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Sex Experience With Friends Mom

Sex Experience with friend's mom

Hi, everyone. My name is Rohan. I am 26 yrs old, fair and good looking. I had been looking for a chance to fuck my friend’s mom. I got that chance in June 2015. I begin with a short description of my friend and his mom.

My friend’s name is Pradeep. I am his best friend. He is a little bit shy and due to his shy nature, he never denies anything I ask for. But as I grew, I started liking his mother. Her name is Lata. Lata isn’t that pretty. It’s her chubby body and big ass which attracts me most.

During that year, I got to know that Pradeep’s father was leaving for a far city for 1-month training. I thought if I go with a plan, I could easily fuck Pradeep’s mother. Pradeep once told me that his mom is open minded and does not shout much.

The day after his dad left for the city far far away, I prepared a plan. Without my friend’s help, it wasn’t easy to get close to his mom. So I created a situation in which Pradeep could not deny my wish. You will come to know how.

One more day passed. Pradeep seemed tensed. He complained to me about the erasure of some important files on his laptop. Those files included all pictures taken by him during his training. Now it was impossible for him to make his project without them.

Pradeep will never know that it was me who erased his files. I calmed him down. I said to him, “Bro, don’t worry. I will give you half of my pics”. He was surprised to hear this. I continued, “But in return, I want something”. Pradeep happily, said, “Thank you, bro. I knew that you will help me. What do you want in return?”.

I said to him, “Your mother. I have always liked her”. Pradeep seemed out of words. He said to me, “How can you like my mother? She is 45 and too old for you”.

I made him believe that I liked his mother and wanted her at any cost. Pradeep agreed to help me in getting her. The third day also passed.

Pradeep told me that in afternoon, his mom would be free. During this time, I could go to her room and honestly tell what I feel about her. I said to him, “But what if your mom doesn’t like it and gets angry?”. He said to me, “No she won’t. She might accept you because she hardly gets any attention from my dad. You can be lucky”.

This gave me some confidence. In the afternoon, right from Pradeep’s room, I went to his mom’s room. She was in yellow colored saree with purple shade. Seeing her adjusting her pallu, I said to her, “(coughs), Hello aunty”. She looked at me and said, “Hello. Do you want something?”. I said, “Nothing as such. Just wanted to see you”.

I continued, “You look so beautiful in this saree”. I made her smile. She said, “Thank you, Beta. I bought this from Gujrat”. I thought this was the right time to tell what I feel about her. I said to her, “I think I like you”.

Lata seemed out of words. For 5 minutes, she kept staring at me. I said to her, “It’s true. I wanted you to know this much before and today I couldn’t stop myself”. She said to me, “But I am married. How can it be possible?”. I said to her, “I know that. Still”.

She said to me, “It’s okay. I need some time to think”. I said, “Sure. I will come tomorrow”. After that, i left her room and went straight to Pradeep’s room. I explained to him how his mother responded. He said to me, “I am 100 percent sure that she will accept you”.

On the fifth day, I directly went to Lata’s room. She said to me, “Do you know that I was waiting for you? (She smiled)”. I said, “Really? I will take care of it”.

She looked bit different that day. I noticed her green saree with maroon shade, red bangles, and a mangal sutra. This really made me love her more. She said, “I have always liked you because my son tells me good things about you. Nothing has changed. I have my family. The only thing I want is sex”.

I didn’t feel bad because this is what I also wanted. I said to her, “No problem. I would happily have sex with you”. Lata and I fucked nicely whole night. This was a nice experience of fucking an older woman.

I removed her saree, petticoat, and all her undergarments. We hugged, kissed each other’s lips. Then, she laid on the bed naked. I licked her body. She cried out in pleasure when I licked her asshole. She made noises sshhh.. aahhhh.. mmmm.

I didn’t make her wait longer and slid my dick deep into her pussy. She parted her thighs well to get my dick further in. I kept fucking her till I released my sperm inside her.

In the morning, I got ready to leave for home. Pradeep stopped me in front of his room and called me in. He said to me, “Thanks a lot for yesterday”. I got confused and said, “What are you talking about?”. He said, “I liked the way you fucked my mother. She needed it”.

I said to her, “No problem bro. I just love fucking her”. I could now freely go to Lata’s room and satisfy her. This went on till Pradeep’s dad completed his training and returned to the home.

If my story made your dick hard then send me your views to my email id. You can contact me if you want me to fuck your mom or wife. If any single, married or divorced lady needs me to please you then contact me. Age is not a concern. I will keep posting more stories.
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