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Stranger Girl Fucked At A Wedding In Rajkot | English Sex Story

Stranger Girl Fucked At A Wedding In Rajkot | English Sex Story
Let me describe myself, I stay in Mumbai, I am 5’10”, working as a freelancer in event management field-Mumbai,29 years old with an athletic body and an extrovert with a long tongue which plays important role in conversations and on the bed.


I will come to my story, ” how I managed to fuck a stranger girl at Rajkot ”


I was wondering around at the wedding reception of my friend in Rajkot, chilling around the poolside, enjoying the atmosphere alone.My friend got wedded to his girlfriend in Rajkot, and they organized the wedding at Khirasra palace.


it’s a beautiful hotel, plus temperature shot down at 15 degrees, so I was chilling by the pool with whiskey on the rocks, suddenly I saw a girl approx, 28 -29 years old walking with full grace, with a broad smile, white skin with baby pink & golden ghagra choli, damn she was hottest. My mouth remained open, & to my surprise, a soft white hand closed my mouth by gently pushing my chin. I was shocked at whose hand was it and immediately I looked behind and there was a female in navy blue salwar suite with an orange drink in her hand and laughing at me.


Her name was Sandhya, she was cute with white skin, good boobs and excellently maintained figure. She was 36D-30-36 and 33 years old( which I figured later)


I was shocked and nervous and asked her “excuse me!”

She was till laughing at me and did some action which meant, can I sit here beside u?


I too replied my nodding my head.

After few seconds of laughing,

S: what lustfully you were looking at that girl, Nirvika (eyebrows up)

Me: oh fuck, you know that girl?



S: yes, she’s my eldest sister’s daughter.

Me: she is so hot, I could not resist looking at her, she’s beautiful, and seeing a hot girl in Rajkot means, finding a well in the middle of a desert(smirking)

S: oh is it? you must be wanting to know her more, right? you want to talk to her, right?


Me: yes I want to know more about her, and you too. you are also hot, no wonder her mother are siblings, she has to be hot.

S: oh is it? Thank you !!


By the way, you are cute, I am sandhya, and u?

Me: Thanks, I am rudraksh, the groom’s friend from Mumbai !!

S: I had a hint that you must be from Mumbai, as your hairstyle( a male bun), white blazer and shoes show that you ain’t a local man. I am impressed by your style, attire, your way of talking.


Me: ( flattered) getting so many compliments from a hot female from u, I am obliged.


S: By the way, I would like to hang out with u, let’s roam around the hotel, it’s too big, I am bored sitting here. Let’s take a drink from the counter and roam, I will explain you about this palace.

Me: sure, y not!!

Stranger Girl Fucked At A Wedding In Rajkot

We both got our drinks and started walking and she started explaining me about the palace, maharaja and maharani and all.

We were walking together and I notice her ass, it was big and her cleavage, white and deep, suddenly she looked at me and caught me staring at her. She gave me a wicked smile and I was nervous again.

S: M I hot?seems you want to know more about me 1st and then nirvika??


Me: yes I would love to ( lovestruck)

S: you will darling, we have lot of time to spend together( wicked smile)

Then the DJ invited all couples for a dance on the floor and played really soft and good music.


I instantly grabbed the opportunity and asked sandhya to ask, she was like no I don’t want to as there are many people and she does not want to get spotted as her husband won’t like, but after forcing a bit, she agreed and now we were on the dance floor, my hands around her waist and belly dancing softly with on the slow numbers. After a while, sandhya is like I am getting bored let’s sit somewhere where no one spots us, don’t you want to know more about me? I agreed and left to the dark lawn after grabbing another drink for us.

We were chatting about my business and her husband’s plastic product manufacturing company in Rajkot.


We both were tipsy due to alcohol and then she asked me whether she can sleep in lap, I agreed to which she rested her head and were chatting. I was playing with her hair and she was holding my other hand.

S: you playing with my hair, feels good, I feel relaxed. My husband never has time for me, I don’t remember last time we sat like this somewhere.

Me: your husbands seems to be a bore. I mean, how can a male not be with such a hot female.


S: shut up rudra, common, am I that hot? Yes, my husband is a bore, he is too unromantic, I do not remember my last passionate sex, huh!


Me: ( surprised ) are you kidding? How can he not love u? Unlucky guy!! If I would be your husband, I would not have left you even for a minute alone. Would male love whole day, would not go office, just keep your in my arms and allow you to wear only lingerie.

S: oh naughty boy!!( feeling shy )

Do you have a GF, are you a virgin?


Me: I had one, broke up with her a few months back. And no I am not a virgin, I am a rockstar on the bed. My ex-told me my tongue is good and she enjoyed a lot everytime we had a steamy sex session.

S: oh is it? Poor girl, to leave such a nice guy! There are few guys who lick their partners dry.


Now the alcohol was speaking and she was comfortable with me as we were discussing our sex lives.

Me: sandhya, don’t mind but I can see your dressing style and a saw your bra, you are wearing a nice black laced bra. your husband is boring so for whom wore such hot clothes and inners?

S: I shop for my husband to seduce him but he sleeps once he reaches home after dinner, he is too busy.


So I wear at functions, in case I meet some cute handsome guy. Hook ups are possible anywhere anytime. At least I can seduce other guys, if not my husband.


Me: Ohh. I would like to see you are lingerie choice then.

S: yep, I have got a few as it’s a 3-day function. Your room or mine?

Me: (lovestruck) your, as I am sharing with someone. I don’t want any disturbance!


S: okay, let’s move to my room, I am alone, it’s on the top floor so no one will disturb.


Me: are you sure, no will know about us. I mean, no one will tell your husband?

S: it’s okay, max people are drunk, they will go to their rooms and sleep.

Me: okay, as you say.


We entered her room, and room number was 1069. I laughed looking at the room, sandhya slapped me gently, you naughty boy !!

S: I will take a shower and then start with the ramp walk ( wink)

Me: Eagerly waiting honey !!


I was watching tv and had made another peg by that time. After 10 mins, the goddess came stepped out of the bathroom in yellow laced lingerie. Oh fuck, she was stunning. My heart beats ran double the speed, my eyes grew big and there was a little movement under my pants too.


S: how m I looking darling?

Me: gorgeous!! (Still lovestruck)

S: your eyes says it all darling( giggling )

Me: fuck you are so hot, I mean I can’t control, it’s difficult to control my hands. I want to feel u, honey. And walked towards her.

S: wait, darling, I have 1 more to show, you might want to see the best one?


Me: okay, let’s see what in the box.

I finished the peg and removed my blazer as the room was warm.

And sandhya came out with a purple push-up bra and net panties on and standing at the bathroom door, with wet hair was licking her her index fingering lustfully. I think she was teasing me. Hottest sex goddess was teasing me, I too controlled and was waiting for further gestures.

She came near the bed and climbed on it and started crawling towards me like a cat, slowly, with lusty expressions on her face, biting her lips, wet hair and 34D boobs pushed up by the sexy purple bra. What a sight. The heat was building up, she was coming towards me, I was waiting for her, I had made up my mind to allow her to rule me over tonight.


She came near me and sat on my lap with legs on each side and whispered in my ears, ” how do I look? ”

I pulled her head from her hair and whispered in her ear, ” fucking amazing ” and licked and bit her ear lobe. She moaned, aaaaaaahhhhhh..


She pulled me towards her and started kissing on lips passionately and started unbuttoning my shirt. I was also kissing her deep, eating her pink lips, and my hands still in playing with her hair. Mmmmmmm, mmmmmmmmmm were her sounds and I was turned on with an erection which was under her groin. With just a net panties on, I could feel the heat over my dick. After 15 mins of passionate kissing, she got down on my lap, removed my unbuttoned shirt completely and threw on the floor and started kissing my neck, licking my earlobes, and her hands were playing with my dick over my pants.. aaaaaaaahhhhhhhh , ‘mmmmmmmmmm were my moans, she was too good.

She lowered down and started licking my nipples, biting them and kissing them. I was fully erect and so I put my hand down and was playing with her pussy over her panty.


She was also moaning like crazy.

She then started to unbutton my pant and was rubbing my dick over my underwear, and continued playing with her pussy. She was wet down there, I wasted no time and removed her panty and made her sleep on the bed, spread her legs and started to lick her pussy. Ummmmmm she was clean shaven and wet and was licking like a madman. I licked her clit and even was tongue fucking her wet pussy. She was damn tasty, aaaaaaaahhhhhh oooooooohhhhhhh aaaaaaaaaahhhh ohhhhh fuckkkkk aaaaaah were her loud moans, eat that fucking pussy, you mad man, she was shouting and that made me even madder. After 15 mins she came and was full red with pleasure.


She stood up and pushed me on the bed and started blowing me, oh fuck, she was licking my dick head like a small kid licking a lollypop. Oh my god, I was on cloud 9, top of the world.

Eyes closed and moaning, aaaaaaahhhhhh fuck yes sandhya, oh fuck, m going mad. She took my entire 7-inch dick in her throat and then gagged out, what pleasure oh fuck, I cant explain that moment through words,the best blowjob I have received up till now.

She continued blowing me and at one moment I felt I will shoot out my load, so pulled her from her head, smooched her deep and fingered her wet pussy gently and we both were just moaning. She came again and she was like rudra please fuck now, I can’t control now pls I beg u, I made her stand at the wall and lubed my dick and inserted gently into her warm wet and ready pussy.


Ooooooooooohhhhhhhhh fuck it was heaven , we both were moaning, aaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhh mmmmmmmmmmm yessas yessss baby yessssssssssss,with every push she was biting my shoulder and neck and i was pinching her pink nipples, oh my god, it was a beautiful, after a while I removed my dick and guided her to blow me to which she readily went on her knees and started to blow me again, fuck man, I was going mad, she stood up and threw me on bed and whispered let me ride you, darling, she sat over my lubed dick and started riding like a cowboy. Her 34D boobs were bouncing up and down and what a sight, I started squeezing her boobs and pinching her nipples and I felt I am gonna ejaculate, I pushed her down and started kissing her again, she came to know that I don’t wanna cum out so soon, she smiled at me and said, bloody energetic bastard, you still wanna fuck me. I said I will last as long as I can honey and fuck you really hard in every possible position I can.

I made her bend in doggy style and inserted my dick from behind and started giving hard thrusts, mmmmmmmmm aaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhh darling you are too good, fuck me harder harder harder ooooooooooooo yessssss yesssssssss yesssssssss.. I was squeezing her boobs with both the hands and me removed my dick in a while and in fraction of seconds I was trying to insert in her ass, it was too tight to penetrate, so she turned around and started blowing me again, she spat on my dick and she told me try again, push harder, I have not had anal sex up till now, you open the innings, with few thrusts I managed to insert mu dick head and we both shouted fuckkkkkkkkkk with pain but I gave more thrusts , I managed to insert full dick inside, and started stroking her ass, my hands cupping her boobs and pinching her nipples and in a while pain converted in pleasure and we were moaning with pleasure aaaaaaahhhhhhb yessss ohhh fuckkkkkkkkk harder honey fuck me harder its the best sex of my life fuck me honey yessssssssssss yessssssssss and was about to come so took out my dick and came out hard with full pressure all over her asss and her back, I was in heaven and still my dick was erect.


Sandhya turned back started kissing me and playing with my dick. Mmmmm it’s still hard , I think it wants more and spat on my dick and asked me to fuck her wet pussy, I adjusted myself over her in missionary position between her thighs, I inserted my erect dick, and started fucking her, oh my god, I love this position, its the best, I will push hard and slow and dick was touching her vag bone, deep inside her pussy, I was kissing her biting her lips, eating her earlobes and biting her white swan neck oh wowwww what pleasure.

I was squeezing her boobs really hard, so hard that they turned red, aaaaaaaaaahhhhhhh wooooooooooooooooooo aaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhh mmmmmmmmmmmmmmm fuck baby yesssss harder, eating her nipples and she was just scratching my back, her nails went inside my skin and tearing my muscle. The pain was less and the pleasure was way higher, drenched in sweat we both were fucking so hard, it was hard for us to breathe but we continued fucking.


It was almost 2 hours, we were just fucking and moans all around in the room, bed was wet with our sweat oh god is was heaven. Pussy banging sound was so sweet and moans, what music it turned out to be, fuck fuck fuck fuck yessssss aaaaahhhhhhh oooooooooooooooooooooooooo darling yes mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm tear that fucking pussy, after 25 mins, I was about to come so I took my dick out and unloaded my hot cum on the stomach and navel. I am fell down beside her on her bed.


She was holding my hand, we were still nude lying on the bed and after a while she came and kissed on my lips and whispered, you are the best rudra, it was the fuck of my life, and I will never get fucked this good by anyone.


I smiled and said, sandhya, I feel the same, I too had the best fuck of my life.. and kissed her.. we were so tired, that we slept in the same position.


Morning I got up, kissed sandhya on her forehead gently, wore my clothes and left for my room. I left a note saying, ‘ Thanks a ton Sandhya, it was the best night of my life, and you made it possible. This is number, please contact me so that I can make another night of life so fucking memorable’


Later she sent me and SMS from her number, ‘ sure honey, and thanks to you too for such an amazing night, I am still naked and fingering myself, but missing your fingers, darling.. hope we meet soon ‘

After that day, we met many times in Mumbai and Rajkot and had many such steamy sessions which are best memories intact in mine and Sandhya’s heart!!


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