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My Very First Time With My Cousin | Virgin Sex Story

My Very First Time With My Cousin | Virgin Sex Story

Hi people,
I have been following hss for a pretty long time and finally had the time to write my own story. This was my first experience that happened two years back. By the way, I am raut(name changed), a 21 year old guy, with an okay build but on more handsome side.

This incident happened when I was visiting my uncles house for a get-together. We are all pretty close and so am I with my cousin. Let’s call her misha here. So, misha is a very pretty girl more towards the chubby side, but she is the bomb. People look at her with such desperate eyes that I cannot tell you.

I was not-at-all attracted to her in that sense earlier but after that particular night I lost control. We were made to sleep together by our parents since, there was not too much space in the house I.E. For 21 people. We had a nice long chat which went on pretty late in the night and then she was feeling a bit sleepy and she slept. I started feeling a little horny so I opened my laptop and started watching a little porn. Little did I know that she was right there peeping into my laptop. I had my hands in my pant already and was ready for a little masturbation session when she called out to me. I froze right there.

She calls out to me,” what are you doing?” I panic a little and just put the flap of my laptop down. She goes ahead and opens it and says, “achaa…that’s what you are doing!” I tell her not to tell mom or anybody. She agrees on the condition that she will watch it me. I agree. Now, misha and me are very close. We hug each other normally also, and share about almost anything and everything going on in our lives.

So, there we are sitting there watching porn. I start getting really aroused and my hands that were already on her waist starts rubbing her slowly. She looks at me says nothing and starts watching porn again. Slowly my hands lift her t-shirt so that her waist is barren and void of clothes. Now she is clearly aroused. She closes the laptop and asks what I wanted. I say nothing and just keep massaging her constantly reaching higher and higher. I reach her bra, she looks at me and I just feel her boobs from the top of her bra. She closes her eyes, clearly enjoying. I lie down next to her, sideways and make her turn towards me. I start putting my fingers inside her bra from and they are so soft. Her boobs feel like the softest pieces of balls and I start rubbing them and playing with her nipples. She is enjoying and turns.

I ask her if everything is alright. She simply nods. I have already gotten a hard-on. I pull my shorts down and put it against her butt, between her thighs. I also stick my chest right to her back and remove her t shirt. I feel her entire body. Then I remember that I should give her some oral pleasure. I don’t instantly go down but I put my hands in her shorts and the in her panty. She is already wet. I rub her pussy, slowly at first and then harder soon. After some time, my hands are full of her cum. I taste it, not exactly good but I get her to taste some as well.

After this, I simply straighten her up. I take of her bra, her shorts and everything she is wearing. She does the same to me. We are both lying naked next to each other. I turn her and get on top of her. She holds me. Then, lands a kiss on my lips. We kiss passionately for quite some time and then I am ready for a little penetration. I kiss her boobs and kiss her thighs her neck, slowly moving down until I reach her vagina. I land a small kiss and then start licking. She holds my hair and moans slowly. A soft aaaah escapes her mouth. I get motivated and give her a nice fingering session. She starts moaning. I am a little scared ass to what will happen if she gets pregnant and there is blood on the bedsheet. I quickly remove the bedsheet and put four sanitary napkins on the mattress. We decide that the next day she will take the pill.

Slowly I enter my penis into her vagina. It gets very tight. I give a hard jerk and there is a scream from her end. I just cover her mouth just in time as to avoid anyone waking up. I start stroking her and lie on top of her. I pull her legs up and start stroking her. She starts feeling the pleasure of it all and I can see it on her face. She is moaning softly and I am enjoying every bit of her, kissing her boobs, neck and lips at regular intervals. I am about to cum when she says that she wants to change positons. I disagree and say that I am about to cum and keep on going. I stroke harder. Her aaaahs get louder.

Then I climax inside her pussy and so does she. I lie on top of her keeping my dick inside of her. We slept that same position for some part of the night. Then she gets up and tells me that we are going bunny-hop now. She asks why is your dick asleep so soon. I tell her that it needs motivation. She smiles and stats licking my balls and rise and shine. In hardly any time, it is back standing tall. We had another sex session and then we were both so tired and the napkins were soaked too so we threw the pads and put the bedsheet back and slept again.

We are still like this and will tell you about sessions I had with my girlfriends too. If any girl is looking for casual sex and one-night-stands in delhi, 
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