Later I asked her, to be honest and she said yes she was outside seeing someone. I asked ” Is he your friend or you are having feelings for him? For how long is this going on?”
She said, ” It’s been few days but I do not have any feelings for him trust me”, and she started crying. I was feeling bad so I calmed her down. Yet I was suspicious.

One day she came over to my place. She was going through her emails on my computer and her phone was next to me. There was a notification message on her phone and I saw, it was a Facebook pop-up of a guy. I opened the message and saw he wrote ” Hey remember this?” and there was a video attached, of my girlfriend giving him a blowjob and then riding his cock. It was a 2 minutes clip. I was shocked. I felt hurt and sad and broken. I gained my composure and went through the rest of the chat from previous times, where to my astonishment found, it was this guy she went out with, plus both had shared their nude pictures and somewhere with captions like Can't wait to suck on it.

Tell your boyfriend you will be in the office and come over, we spend the night at my place – written just over a picture of her boobs. And then she replied, I can’t wait to ride your cock and fuck me in the ass.
I couldn’t believe what I was seeing. So I confronted her and asked her what are all these? She started screaming, why did I go through her phone. one let to another there was a huge scene and we broke up.

It’s been 2 years later, I still was angry at her and sad and couldn’t move on. But I was pissed and wanted to get back at her. So I called her up one night and said am forgiving her and I cannot stay without her, I have tried but I couldn’t but I would accept her still because I love her so much.

After a bit of persuasion, she said yes, she missed me too and she wants to try again. We started chatting and talking over the phone again like times before. Most of our late night talks would be how she missed my cock and the fact that it stretched her pussy to its limits. How she would gag on my thick cock and loved getting slapped her face and pussy with it and that we need to fuck soon. As she was telling all those I could sense she was touching herself. My cock was erected as well thinking of her milky white boobs with pinkish-brown nipples. How she would gag on my cock and ride me, as I fucked her bareback how her silky boobs would jiggle up and down. We ended up having phone sex and it was a huge mess on the bed for both of us.

So I asked her to let’s go to a beach resort, we can be private there do anything we want. She agreed to it.

1 week later we went to a nearby beach resort which flocks with tourists from all over the world. The day we reached was night and she was tired so she fell asleep. I went downstairs to the bar. I was looking around and I saw one black guy ( later came to know he was from Jamaica) sipping on sipping on his drink. I went sat beside him. Told him, that I would like him to fuck my girlfriend. He was surprised but I showed him her picture wearing lingerie and he smirked at me asking ” Why do you want to do this?”

I said, ” I love her but she cheated and I want to get back at her ” He agreed to my wish. I told him the room number ours and said, he should come tomorrow at 11 pm.

So the next day I and my girlfriend woke up and the first thing we did was, we fucked. When she was riding me she said, am sorry baby I fell asleep I was tired, let me make it up to you. And she started grinding and rolling her hips, playing with her boobs, her hair swaying left and right, some falling on her face and I could notice the hunger and urge for a cock in her eyes. As I was about to cum on her face I was holding my cock over her face, she took it and said, I want all your juice inside my mouth and put it whole in her throat. I cummed in no minute and I noticed she took all of my cum in her mouth and spilled it slowly from her lips all the way down to her neck to her boobs as she massaged my cum on her tits, licking her fingers as well.

There things she wouldn’t do when we fucked before. These were her new traits and I knew she fucked around with many guys.
Later that day we went swimming on the beach, sat by the pool during the evening, went shopping as well. We returned home at 9 and as we closed the door of our hotel she pushed me on the bed and pounced on me saying, I want your cock right now.

I said, Not now I have some surprise for you, wait for it.
So I called up room service and asked for my order. The chauffeur came with a lovely dinner and candle set up with roses with champagne.

She was surprised and hugged me saying it’s so romantic thing. As we were having dinner she said, ” You know how much this romantic stuff turn me on?”

I said, ” I know and I plan to fuck your brains out tonight all night long”

She sat up and led me to the bedroom and fell on the bed bareback and slowly spread her legs saying, “Fuck me, baby, fuck me with your big cock, have your way with me, punish me for being a filthy girlfriend.

I was turned on. And I jumped on her on the bed, tore off her clothes, and kissed all over her body. That soft skin, that scented perfume of her, the way she grabs my hair as I lick her down the softest pussy, the yummy nectar of her pre-cum it all came back to me like before. In between, I saw it was almost 11 and the Jamaican dude will come. So I told her, here is your surprise. And took out handcuffs and blindfolds. She saw them and said, “mmmm baby tie me up, use me, let me crave your cock more”

So I tied her both arms on the corners of the bed with handcuffs and I blindfolded her. I went back to teasing her by sometimes licking her pussy, making her wait, and then putting my 3 fingers in, simulating her clits, biting her fanny. She was loving it. She was arching up trying to get loose from handcuffs, moaning loudly.

Suddenly the room bell rang. She was in shock, panicking. I saw don't worry baby, it’s probably some hotel stuff. I will cover you with sheets, so don’t worry even if he comes in.

So I spread the blanket on her body till her neck while she was blindfolded and tied to the bed and wrapped a towel around me and went to see who was at the door. I saw through the peephole, it was the Jamaican dude. I opened the door and asked him to be silent and we both tiptoed inside the room. I told her,” it was the room service, the boy came to fetch his tips,” She asked, He is gone, right?

I said, yes .” And I took off the blanket and whispered to her ears, now am going to punish you. I looked over and saw the black startled at my naked girlfriend. He instantly had a boner and took off his clothes carefully. I was licking her pussy in the meantime. I saw the dude's dick was bloody long and thick and veiny the tip was already moistened with pre-cum. I moved over while she moaning, fuck me already. Put your cock in. Stop teasing me. FUck me.
In the meantime, I had set a video camera hidden which I took out and started filming.

The dude waited no more and started to touch the tip of his cock on her cunt. She moaned, ” Oh yes your dick baby put it in ”
But I signaled the black dude to tease her more. So he did. He pushed a little bit of his dick and took it out and rubbed it on her clits. She was biting her lowers lips her hands trying to get rid of handcuffs. Samuel ( black dude’s name/ name changed) slapped his thick dick on her pussy. She moaned, Yes punish your whore.

Sam looked at me smirking as if trying to say, she is a good stuff. Then he slapped her tits and slapped her face any times with it. She was opening her mouth trying to get the cock in her mouth. Her white face was red from all the slapping. I asked, ” do you want to suck on cock you bitch?
She – yes mmm I missed it so bad

me – tell me you are a cock hungry filthy slut
she – I am a cock hungry filthy slut just fuck me, untie me so that I can fuck you and show you how filthy slut I am
Samuel was turned on by all the dirty talks and he pushed the cock in her mouth and she started sucking it immediately. Was surprised she couldn’t get it was a different dick. She was making all the sloppy moist noises. Sam sat with both his knees knelt on both sides of her neck and held the cock near her mouth. she stuck her tongues out trying to fiddle and get hold of the cock. Sam pushed it inside her. She was gagging as she couldn’t take it. I signaled sam to not let go and keep fucking her mouth.

Then I asked her, how does it feel you cheap cunt? Do you like it? ” As I slapped her face twice.

She moaned – yes baby I missed it. my mouth craves for these juices, your cock fucking me till my throat. punish me more
Sam now pushed all of his dick inside her mouth and to my surprise, she took it all in and wasn’t gagging. Sam took out his cock and she laughed softly while moaning saying, you fucking love it don’t you when I take it all in?
My cock was hard and it was paining because I was stroking off so hard I did not realize.

Sam couldn’t control anymore and took his moist big dick and pushed half of it inside her cunt. She moaned, ” Oh fuck yes, god it’s so big .. fuck me, put it all in”

Sam, took his dick out and pushed all of it inside just his balls sticking out of the pussy. She gasped for air and screamed, Oh my god

She continued, fuck me hard, goes fast, doesn’t stop, please I beg you
Sam fucked her fast and hard. I saw she was enjoying it moaning louder and screaming, ” Oh fuck yes, fuck me like a bitch I am. It’s so big it hurts ahh”. Her boobs jiggling up and down. she was still blindfolded she had no clue it was Sam who is fucking her.

Then I told her, am going to uncuff your one hand, and as I did. She took it off and started pressing her tits. She went for the blindfold then to open, I slapped her face saying, not yet bitch”

The same was sweating with the Ac on because he was going hardcore. Then she moaned, I want doggy style. so sam turned her over with her one arm still tied and hold another free arm by her back and fucked her from behind. Her face was in pain. screaming moaning. I saw her tits hanging and banging to and fro because of Sam fucking her fast and balls deep. I opened another handcuff and she fell on her arms holding on to the bedsheet. crumpling in pain as sam’s dick kept fucking her. Then she rolled over to take his dick in the missionary position. Sam was on top of her, her legs around sam’s and her hand feeling Sam’s back all over. I was thinking to myself, she is fucking for like 15 minutes now she has no clue it's me, such a whore she has become. Sam started fucking her and she was rubbing her clits with one hand while with the other was she was pinching her nipples and slapping her tits. Then I asked her, Do you like it you slut?

she – yes, it’s so good. It was a mistake leaving you. you have such a big cock ah Mmmmm
Me – I said, it seems like you always loved other dicks than me
She moaned

I said you love this fuck?
She said, yes I am, it’s the best. Fuck me all night long like this. destroy my pussy.
I said, slowly take off your blindfold

She did. As she opened her eyes she was shocked to see a big black man fucking her. I sad set the camera on stand by this time. When she saw it she couldn’t believe it. Her eyes were big, still biting her lips moaning. the looks on her face were amazing, she loved it totally. But she-she regained consciousness that is there, she started to wriggle to escape and show that “What the hell is going on?” but the whore was enjoying it. Sam pinned her down and laid on her big breasts fucking her in her pussy. It was making wet sloppy thump sounds. She wrapped her hand around sam’s back and was scratching it and her legs around his hips, pushing it back so his penis goes even deeper. I said I wanted you to get fucked by some while I was here. you cheap whore. You love it don’t you ?”
she said I love this black cock. It’s fucking me so hard.

I said, repeat after me and I got the camera in front of her face and said, Say I am a filthy whore. I will fuck any man at any time. My pussy is a fuck toy. I am cumdump

She refused,
Slapped her and she repeated while moaning, ” mmmm ahhhhh am a filthy cunt.. ahh yes it's so good. I will fuck any men, my pussy is a fuck toy

I slapped her tits as they were jiggling and said, Say you are a cumdump

She screamed I am a cum dump. Put your cock inside me, fuck my mouth, I love cum.

sam started fucking her with her one leg on his shoulder turning her on her side. As I was filming her and stroking my cock with one hand she looked at the camera and said,

you want to see me like slut, don’t you? you want to see other men fuck me, don’t you? I will show you how much of a slut I am.
She pushed sam back on the bed and sat on his tummy and started licking his moist cock. she looked at the camera and said, I love the taste of my pussy on his cock. and she started licking it fast making a slurping noise. Taking it all inside gagging up saliva, massaging his cock with the saliva, and sucking his balls. in between she said, See how filthy I am. I love being everyone’s whore,

And she gagged on his dick again. this time a gulp of cum mixed saliva came out of her mouth dripping on his shaft. She licked and sucked it all up in her mouth and spit it slowly down her lips to her neck to her boobs. She moistened her tits with it and held her two white soft tits around his black dick and started rubbing them. Sam was on the other hand feasting on her pussy and ass.
She moaned and said to me, watch your filthy slut GF ride this cock and she sat on his dick, guiding it inside her with her hands. Once it was inside she was jumping like crazy. playing with her boobs. moaning. Sam was spanking her ass and pinching her nipples
She bent over sam, and said, fuck me like your slut. My pussy craves for your cock to fuck it deeper.

hearing that sam started thrusting his cock even harder and she arched back looking up. I held a grasp of her hair, and kisses her lips and slapped her face, again and again, kissing her in between while I bit her lips hard and said, moan his name. How slutty cheating whore you are

She moaned, oh sam fuck me. fuck me like your bitch .. sam fuck this cheating pussy. I love to be a whore behind my bf’s back.
then she started rubbing her clits while sam fucked her, thrusting his shaft p her vagina. She screamed a lot saying, am cumming am cumming .. and she started to rub her pussy vigorously as she squirts and made sam’s tummy completely drenched.

she fell motionless on his body as sam rolled over and fucked her deep again. The bitch wasn’t even tired then. Then she looked at the camera and said to me, come here, I want to suck you off and take it on camera. Watch me how I look while I suck on your cock.
I was wanking off and I needed to cum. SO I went near her with a camera and she laid and turned her face to her left, holding my dick sucking off hard as sam fucked her pussy.

Sam said, he will be cumming soon. So she got up and knelt down in front of us. The bitch was sucking us both off simultaneously, moaning, Give me your cum boys, paint me white with your seeds.
And then she took both of our cocks together and put two in her mouth. Sam was looking up in pleasure and I was amazed to see her like this.

then Sam cummed on her face. She took all of his load inside her mouth and seeing that I couldn’t control it any longer so I cummed too. She turned her face towards my dick and took that load in her mouth too as it started to spill on her body. she mixed both of our cum inside her mouth and spilled it slowly all over her face, which dripped to her body and some all over her face.

She was smiling the whole time while she was being cummed on. then she looked at sam’s dick, still erect, and was kissed it and licked the tip-off. she turned towards me and said, Am your filthy fuck toy. Use me any way you like.

Then we three were laying on the bed, with her in the middle. she turned towards me and kissed my cheek saying, thank you. for giving me what I deserve.

Later we showered and in the middle of the night, we were smoking and drinking. We got drunk again and she said, I want both cocks fucking me. Sam and I didn’t wait. We started feeling her up and kissing her. As I was undressing her, she whispered to me, Don’t forget the camera this time

I said, really? you love it
she – I want to see myself getting fucked when we have phone sex next time.
I said you are really a whore, aren’t you?

She knelt down, starting to rub sam’s dick, and said, A filthy whore my love
So we both fucked her in the ass that night. the slut really enjoyed it. Also, I got her in a gangbang with all her ex’s’.

That is a different story, maybe I will upload it when I write my next post based on reviews of this.

Maybe I can share her naked picture sometime later.
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