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Sex with my husband's Friend

Sex with my husband's Friend

Hello my name is Shruti ,34, living in a decent area in the western part of Dhaka. It took place a week ago (25th nov) with a very close friend of my husband named Ashvin. He was a tall and well built man with strong chest and muscles. He was married and had one kid. All these incidents are not even known to my husband who still consider me a dedicated and honest wife.

It so happened that there was a sale going on in a Saree showroom in a prominent showroom in the shopping market of our area and I had purchased a few sarees for myself. The last day of the sale was on a Sunday when the whole market was closed but for the purpose of ending sale, the showrooms kept open. Since I had to change a saree bought earlier and also I wanted to purchase some more, I was getting ready to go there. I had asked my husband to drop me there while going for his office for extra time and I would be back on my own whenever I get free since my home was not very far away. Once I was through with my selections and purchases at the showroom, I got out and looked for any auto to take me back. Being Sunday, already there were very few auto-rickshaws available on the roads and those few which were available wanted to go on the other side of the city. Carrying my shopping bags, I started walking ahead while still looking for any conveyance but there was none. Since all the market was closed, there was no rush so I kept on walking till I arrived at the next block.

I was walking in my own thoughts when I heard a voice behind me, "hello bhabhi where are you going" I turned my face and saw that Ashvin was standing in front of his shop which also had his shutters down. I told him that I was going back home after my shopping and asked what he was doing there on a weekly off. He replied that he had to collect some samples from the office so he was there and would be leaving soon. Since he was a good friend of my husband and we had several times visited each other home, he requested me to come inside his office and have some tea, coffee or cold drink. I tried to tease him and said laughingly, "Ashvin bhaiyya your shop is already closed and you are inviting me".

He looked some what embarrassed and said that the shop is closed from outside but since he had to collect some papers as well, he was using the rear entrance which was still open. He again requested me to come inside and almost touched my elbows ushering me to go with him. I could not refuse him and followed him to his office.

Also there was nothing pending at my home and I had my whole day with me, even if I spend some time here, it would not effect my schedule. His office was at the first floor and the rear entry was not suitable for use and for ladies specially. The iron staircase and passage were narrow, slippery, and rusty. A few times I had to hold on to his arm to balance myself. Once I almost missed a step and was about to lose my balance but Ashvin caught hold me me in his arms to help me recover. While in his arms, I thought I smelled a little whisky in his breadth but I was not sure that he would drink in the early noon and all alone. By the time I reached his office, I saw that the whole building was in total isolation since there was no one else at his office too, I started wondering if I should have come here at all. If my husband comes to know that I met Ashvin in total privacy, he might think other-wisely and it could ruin his confidence in me. May be I should request Ashvin not to talk about this meeting with my husband.

His office was well furnished and cool from the running air conditioner. I sat on the only sofa set near his table and he pulled up a chair to sit near me. We just exchanged some pleasantries asking and replying about how every one was at home, how every thing was going on and this and that. He was a good listener and orator. You could talk to him on any matter. It was so nice sitting there and talking to him with no interference from any corner. I was feeling totally relaxed now. He then asked what would I like to have. Having taken a walk from the saree showroom I was rather thirsty, so I requested for a cold drink and asked about the wash room as I wanted to get fresh from the sweating during the long walk. He got up and directed me towards the bathroom while he went towards the pantry to get the drinks. I went inside the well kept and clean bathroom; washing my face and applying a coat of light make up to feel fresh again.

When I came out, he had already placed two glasses of coke on the table and was waiting for me to come. We kept on talking about nearly every thing while sipping the cold drinks. I wanted the time to stand still. It was for the first time that I was sitting with him alone and talking. While talking to me, he changed the topic and said that my husband was a damn lucky fellow.

I asked him why he thought so. He replied, "getting married to a girl like you, it need more than luck to find one". I blushed slightly and it looked so good getting a complement from him. I wanted him to continue so I asked again, "what so good about me". He replied, " no bhabhi you are not ordinary, you are so smart and beautiful that people would look at you again and again".

This time this comment from him turned me almost red and I felt elated. Even my husband had never commented like that. I wanted to get more so I said that I was just an ordinary looking girl to which he replied, "no bahbhi you are not an ordinary girl. You are a some thing special. You have maintained your figure so nicely that you still look like a model, I have seen you doing yoga. You have maintained well". I then noticed that occasionally he would look at the top of my blouse from where a good amount of my neck and the top of my breasts were visible. I always wear blouses that have deep neck and back. At other time he would look at my tummy where my naval was also visible since I tie the saree below it.
He casually asked if he could see what purchases I had made and when I got up and collected my shopping bags from the other corner of the room where I had left them while entering, I felt that he was staring at my back which was visible over an under my blouse. When I turned, I saw that now he was looking at my chest portion and my flat tummy and naval area.

I felt some what embarrassed and tried to cover my front with the pallu of my saree, but it was not long enough to cover from top to the bottom of the vision. He looked in my eyes and said nothing but just gave me a short and meaningful smile which I could not understand at that time. A little while later he again got up to add some more coke to our glasses and moved out to the pantry. I took this opportunity to get up to adjust my saree so that I could cover my body as much as possible. I was still standing and adjusting my saree with the entire pallu in my hands away from my body and my whole blouse and entire front visible when he entered the room.

He saw me in that position and gaped at me looking more particularly at my chest. He could almost see my entire 36-32-36 figure in that position. I was deeply embarrassed and hurriedly covered the front and apologised to him. He replied "never mind, my pleasure". I understood what he meant. I saw that he was again looking at me anticipating to see my figure once again.

I smiled at him and sat down on my seat, he also sat down on his chair adjusting a bit so that he was now more closer to me and our legs almost touched. I picked up my glass of coke and drank it in almost one gulp. This time however it tasted a bit different. I thought may be the gas was leaking from the bottle and it was turning flat. But still I felt that it was cold enough to drink.

A little while later, I felt slight giddiness and a little high. I thought may be coming from heat in the cool room and drinking chilled cold drinks was doing this. I thought it was nothing and in a few minutes I would be fine. Ashvin got up once again taking the glasses to fill them up again. I tried to stop him as I did not want more but he said, "come on Bhabhi its too hot outside and there is no harm in taking more cold drinks". In a little while he returned with glasses filled with the drink. This time too the coke tasted different than what it should be. I asked him, "Ashvin bhaiyya looks like the coke has turned flat. The taste is not good", he replied that he did not find any thing wrong with it and if I feel like that, may be he open a fresh bottle. I said, "no its fine".

I was now feeling light and high. I thought may be I should go home and rest for a while so I tried to get up telling Ashvin that I should be leaving now. He put his one hand on my thigh asking me to remain seated and not worry about going back as he would drop me in his car later as it was on his way. I sat down again but he did not remove his hand from my thigh.

I took my head behind and rested it on the back of the sofa. I was not in a position to get aware that now my neck and upper chest portion was visible to him as my pallu had slipped a little. It looked like he was now unable to hold on to himself for much longer. He asked if I was not feeling well, I replied that my head is feeling high. He said, "bhabhi let me roll it a bit to make you easy".

Without waiting for my reply, he got up and sat beside me on my sofa and took his one arm around my shoulder and with the other, he began rolling my head. Although I did not want him to go ahead to that extent still I was feeling good when he was rolling my head. Unmindfully, I rested my head on his shoulder with my eyes closed. I wanted to doze of. Slowly his hand which was rubbing my fore head started sliding down. First it came on my face holding me by my cheek. I opened my eyes and looked up at him in astonishment and bewilderment. He was so close that the moment I looked up he kissed my lips. I was alarmed that the things were now going too far. No doubt I like Ashvin but only as a friend of my husband and I m pregnant too.

He was carried away by the situation. I tried to get up gathering all my strength but he was holding me by my shoulders and did not allow me to get up. I said, "no Ashvin bhaiyya we shouldn't do this, I am your close friend's wife. Please control yourself and let me go". To which he replied, "no bhabhi, after looking at your sexy body, no one can control himself.

You are my friend's wife but let's do it for once. No one will ever come to know about this, I promise you this will remain between you and me only". I tried to resist again and got up some how, but he caught hold of my pallu and as I tried to move away, all the plates of my saree had started coming out exposing my front to him. I tried to take my pallu back but he was much stronger than me. With almost fear in my eyes, I requested him again to let me go but he gave my pallu a small jerk and I had to take a couple of steps forward othewise it would have come out totally. The cold drink taken was laced with little shots of whisky, he told me. I was shocked and now knew the reason of my head rolling and I feeling so weak.
Another jerk this time and my entire saree was in his hands. I had been wearing a bright yellow saree which was now in his hands. Under it, I was wearing a matching yellow coloured blouse and petticoat. My blouse had a very deep neck that revealed a good amount of my top of the boobs and some cleavage.

I always tie my saree and petticoat well below my naval so a good amount of my tummy from below the blouse and up to the petticoat was also visible. I knew that yellow goes on well with my very fair colour. He was now smiling a sex hungry smile and I could see naked lust in his eyes. I was trying to cover my breasts with my both hands but in doing so my abdominal portion was lifted a bit to reveal even more. I again requested him with folded hands to return my saree, to which he said, "ok bhabhi, come and take it from me". As I went towards him, he dropped the saree aside and took me in his arms and started kissing my neck and cleavage.
I knew that there is no one who could help me out now, he was too strong for me to resist. The main door was locked from outside and my cries could not be heard outside in a weekly off day in the market. My situation there was hopeless. There seem to be no other option left for me, but to surrender. If the rape is inevitable, better enjoy the sex.

So while I am at it, why not enjoy this session. Being slightly intoxicated and kissed by Ashvin on my lips and body were also arousing me sexually. I too was getting a bit hot and wanting his dick inside me. I slide my arms around his neck and raising my head and opened my mouth asking him to kiss me passionately.

When Ashvin saw that I had surrendered to his lust, he too relaxed his grip and started kissing me on my cheeks, my eyelids, my ears and going from my lips to my cleavage. His hands were on my naked portion of my back stroking it and he slide down to grip my both butts and squeezing them so hard that I almost cried with pain and pleasure. He soon brought one hand towards my chest and started playing with my boobs while with the other hand he was rubbing my back taking his hand inside the back of my blouse. He began opening the hooks of my blouse with his thumb and first two fingers and in no time opened it completely.

With his other hand behind me he unhooked my bra and slowly removed both the pieces of modesty from my body. I was now standing topless in front of him, I too took my hand to his trousers and unbuckled and unzipped it letting it fell on the floor. His penis was getting fully erected and looked like a pole standing out.

I took my hand inside his underwear and released it from its captivity at the same time touching and caressing it with my fingers. Ashvin immediately started moaning out, SHRUTI BHABHI.... AAAAAAAHHHAshvin.. MMMMMM... OOOOOUUUUUFFFFF..... SHRUTIIIIII MY LOVE...... BHABHI YOU ARE GREAT... He then forced my head down towards his penis, he kept on standing while I got to my knees and took his penis in my hands and started kissing it from top to bottom.

His penis was a good over seven inches long and more than two inches thick and completely blackish brown in colour. It was so hard that the thin veins were easily visible on the top of it. I slide back the skin on the tip of his penis to bring the pink head and gave it a long kiss. Ashvin kept on moaning louder and louder. Slowly I started licking it with my tongue.

The moment my tongue touched the tip of his penis he gave out a long moan. I knew from his condition that very soon he would he reaching the climax. I then took his entire penis in my mouth and began sucking it slowly and sweetly. I was taking his penis in and out of my mouth while at the same time I was stroking it.

Some times I would stop in between and take both my hands to his balls and touch them with my fingers and he would cry out in ecstasy. BHABHIIIIII..... COME ON BHABHI... YOU ARE GREAT IN FUCKING BHABHI... I LOVE YOU SHRUTI.... AAAAAAHHHHHH....... MMMMMMMM...... I too was getting hot and sucking his black penis was also giving me multiple orgasm.

I was also unable to hold on to myself and I now wanted him inside my vagina to satisfy me. But shortly he reached his orgasm and unloaded his entire cum in my mouth. I swallowed some while spilled the rest which began to flow down from my face on my chest and started making pool on his carpeted floor.
He slumped down on the sofa exhausted while I sat on the carpet. He looked down at me and smiled. "That was the best blow job I have ever had in my life bhabhi. How did you do this?" I replied. "never mind my techniques Ashvin bhaiyya, now come and satisfy me. I am still hot and need your penis inside my pussy.

I pulled the string that tied my petticoat and took off my panties to get completely naked in front of Ashvin. Since his trouser and underwear were already removed, he took off his shirt and got totally nude too. He then asked me to stand up this time while he was sitting on the sofa. He then pulled me towards him, put both his hands on my butts and took his mouth towards my pussy which I had clean shaved a couple of days before. First he started rolling his tongue on the lips of my vagina and I started moaning in pleasure. He then took his two fingers to open it a bit and took his tongue inside and started licking it like a dog.

He would move his tongue in all the directions and would touch the walls make me go wild in excitement. He then started sucking my pussy. This was a new experience for me as till date I had got my pussy kissed and licked but not sucked. I was getting high and juice had started coming out of my vagina. He was drinking it like he was drinking honey.

With his both hands tightly pressed on my butts, it looked like he wanted to drink the last drop of my juice. I too was moaning loudly now. ASHVIN....... DEEPER... TAKE IT DEEPER.. AAAAAAHHHHHHHH...... UUUUUMMMMMMMM.... OOOOOOOOHHHH..... LOVE YOU ASHVIN.... I LOVE YOU... ASHVIN BHAIYA I LOVE YOU.... LOVE ME ASHVIN.... LOVE...COME ON.... I CANT WAIT NOW COME INSIDE ME.... GIVE ME YOUR BABY SEEDS AAAHVVVINNNNN.... FUCK ME NOW.... FUCK ME HARD.... TAKE ME NOW PLEASE.. AAAAHHHHHVVVVIIINNNN..... Ashvin got up from the sofa he was sitting on and picking me up, took me in his arms and started kissing me. He then laid me on the carpet and I opened my legs wide.

As he got over me, I raised my legs so that it got over his shoulders. This way he could easily enter me and enter deep. I guided his penis by putting it on the lips of my pussy and a gentle push from him made it go nearly half inside. It was much thicker than my hubby's so it pained while going inside but I was getting pleasure in my pain also. Another push and it was fully inside. Then he started humping me slowly first. He would take his penis out with only the tip remaining inside and then he would hump it with a force so that it touches the fartherest wall inside making me cry out in ecstasy. He had raised his chest by putting his entire weight on his two arms that he had straightened.

Now since he was not lying over me, I took my both hands on his nipples and started touching and rolling it with my fingers. He too cried out loud in pleasure while he increased the speed of his humping too. We both were nearing our orgasms and were moaning loudly. SHRUTIAA... BHABHI..... HAAN AAAVVVIINNN........ I LOVE YOU BHABHI....I LOVE YOU TOO AHSVIN... BHABHI YOU ARE A GREAT FUCK.... YOU TOO FUCK GREAT... I LOVE YOUR PENIS.... IT IS SO LONG THICK AND IT IS BLACK.... I LIKE IT MORE THAN MY HUBBY..... YES BHABHI.. I TOO LOVE YOUR CUNT... I WANT TO FUCK YOU DAILY BHABHI...COME TO MY HOME AND FUCK ME.... AAAAAAAHHHHH...MMMMMNNNNNN...... AAAAAEEEEEHHHHH...... SHRUTIAAAAHHHH...... AAAAHHHHHVVVVVIIIIINNNNN....His strokes kept on humping me and with each the force was increasing. Soon he started going in and out without giving any time in between. I knew that he was coming since his penis got more hard inside.

Very soon after a few more strokes, it look like that his penis exploded inside me and jet spraying his while discharge all over my internal walls of the vagina. I too reached another orgasm and gripped him with my full strength calling out loud his name. ASHVINNNNNNN........ He too called out in his final orgasm.. SHRUTIIII BHABHIIIIII.....

He finally dropped over me totally exhausted. His penis was still inside me which was now dripping his semen inside me drop by drop. He exerted some pressure to empty it completely before taking it out and rolled over to one side panting. I too was tired and remained like that for some time to recover my breadth.
I looked at my watch, it been now nearly two hours since I had entered Ashvin's office. Much changes had taken place during this period. From a healthy and respectable relationship of a man and his close friend's wife, we had become lovers. We now lay clinged together totally naked after making love on the floor of his office.

My husband would be home only in the evening after finishing his office, I still had enough time before I should be home. I was lying on my right arm with Ashvin cuddled close behind me with his one hand cupping my boob. I could feel his penis between my butts which had now dried completely after being wet with the juices from my clit.

As I tried to move, he gripped me again and started kissing me lightly on my back of the neck and shoulders. Despite getting a few orgasms till now, I still wanted to get more. As I moaned lightly his penis started getting erected again. Soon I could feel it going inside from between my butts.
I tried to turn towards him but he stopped me and asked me to remain lied down on my right arm while he got up a little on his right shoulder. He shifted his position a little downwards and started pushing his penis from below my vagina till it touched the lips. I raised my left leg slightly to make it easier for him to enter. A gentle push and it was in a little, another hard push and it was in completely. He started stroking me lying in that posture which was a totally new experience for me. I had never been fucked in this pose and it was giving me great pleasure feeling the strokes coming from down under my vagina when I was lying down.

His strokes were getting harder and harder bringing me a new pleasure and quick orgasms. I wanted him to keep going as I started moaning. MMMMMMMMMM..... AAAAAAAHHHHHHH...... ASHVIN..... OOOOOOHHHHHHH.... AAAAAAAH..... LOVE YOU AHSVINN... KEEP ON FUCKING ME AAVINNN.... He too was high calling out, LOVE YOU MY DEAR BHABHI... I WILL FUCK YOU ALWAYS....COME TO ME WHENEVER YOU NEED A COCK..... He then took out his penis and got up to sit on the sofa. He then asked me to sit in his lap and adjusted his posture so that when I sat, his penis went straight in my vagina. This time no push was required to drive it inside me since it was already wet and my pussy was releasing juices. We both then started stroking together.

The cushion of the sofa was giving us extra thrust. I was moving up and down with my boobs jingling in the air. He caught them both in his hands and started pinching my nipples at the same time. Some time he would push me with such strength that I would raise so high that it would seem that his penis would come out, but he would control me with such skill that I would be down just before his tip remain inside. With every stroke his dick was getting harder and harder and I knew that he would be reaching his orgasm soon. Finally he gave one last push and before I landed back on his lap, his discharge had started filling my cunt. He gripped me hard in excitement and orgasm.

I too reached another orgasm and our juices started flowing out after intermingling in my vagina. We both slumped on the sofa together trying to recover our breadth and let our sweating bodies. We laid still for some time in each other's arms. When I looked again at my watch, it was time to leave. I kissed him on his lips and tried to get up. He did not want me to go but I could not stay there any longer. I went to the wash room, washed my face, combed my hairs and applied a little make up to remove any sign of our love making. I came back, searched for my bra and panties which I found lying in one corner and put it on. Ashvin was still lying naked and looking getting me dressed.
I later picked up my petticoat and blouse and wore it followed by my saree. Once again I went to the bathroom to check my self. I looked presentable enough with hardly any sign of our turbulent love making. By the time I came out, Ashvin was also dressed up and after a few kisses we left only to remember our love session.
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