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Sex In Bathroom With Cousin

Sex In Bathroom With Cousin

I have many cousins at hometown. As I had one month off during the month of May, I thought of visiting my hometown. But sadly, I got stuck here and had to spend my whole vacation here. Due to my aunt left for Saudi, her son who was about my age was left here alone. She wanted me to be with him for an at least few days. I was frustrated. I had nothing to enjoy here. No sex. No chats. I was very bored.

Then, had some trips. That was when the 12th exams got over. As some church celebrations had set in, my cousins came to my hometown to stay. One of such cousins was Grace. He was a slim skinny girl. She was fair and about 5 ‘4 ft height. She is 18. She had soft and smooth creamy legs (which were shaved by me) with white toes and little fat at her thighs than her lower leg which was loose and plumpy.

She had an unshaven virgin pussy with dark hair. Her pussy lips were little dark-colored than from rest of her body. With dark colored clitoris and her pussy lips were bloody red to inside. It was a lot tight. She was slim in the belly with the sweet curve.With 32 c round medium white breasts the softest I have ever touched and still it makes my dick hard when I think about her breasts and hot light brown nipples. She had a medium white ass, soft and hanging with full of fat felt like a sponge about 34.

She took me as a sweet bro. We used to fight over and tease each other for silly things.I didn’t waste any opportunities where I got to touch her sexy body. Once during playing, I pushed against wall held hands pushed it against the chest, when I felt how soft her breasts, it turned me on very much. I was waiting for an opportunity to get her naked and fuck her.

Then, one time during talking, my elbow had mistakenly touched her breasts. I kept my elbow in that position. That current through made me crazy. My aunts and other cousins had left the house. It was just me, Grace, grandma, and her daughter in law and her daughter. One time during a Sunday, Grace didn’t leave for church stayed back. That’s when I had a devilish idea. When entered the bathroom to the bath, I took my selfie stick and went to the roof and placed my phone the stick and switched on the camera, which recorded her bath.

I couldn’t record it fully due to rain. I cursed rain and came back inside and started to view what I had shot. I saw Grace slightly moving her tight top up as her hands rubbed through the side of her belly and chest her unshaven armpits and her slim elbow. I saw her white bra. Then she slowly rubbed her pelvis to remove her pants and showing her red panties her legs were unshaven at that time.

Then, she removed her bra and to show her round sweet breasts. Loved them. Her dark nipples. The video had only recorded that much. I was angry. I sat there trying to get some other idea. Then, one day, I bought a shaving set, to shave my armpits and pubic hair. I was shaving my armpits standing in front of the mirror on wash area near the bathroom.

I have a well-built body with a 6 pack and all. And about 6’1 ft height. Grace came and looked at my shirtless body and smiled and she saw me shaving. Then the next day, there was a scream from the bathroom at noon, none else was at the house, I was dozed off, but scream woke me up, I rushed. When I rushed to the bathroom, it was not locked I saw Grace with bra covering her 34 c sweet melons and a towel covering her lower body. I was staring at her. She covered her body asked why I came in. I said I heard something, rushed here to check what it was.

She had scored herself off a cockroach. I laughed it off, but the sight of her body had given me a boner in my shorts. She noticed the tent told me to get out. I got out of the bathroom, later I spent rest of the days trying to seduce her. Then one night, I was too horny from reading vulgarwriter stories, I moved to her bedroom, she was sleeping in grandmas room, I then slowly went near her, rubbing my hand through her leg to her thighs, then I slowly rubbed her pussy over her tight short, she slowly put her hand on my hand, I got scared, she then whispered in my ear, not now, told me to take a bath with her tomorrow.

The next day, I entered with her to the bath. I told her to remove the dress, she was shy at first but she asked me to not stare at her body. I promised and she removed her top and her melons fell out. Her pussy, well-shaven legs with no panty. I hugged her tight, she stared into my eyes. Then, I move onto her. She stopped me. But I told, it was ok I made her sit on the toilet seat and lifted her leg horizontally.

I could see her dark bush, she had no panty. I then slowly feel her legs and suck them from toe to thighs as well as feel its softness, I move my lips to her leg joint and thighs and press her thighs just near her pussy, she would give little moans mmmh She then asked me to make her cum before I fuck her. I.

As I finished up one leg and moving up my ladder in the second leg, I could see her changes, she was sweating at her chest, the sweat drops moving dropping into her cleavage her breathing rate increasedAaaaa.Hhhuuuuu.Aaaa. Then, I started to press the thighs a little bit hard. Pull down the skin and pinch it. She started to give fast moans aaaa.Hhhhmmmmm.Aaaaaa.

She bites her fingers. I then increased my fore on her thighs, making her subside to my will. I started rubbing my salvia on her feet, I then started like up her leg while my teeth pinched her skin on left thigh, her breathing increased and while pinched and caressed over her right leg. Pinching it thighs, pulling the skin harder. Slapping it. She was jumping on the seat, shaking her lower body up and down as she bites her hand moaning Mmmmmmmmm.UuuuuuuuuuuMmmm
I knew she was getting wet.

I moved up a bit closer to her pussy started to touch it from outside. Playing with her clitoris pinching it hard. Hold its skin between my finger, squeezing it out, she got hold of my hair with him both hand, pulling the hair and screaming aaaaaaaaaaaah. Ooooooooooo., I could feel her breathing in her stomach movement it was very rapid.

My hands raised up to her boobs pressing it hard, making her moan even a lot. I played with her boobs, then smelled her pussy and my she pushed on my back pulling my head deep into her pussy, I teased her little in the pussy, lining the outer skin, biting an pulling her pubic hair making her moan and scream a lot louder aaaaaaaaaaah.Aaaaaaaaa.Eeee I bite her pussy lips and she cum a lot on my face With big screamAaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa.

A Virgin Bathroom

As she was cumming, she pulled on my hair like anything. Her hot cum, it was in the face, I made her lick it.Making me scream out of pain. I then removed my dress took out my 7-inch fat cock. She was an innocent girl did not know blowjob. So, I told her just lick it like I licked, just put in ur mouth, She took it into her mouth rolling her tongue around it spit it out.

Her mouth was warm, making me more a monster. I lifted her mouth, she said, she felt relief when I licked her, I told I will make u more relieved. I placed her against the cold bathroom wall, her body shivered. Theni slowly kissed her she resisted at first then her hands were rubbing my chest and when to my back. I removed her bra, as I pulled her lips and gave love bite, my right hand was at her pussy, playing with pussy, as her breathing rate increased 2 fold than before. She moaned aaaaaaaaaah.Eeeeehhhh.

I then went down and started to lick her cleavage and her press her breasts very vigorously making moan and making her body tremble. I dug my hand into her G-spot rubbing it hard. Her hand went back onto bathroom wall, trying to scratch the tiles out of pleasure and excitement. I continue to play with her body and made her cum again.

Then, I kissed her again, deeply as she fully mesmerized in the kiss. I lifted her up, and adjusted my dick and gave it. Hard push in he pussy. She screamed aaaa. It was unlike any other scream. It echoed throughout the house. I kissed her to hide it. Blood oozed down through my cock and a lot dropping onto the floor along with her cum. Her hand was dug into my back, nails scratching begging, making love marks and pushing me to pull it out. Her eyes closed as tears rolled out in an abundance.

She bites my shoulder, I had a lot of pain, I slammed her against the bathroom wall. I pulled out dick, she left the bite on my shoulder and I pushed it in again in. She gave a scream, and bite my chest, I slowly started to pump her hard, her eyes were still filled with tears, later it took some time for her to adjust and started to enjoy the pleasure. She was still moaning. She said:: aaaaaah.U.Uuuuuuu.Hhh Itsss Hitting.Deeeeeepppppp.Mmmmm. After sweating fuck of about 15 mins, I came with her. And I had broken her virginity. Later I shaved her pussy, continued by a fingering and made her cum again. She could not walk properly for a few days.

Then, after a few days of fucking her in the kitchen and the bedroom, I took her to the balcony, I turned her around lifted up her skirt. Started to suck her asshole very vigorously while fingered her pussy, rubbing and scratching g spot. Made her cum with a few minutes. Then, I pushed in banana into her pussy while fucked her anal, she came a lot on that day.
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