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My Maid Laxmi A Real Dusky Beauty [ VulgarWriter]

My Maid Laxmi A Real Dusky Beauty [ VulgarWriter]
Hi friends, Ashish here with a new story.I was getting bored watching TV and was just switching between channels to find something interesting to watch. I was just in my shorts and vest when I heard the door bell. I walked towards the door expecting mom’s friends as they usually come for a little chit chat.

I opened the door and saw a slim and dusky lady wearing a cheap saree. She sensed the question mark look on my face and asked about my mom. I called my mom and she asked me to send her in and I sent her. I observed her figure from her back, it was really a good figure. Her stats may be 32-26-34. I was keen to know who she was so I went into the kitchen to drink water where my mom and she were talking. They were discussing about the sweeping work and the salary. I understood that she is appointed for cleaning and sweeping the floor and her name was Laxmi.

From the next day she started to come around 12 pm in the afternoon after all the morning chores are done. Her slim and dusky body was attracting me towards her and I started observing her and stealing glances of her small boobs while sweeping. I was on vacation those days after completing my PG and was preparing for Competitive exams.

We used to talk very rarely and she use to do her work sincerely but I noticed whenever we talk she used to blush a little and give a cute smile. She always used to have a clean face and neat and tidy saree. I made up my mind to fuck her a.s.a.p and started planning accordingly. The next day when she came to sweep the floor I made sure that my mom is not around and asked her

“So Laxmi, How are you today”.

She giggled a little and with a smile replied “I am fine bhaiyya, how are you?” She used to address me bhaiyya.

Then I replied “I am also fine. Where are you from?”

She told me the name of local slum area which is near to my home. I again asked “Tell me something about your family”

She replied “We are 4 people, my husband me and our two sons”

I started asking more I wanted to make her comfortable with me, “So what did your husband do and how old are your sons?”

She also started taking interest in this conversation now and started replying looking into my eyes.

She replied, “My husband works in a welding shop and my older son is in 9th and younger in 5th class”

I was surprised she doesn’t look like a mother of 15 yr and 10 year old boys. I was like “What! You didn’t seem like you are that old I thought you might be around 28”

This time she giggled very nice and replied, “No bhaiyya I 33”. She finished sweeping my room and our conversation ended.

Next 2 3 days I didn’t get any chance to talk to her and one day again I got a chance we exchanged pleasantries and she started sweeping my room. I saw an unusual mark on her back and I stopped her and asked, “Wait a minute Laxmi, what is this mark on your back?”

I put my hand on her shoulder near the mark and stopped her. She left a sigh and said its nothing. I insisted and she replied, “My husband is a big loser and drunkard, he came drunk last night and beat me for silly reason.” I consoled her “It looked so bad, let me apply some boroline on that” she told me let it go but I insisted and took some borolene and applied on her wound. She was very happy and thanked me with a big smile.

Next one week I was in Mumbai for some college work. When I was about to return my mom informed me that she was going to her friend and would return in the evening and the key is kept to the neighbor. I reached in the morning and was tired so I freshened a bit and relaxed. Around 12pm Laxmi arrived. She asked me “where were you bhaiyya”

I told her “I was in Mumbai for some college work, But, how are you? Just Turn around”

She looked puzzled but turned. I searched for any wound of beating mark on her back. There was none so I told her to turn back again.

She said “Why were you looking at me like this”

I replied “I was searching for any mark if your husband had beaten you after that”

She replied “no he didn’t after that. But I am having pain in my hip on right side and right leg too”

I asked her to lock the main door and show me where and she lock the door and turned and brought her ass towards my face as I was sitting in the sofa watching TV, and was pressing her hip with her thumb and moving it down to her ass and then her thigh. I got the signal from her that today she is horny and want to get fucked. I put my hand on her hip and she gasped. I pressed her hip and with my thumb on probable paining places and she moaned in pain. I moved my hand downwards on her ass and press her ass mound with my thumb she was hissing and moaning in pain. Then again I moved my hand on her thigh and pressed. Now she moaned a little different.

She told me that her thigh is paining near her knee. She turned, lifted her saree till her upper thigh from one side and showed me. I put my hand on her thigh and started massaging her thigh. She became hot and was moaning. I lifter her leg and put her feet between my both legs near my penis which was hard now and had made tent in my shorts.

She saw the tent and gave me a killer and naughty smile. I again started to move my hand on her thigh and was feeling her slim and muscular thigh. She was breathing heavily and was looking at me. I move my hand towards her panty and was pressing her inner thigh near her vagina. Her pubic hairs which were slightly coming out of her panty were under my palm and were getting pulled.

Now she started moving her feet near my penis and started feeling it. I moved my head towards her thigh and kissed it. She left out a loud moan and put her left hand on my head leaving her saree loose. I started sucking her right thigh and in between biting on it leaving teeth marks. A pungent smell was coming from her vagina and her panty was showing a wet spot.

Now I started rubbing her pussy with right hand and I put my left hand on her back and pulled her towards me and kissed on her abdomen. She started moaning loudly. I removed her pallu and started pressing her boobs with my left hand.

I got up from the sofa to kiss her on her chest and neck and I did so. I kissed her chest, her cleavage and her neck and gave some love bites on her neck below her ears. She was having this musky smell of her sweat which was arousing me too much. She was totally lost in the act and was making my hand totally wet. I removed her saree then her blouse and then her petticoat. She didn’t wait for me to ask to remove my cloths and removed my vest short and underwear. She saw my clean shaved, rock hard 6” fat penis and was very happy. Her eyes were shining and showing her happiness and eagerness to take my penis inside her pussy.

She took my penis in her hand and started stroking. I pulled her towards me and kissed her on her lips and sucked her upper lip. She was not a good kisser but was a good learner. Now she started responding as expected and sucked my lower lips. I was rubbing her pussy with my right hand and holding her with the left. She as holding me with her right hand and the left one was on my head playing with my hair. We were kissing each other so madly that we were running out of breath. Meanwhile I removed her bra and panty and was fingering her pussy. We broke the kiss after around 10 mins and I asked “Laxmi, suck my cock laxmi, Please suck my cock”

She reluctantly replied “Bhaiyya I have never sucked a cock, but I can kiss on It”

I said “Do it”

She kneeled, held my cock and started kissing it on its tip. I asked her to kiss it along the length and she started kissing. I asked “Did you liked my cock Laxmi”

She replied “Yes bhaiyya is very tasty and very clean with no hairs”

I said “Why didn’t you shave your hairs on your pussy”

She said “I have never shaved my hairs there, I never knew they are shaved”

I said “Let’s go inside bathroom I will shave your hair. I like clean and shaven pussy. You should shave it regularly to keep it clean it’ll prevent irritation.”

She reluctantly said ok and we got ourselves in the bathroom. I took my Gillette foam from my shaving kit and applied on her pubic hairs. I took a fresh blade and started shaving her hairs.

After few minutes I shaved all her hairs and shown her clean shaved pussy in the handy mirror. She was so happy. I then started the shower and we kissed again below the shower. I moved my lips towards her boobs and started sucking and biting it. She was moaning loudly now and enjoying. I turned the shower off and started rubbing her pussy.

I pushed her towards the wall and started kissing her wildly. I pulled her left leg in my right hand and started rubbing my penis in her vagina. Laxmi took my cock and guided to her love hole. Her pussy was bit tight and I was having little difficulty entering. I gave a push and the head of my penis got in. She cried a bit and I kept my lips on hers to stop her.

I was kissing her wildly and again gave a strong push. This time her eyes were widened with pain and my penis was totally inside her. She screamed “Aaaaaaaaaah Bhaiyya Slowly. Are you going to tear my pussy or what?” I stopped for a while till her pussy get adjusted to my cock and was kissing her lips and neck continuously. I then moved to her boobs and was giving love bites in it and crushing her dark brown nipples between my teeth.

She was moaning and murmuring “Aaaaaaah bhaiyya, you are so nice. You wife will be so lucky. Aaaaaaah I am cuming bhaiyya, I am cuming ummmmmh aaaaaaah”. She had reached her first orgasm as I felt her vibrating and her pussy lips pulsating on my penis. She was about to collapse but I lifted her taking her other leg on my left hand with the support of wall.

After she relaxed a bit I started stroking her slowly. She was moaning and looking in my eyes giving the most waited erotic expressions. I started to stroke her fast and with the speed her moaning was also becoming loud.

After fucking her like this for few minutes I asked her to blow me. This time she tried and she liked my penis very much. I taught her how they do it and as I said she was a quick learner she learnt it and started blowing me nicely. After that I made her stand and asked her to bend over. She put her hands on the wall and bent over.

I entered her pussy from back and started stroking her hard holding her hips and crushing her ass. She was screaming “aaaaaah bhaiyya, I’ve never been fucked like this. You’re it feels so nice bhaiyya. Promise me you’ll fuck me like this always. Aaaaaaaah” I fucked her for 10 minutes and I was about to cum. I informed her and asked her where should I cum.

She asked me to cum inside her and with a load moan I released my entire cum in her vagina. She also started pulsating and was weak on her legs. I hold her in that position for couple of minutes and then turned her and kissed her. There was a bit of cum oozing from my penis and the same was flowing from her vagina along her thighs. We seen my semen flowing from her thighs and we both laughed and hugged each other. We cleaned ourselves and get dressed. She told me that she has to go to other house for work and took my leave with a promise to fuck later.

After that we had a lot of adventure whenever my parents were out and it is continued till date. She also had become pregnant once but got aborted as she cannot afford third child

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