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Sexy Sister In Law Radha

Sexy Sister In Law Radha

Now, my penis isn't all that long and big. I've read smut stories describing penises as being a foot long and as wide as a bottle of coke. This has always amused me and I'd always pity the woman who'd have to accommodate such a monster inside her. I was always sure that if there were to be such penises (and I admit I've seen some pretty large ones in the porno films I have stacked in my private library), no real, normal woman would like to have it stuffed inside her and then get banged with it for as long as Peter North usually takes to come in the stag films. Besides, I had read a real good story in an adult book where the woman describes how a guy with an almost miniature penis had given her enjoyment more than all the other big dick guys ever had.

Not that mine was miniature. Far from that, at this moment as Radha gasped at its sight, it looked longer that its usual six-odd inches and thicker than the four and half inch circumference (I have measured and calculated it during one time that I was watching a porn flick). I don't think you can accurately measure the diameter of a penis; it makes more sense to know the circumference. Just take a piece of string and wrap it around your erection. Measure the length of the string. That's the circumference. (For academic interest, you could get the approximate diameter by dividing this circumference by 3.14!)

"My god!" she gasped again, her eyes wide with shock and her voice sounding like a croak. "My god, May, you have a awesome one!"

"Its because of you, I swear," I managed to say lightly.

I shuddered and my body jack-knifed when she wrapped her fist around it wonderingly. My penis stiffened further and I still don't know (honestly) why it didn't empty its contents. I suppose it's all in the mind. You lust for a woman this long, dreaming about her practically everyday, particularly when you are forced to masturbate in the event that the wife's not around to help and suddenly, you are facing reality. And you don't want it to end all too soon. Because you are thinking of the thousand ways you want to please her and the thousand ways you her to please you. And maybe you won't fulfill your wish of thousand, but you certainly want at least a few of them done through during the first time.

She slid her smooth though wet hand slowly up and down my shaft. After a few strokes, she gently slid her hand down to take hold of my testicles. (They weren't, for God's sake, as big as tennis balls!). She juggled them, her head involuntarily shaking from side to side.

"My god, Radha," I gasped. "Do that any more and I'm going to cum any moment!"

"Go on then, May, go on and shoot! I want to see it coming out of your cock!"

God, she was surprising me! I had been apprehensive about uttering those F-words, but here she was, freely using them. Talk about surprises!

I reckon that the use of these words were getting to me and was sure that if she continued talking this way, I was going to lose it one way or the other.

"I want to make it last, Radha!" I groaned, watching her hand glide back and forth over my penis.

"Some other time, May, some other time. Not now. You are hot; I know it and I want to see that cum shooting out. Please!"

This time, more than the tone of her sexy voice with that undercurrent of urgency in it, it was the fact that she had decided there would be other times that brought me to the edge. I had thought that this would be perhaps a one-time thing and I had reserved my other return of the 'thank you' for the purpose of getting it on with her again.

Preemptive strike!

"Okay, Radha, here it is! Just be a bit faster, oh yes, like that, oh yes! Your hand feels so good on my dick, oh god, and the sight of your tits and your pussy, oh god, its too much, yes, yes, harder baby, faster, faster! I want to come all over your pussy, baby, all over your pussy! Yes, yes..."

Her fist was a blur now as she concentrated on the speed, the pressure and the rhythm. She had all three going exactly the way I would want it. Her breasts swung with her effort and her fingers clasped my scrotum. She had to bend slightly so that she could get it right.

"Yes, May, yes, oh yes, come now, now, all over my pussy, all over my cunt!"

That did it! I let out a groan, thrust my hips forward, let my hands clasp her breasts to squeeze them hard and let out my juices in powerful, gut-wrenching bursts.

I felt the salvos hitting her first just above the patch over her pubis, before she was directing it towards her pussy. She pushed her legs forward and pulled my shuddering penis towards her, letting the rest of my semen splat against her pussy. All this time, she kept gently kneading my scrotum as I did her breasts and soon I was panting for breath, fiery and bright lights exploding in front of my eyes.

My god! It had been a hell of a long time since I have had such a powerful orgasm. It was like my guts were spilling out.

She kept jerking on my shaft in graceful sweeping movements of her fist, till she was sure that she had drained me out completely.

She straightened, a smile on her lips and I bent down to see the semen dribbling down over her hips till it was wetting her panties that were still hooked around her knees.

I shuddered when she used a finger to gently cares my wet glans, and still smiling, she brought her hand up to take the finger in her mouth. She sucked it in her mouth and that look came back in her eyes.

We were silent then, just soaking in the aftermath of our orgasms.

She spoke after what seemed to be a long time. "Don't you think we should dress up and leave now? We wouldn't want anyone to think about our absence as any other reason."

Dumbly I nodded. "I want to get into it again, Radha," I said hoarsely, looking squarely into her eyes.

She picked up the bra and the blouse, letting the sari fall back over her legs. She walked slowly to the bathroom.

"Why not? Lets watch for a ideal time and place, okay?"

Now, it was she who was in command. Not that I ever was in complete command, but at least, I did have her thinking and blushing at the suggestions I had been making. Things had reversed.

"Dress yourselves up. I am going to say that I had to change because a bottle of coke spilled onto my clothes at the party. Keep with the story, okay. Besides," she smiled, "I have a bottle of coke in the fridge, and please get it here for me, will you? We might as well make it look real!"

We had driven over to the apartment so that she could change her bra.

It ended up in changing all her clothes as well.

Ah well!
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