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My Wife And her friend Monica [VulgarWriter]

My Wife And her friend Monica Sex Story

I have written this story especially for lady readers. I hope you will enjoy it thoroughly and passionately.
We belong to Chandigarh and I am a Punjabi working lady. Like my name I am beautiful with a very smooth and hairless body. I am married to a well-placed gentleman Ravi who is broadminded. He loves me very much. We have a very good sex life but I am very curious to touch and feel woman passionately. I am not a lesbian but I have a secret desire to feel the body of a beautiful lady. As being a lady I know how smooth and soft the skin of a lady is. The only chance I got before my marriage was with my best friend Monika during college days. Sometimes we used to sleep together and cling to each other innocently feeling each other in the hostel. We never really got into the act and I really thought about it after my marriage when Ravi and me used to see blue movies in which women made love with each other. It was fascinating to see women enjoying the body of each other. At this time I used to remember Monika who is now married to a handsome young man from Shimla. I used to have fantasy doing sex with her. I subconsciously mentioned it to Ravi also. How I wished that she meets me one day and we sleep with each other.
My wish was soon fulfilled as Monika rang me last week that she will be coming to our city to get her certificates from university office and will be staying with me. She said she would be coming alone since her husband is occupied with some work. I was very happy and to be honest I liked the idea of her coming alone. I informed Ravi about it and told him of my desire to try and involve with her i.e. ladies - ladies enjoyment. My husband, the darling he is, readily agreed. He told me that I can take full time with her and he will not mind and will be glad that my fantasy will come true.
Ravi and me received her at the station and brought her home in our car. We immediately hugged each other with the same old josh with our boobs having a crush at each other. Ravi commented that Monika is beautiful and sexy. She also complemented Ravi and told him to lay me off for two three days as her best friend has come. “At least you will spare her for the night” said Ravi jokingly. “Oh no Mr. forget her for the night also. We have a lot to talk and talk.” Ravi could well realize by this time our closeness and liking for each other. We had tea and talked about our college days and friends. After Ravi left for some work Monica said, “Saali, you have become very sexy looking after marriage. Ravi must be massaging your boobs daily”. “You have also developed very nice curves and have good material on your front and back,” I said touching her breast, which made her blush. She too touched my boobs with both her hands and gave me a good squeeze. I kissed her on her lips and said come on let us prepare dinner first and chat all topics in the night.
We decided to get fresh before having our dinner. Monika went to have a shower in the bathroom and started shouting for the towel, which she forgot. I took the towel and gave it to her through the half open door. I opened the door fully to get a full glimpse of her well-developed shapely boobs and body. She did not mind, as she too was curious to show her body to me. After bath she was naked and asked for a nighty. I deliberately gave her a semi-transparent silky nighty. She came out in the nighty through which I could see her reddish brown tits and white panty. I too had a shower and came out of the bathroom in a similar revealing nightly. “Oh you are looking so sweet. How lucky is Ravi to have you as his wife.” She murmured. “Oh you are great friend Monika I really missed you all these seven eight years.” I said taking in her a tight hug and kissing her naughtily.
We were interrupted with the doorbell. I opened the door and saw Ravi enter with a surprise champagne bottle. He handed over the bottle to Monika and said, “Let us celebrate the reunion of two dear fiends in style.” Come on arrange glasses Loveleen” Ravi ordered. We were both surprised and thrilled to see the spirit in Ravi’s eyes. He joked mischievously and said, “You are both looking jazz in these nighties”. Ravi requested Monika, “Open it for the sake of your friendship.” Monika smilingly took the bottle and removed the cork saying “three cheers” she filled the glasses and we gulped the first drink within no time. Ravi poured another one for all of us. We sipped and talked as we had dinner. As we prepared to retire for the night I took Monika to her bedroom. Ravi squeezed my hand and said good night as he went in to our bedroom.
Monika and myself entered the bedroom chatting and sat down on the bed still reviving old memories. We didn’t know when we spread ourselves on the bed continuing the talk. We sat on the bed close to each other with our backs on the pillows, “you are not sleeping with your husband,” she enquired. “No, I said. We will have a long chat today”. She giggled, “So no fodder for Ravi’s cock today.” I had a hearty laugh and said,” same with me, but never mind my darling friend is with me”. I proceeded to kiss her lively cheeks and asked,” Do you make love daily with your husband”. She replied, “Almost daily”. I continued,” Oh what a pity today you will have to bear with me only.” I encircled her with my arm and brought closer to her face. “It is my privilege today to be with my best friend though I will miss my husband too”, Monika said huskily and shifted in to my arms to express her love for me. “I will try to compensate for him dear. “It’s my duty as a host honey”, I uttered. We had now almost shifted down the bed and locked ourselves in a tight embrace. We had very innocently carried ourselves in each other’s arms. It may have been due to both love and sex. It was very much imminent now that we wanted each other as our body contact had become passionate. We suddenly found our cheeks rubbing each other, heaving breasts pressing against each other and thighs interlocked above the knees. I found my thigh going a little higher taking her nighty also higher. Monika kissed me now with more passion, which made it clear that she wanted to go further. I now carried my hand to her buttocks and felt them. She clung to me like a baby. Within no time I was on top of her and sprawled on her in a dominating position. . We kissed and felt each other. “You remember our sleeping together in college days, Monika”. I enquired. “Yes dear, we used to hug each other which used to be very comforting, you are very sweet Loveleen”. “Let me see your tits Monika”, I said and lifted her nighty and brought it to her neck. “Lovely legs and thunder thighs”. I was excited to see her fair smooth legs and shapely thighs. She was wearing an orange colored panty. I felt them with my hands and felt the tenderness. She was also now keen to see my assets as she lifted herself and removed my nighty, which completely surprised me. She said, “Vow, Loveleen you have a great body. Your silky light green undies look fabulous on your assets. She felt my smoothness from my toes to top spending more time on my thighs. I removed her nighty from her neck thus revealing her bra covered big tits. We again got locked in big hug. I said let us remove these gowns since the room is getting hot.
We were now like two beautiful bodies clad in beautifully colored under garments. We stood up on the bed, holding each other in front of the mirror and admired each other. We saw our cleavages jetting out of our bras. I slightly pulled her bra to expose her right tit. I placed my hand on her buttock giving it a massage. She also cupped my right breast giggling. I slightly pulled the elastic of the panty and commented, “So your husband likes clean-shaven ladies”. She replied with her eyes in affirmation and said, he gives my pussy a clean shave weekly. I kissed her on her thighs and she closed her eyes in excitement. I put my hand in her panty and inserted my finger in her wet and warm hole. She cooed in excitement. I removed her panty and exposed her thighs and buttocks. It was a kissing spree on her wonderful shapely thighs and buttocks. In her excitement she turned her back to me while standing. I carried my tongue to the crack between her buttocks and licked her kneeling on my knees. Her body began to stiffen and loosen as I continued licking her firm and shapely buttocks. She had to take the support of the wall to maintain the balance. I continued kissing and licking her body above her waist raising myself on my knees initially and then on my feet. I stood up and kissed her neck and the ears. I unfastened her bra and held her mangoes feeling their softness and firmness. I hugged her from behind and told her that she is marvelous.
It was now her turn to take the initiative and remove my under garments. She made me lean against the wall and kissed and licked my legs moving her tongue artistically. She paid special attention on my buttocks and the waist. Now she made me raise my right leg, which I placed on the supporting plank of the bed. She rubbed my G spot with fingers and then lapped it facing me and sitting on her haunches. I widened my thighs as much as I could to let her do all these things to my cunt. After finishing her part she sat down on the bed widening her thighs inviting me openly to lick her pussy. I obliged her by lapping it like a hungry cat. She was cooing which I thought might be audible to Ravi in the other room, which we had completely ignored and forgotten. I carried on sucking her cunt for some time. Then I continued licking upwards on her stomach and waist. By this time she had lay down on the bed and I mounted her with my body on top of her. Our naked breasts merged with each other. This has been my ultimate fantasy as I had often thought about the pleasure that the women could derive by hugging and letting their mangoes mingle and touch each other. Finally, I realized the fantasy, which proved to be more enjoyable. You see ladies skin is so smooth and soft. We kissed holding each other tight our thighs clung to each other. We rolled on the bed. She came on top and we were enjoying the touch of the breasts on each other. “Suck my tits Monika,” I requested her. She placed her knees between my thighs and moved her mouth to my mangoes. She licked my nipples one by one also biting occasionally. She had them mouth full. I repeated the same boob treatment on her as I again came on top of her. She moaned with loud ‘aah suu ooh uiii ’, which might have been heard in the other room. I placed a pillow under her buttocks and widened her thighs and she widened her pussy. I also widened my pussy and mounted her in such a way so that our G spots could rub each other. We were again breathing and cooing in excitement.
We continued enjoying each other for some time and then got locked in 69 positions. Oh it was so compatible between the females. It gave so much pleasure. We were licking and lapping with our tits placed nicely on each other’s stomach. We touched each other’s buttocks. Now surroundings were really filled with our breathing and coos. I don’t know how many orgasms we had. We had totally flooded our cunts as we made each other come. We relaxed now in each other’s arms facing each other talking in whispers. We now lay on the bed in each other’s arms and covered ourselves with a quilt. I was doing tongue to tongue kissing with Monika at the same time rubbing her clit with my finger. Suddenly I felt something behind me in the quilt. I realized it was Ravi who had quietly come in the room. He told me that he was woken up by the noises and intruded in the room. He also mentioned that he had seen the last part of our act and had got excited. He said that he could not control his hardness. He asked me to do something for his dick so that he could sleep. By this time he was already rubbing his naked dick on my naked ass. He got hold of my hand and made met feel his swollen dick. I allowed him to enter my pussy from the rear. I embraced Monika as he started pumping my wet pussy. Our breasts again rubbed giving me pleasure. He murmured “Monika, both of you looked sexy and beautiful in the act.” She acknowledged with a nod. He touched her cheek with his hand and cupped her breast. Now I told him to go on the side of Monika .He gladly went behind her and before she could say anything entered his fat dick in her pussy. I thought of an idea to please Ravi. We made him sit down on the bed and licked his cock simultaneously and then briefly sucked it one by one. After that in order to have the pleasure of breast crushing I laid on top of Monika while he inserted his cock in me from the rear. It was a double pleasure. He kept on pumping and we kept on kissing. After few minutes we changed positions. Now Monika was on top of me as I lay on my back. Ravi fucked her hole till she came.
Finally Ravi made us sit next to each other and asked us to give him a nice blowjob. He screwed us deep in our mouths. Since I had his juice a number of times I asked Monica if she wanted to finish him of in her mouth. Ravi was kissing me and pressing my boobs while Monica was sucking his cock. He was biting my lower lip and squeezing my right tit hard I knew Monica is in for the ballast. He pushed me of held Monica’s head with both hands and started to pump all his cum in to her mouth. She kept gulping his cum fast but some of it started to come out of her mouth. I pulled his cock out and started to kiss Monica asking her to off load some of the juice to me.
Ravi thanked me and kissed us goodnight to leave us alone. Monika held his hand pulled him in to the bed. We all three slept on the big bed locked in each other arms. Ravi woke us up with 3 mugs of hot milk.
I started to suck his cock with hot milk in my mouth, and his tool was on the hop one more time, he kept screwing both us for the rest of the night, we did not stop at it and our orgy continued till Monika left Chandigarh with beautiful memories of her sexy stay.
As the train was leaving she told me to come alone to Shimla so that we can spend some time with her husband!

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