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Sister's Wedding Day Sex Story [VulgarWriter]

Sister's Wedding Day Sex Story
My older sister got married about 13 years ago. She is about 12 years older than I am. I was 18; she had just turned 30.

She had moved to Southampton to live with her husband but travelled back north to be married in the village she was born.

The house was a hive of activity. My mother was in the shower downstairs. Her eldest bridesmaid was in the master bedroom preening my sister. I was sat on the bed in the loft bedroom sneakily looking through my sister suitcase at the underwear she would be wearing for her new husband. And to be honest, it was really sexy. Not at all what I thought she would have worn for her wedding night. My sister was a little quiet, reclusive. The underwear she had picked would have suited a hooker.

Black fishnets, G-string panties, push up bra. Not like she needed a push up bra. Angela always had a great pair of tits. I pulled the underwear from her suitcase and lay it on the bed. I pulled my cock from my pants and slowly started jerking myself off.

Suddenly a door slammed, I could hear my sister coming up the stairs to the loft bedroom with her bridesmaid. I leapt behind the wardrobe just as Angela and her bridesmaid Claire came into the room.

They were both wearing bathrobes and with the look of it nothing else. Claire closed the bedroom door and let her bathrobe slip to the floor. My cock bounced as my eyes hit her naked, pale skinned body. Her tits were smaller than Angela's was but she had a fantastic figure.

"Help me into the underwear Claire. Andrew is really going to be surprised" she asked Claire.

Angela let her bathrobe slip to the floor and picked up the stockings.

My cock was about to explode. My sister and her best friend both naked trying on sexy underwear.

I slowly ran my hand up and sown my cock and Angela slipped into the underwear.

"I need to go get a shower before I try on my stuff" Claire said. With that she picked up her bathrobe and left to get into the shower. Angela stood up from the bed and walked over to the mirror to admire herself. My hand was going faster and faster as I watched my older sister in her underwear.

"Is that you Mark, behind the wardrobe? I can see your leg in the mirror" she asked. She walked over to the wardrobe and caught me with my cock in my hand. "What are you doing there? "She asked "Oh…I see now" she said with a smile. "I take it you like the underwear then?

Was there a need to answer? My cock was hard. I had my hand tightly gripped round it.

Come from behind there. Iv got something for you. I stepped from behind the wardrobe and started to put my cock back into my pants.

"And what do you think you are going to do with that now?" she asked. I looked at her as she knelt down and unfastened my jeans. "You've seen me in my underwear, now I want to see you"

She pulled my jeans down to my ankles, I stepped out of them and she threw them to one side. Angela then stood up and removed my T-shirt, pushed my to the bed and removed my socks. I lay there with only my boxershorts on, my cock hard as rock in my pants.

"Do you like the underwear Mark?" She asked. I nodded silently. She climbed onto the bed and lay beside me. She rested her hand on my thigh and slowly slid it up and down.

"Iv seen you a few times jerking off with my underwear. There have even been times Iv seen your cum in them but I wore them anyway. It really turned me on knowing you had shot your cum into my panties."

Her hand slowly slid into my boxers and took hold of my cock. She slipped her hand up and down it. She lifted the foot of her left leg to meet her right knee.

"Want to play with me a little?" she asked. My hand slowly made its way to her thigh. I could feel the heat radiating from her pussy. She leaned into me so my hand met her pussy. Her lips touched mine, her tongue slid into my mouth. Her hand was going faster now as my fingers had slipped her G-string to one side and I were playing with her pussy.

Her hands ran around my cock and cupped my balls. He lips kissed my face.

"Oh fuck. I don't believe I'm doing this" she gasped. "But you have me so turned on."

She moved down the bed, pulled off my boxer shorts and gently slid my cock between her thighs and into her wet pussy.

"Fuck me please" she whispered. She had lost all control. She rolled her body back and forth on my cock. Her back arched back. She unfastened her bra and exposed her tits. She took hold of my hands and placed them onto her tits. She rocked back and forth, faster and faster. My eyes never closing. I touched her nipples, cupped her breasts. I leant forward and kissed her left nipple then took as much of her tit into my mouth. Angela put her hands behind my head and pushed my head into her tit.

"Fuck me Mark. You have caused this. If you tell anyone I will tell mother that you have been playing with my underwear…Oh God" She gasped.

I felt wetness run onto my thighs and she arched her back and gasped. "Oh God, please one more" she cried.

I could feel myself about to cum. "Angela, I'm going to cum" I told her. She took hold of my hard and kissed me hard, her tongue thrashing in my mouth. Her hips moved faster on my cock. I felt more wetness on my thighs.

"Angela, I'm cumming. Oh shit" I gasped as I emptied myself into my sister's pussy.

She slowed down her movements and lifted herself from my cock. She knelt down beside me and licked and sucked the cum from my cock.

"You have no idea how long IV wanted to do that" she told me as she started getting dressed. "Now go and don't tell anyone about it"

That day is still fresh in my mind as the day it happened.
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