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My Second Taste With My Sister | Lesbian Sex Story

My Second Taste With My Sister | Lesbian Sex Story

let me introduce myself.I am Sonam ,height 5’4″.I have a curvy figure of 34 28 34.i have a yonger sister-Payal.she was 19 years at the time.She came to stay with me for her studies.
So from the day of her occupation in my flat it was a feast for me as there were very few reasonable rules and not much stringent rules as at our parent’s home. So I was passing my day like studies, friends, home, lend some help to sister at household things and had very joyful time, she was always looking after me , make me laugh or shy.More about my sister is, she is damn gorgeous, social, caring, jovial person. she had a soft corner for me about my future and that’s the reason to care me a lot than usual. She is a stunning beauty, she is about same of my height, weight about 53kgs, she is also fairer side, and she measures 34/32/34, she maintains her body perfectly . she wears Indian and western dresses regularly, and I hear lot of gossips about her collage life when our family gatherings happens at the time of some marriage or celebration. But till today I don’t know reason for her decision about being single yet. After my classes started we were sharing our time in watching TV, DVD. In Saturdays going out for shopping (sometime window shopping) movies, eat outs, on Sundays we would rest at home.

Saturday was holiday for her office, I had half day classes, afternoon I took a bit of rest and at four in the evening, Taking the cups of coffee, i sat down next to my sister. She was wearing a short skirt and a loose tops which revealed that she was not wearing anything underneath her low cut tops. Her breasts were well formed and the nipples, sharp and thick, are quite visible through her tops. i have seen her grow up rite before me but never had an intention to do her until now. i had hardly noticed it before but with each passing hour it grew within me.i was wearing normal tshirt and skirt.i got up saying i am gonna take bath.As I was removing my dresses and wearing a bath towel, I heard the noise of closing the door. I got stunned for a moment, it was payal! \\\”let’s bath together!” She said: I was in a strange state, I cannot say a word. I just stood there watching her removing skirt and top. She wore a turkey towel just above her boobs .
i was quite horny seeing her and decided to do her in the bathroom.

I followed to her bathroom in a great excitement in my body and a great thrill. i stopped and closed the door after she came in and she stood facing me she give a smile, i said don’t be shy, just have fun and don’t reveal this to anyone. she said ok.she removed her towel ,so did i. we were was in bra and panty facing each other.i turned on the shower .payal took soap and started rubbing on me.MY GODD it was sooo good having the water coming down and someone else touching my body.
i moved closer to her.She came near me, palmed my shoulders and hair, finally her hands reached behind my back. She pulled my head towards her face with both hands, and gave me a nice kiss.

Then she came near me, and she kissed my forehead and slowly rested her lips on my lips started to press her lips and she took my lower lip between her lips and pressed it gently, I enjoyed her lips touching my lips she hugged me tight as we are of almost same height our breasts were crushed between each of us very tight and close, soon she made a way into my mouth she leave her tongue each and every corner of my mouth and grabbed my tongue into her mouth I too started to surf her mouths each and every corner while we both were caressing each of ours back. Then she started to kiss everywhere on my face I followed the same as her and then she took my hand and kept on her boobs, I started to feel her boobs Over her bra and whispered in my ears as common feel it, press them hard, she pulled off my bra and she too was feeling my breast wildly. I was standing naked top, I too took off her black bra for a minute I went black to have a look at her soft, creamy, fair, handy boobs they were nicely shaped, still strong and her light brown nipple with pink nipple button was looking crazy for me soon her nipple was erect by the time. I put my hand on her breast and press her nipple she held her another breast with her hand and pulled near my mouth she held her nipple “Chooso isse” sucking her breast and cuddling the other boob.she then pushed me to the down to floor and she laid top of me, in a position where I can cuddle and suck her boobs, she was cuddling my breast and then her hands started to go down she pulled off my panty. Then she hugged me and she rolled over me, my hands got down holding her big fleshy butts, they were very soft as ice cream, I was rubbing them wildly while her hands were caressing my thighs and my pussy. Then she asked how you feeling? I said nice. We started to enjoy each others personal areas, then she got down she kissed my naval she got down more and reached my pussy, with her forefinger she started to draw line between my pussy lips, that was sending me a great excitement and I started to breath heavy, with excitement I closed my legs.

My Second Taste With My Sister

She spread my leg again she kissed me on my pussy again excitement rushed to my head I was turning hot even my sister was very hot by the time. Our body had turned to reddish with the hotness of the time and excitement. Then she bent down started to draw a line between my pussy lips with her tongue tip,

I got a thrill such that I closed my legs tightly, then she opened my legs again and started to lick my pussy, my mind was like blowing with the fun I was having, I was so thrilled with that, then she separated my pussy lips with her fingers, she put her tongue inside my pussy, her tongue was getting in and out of my pussy as I do when I finger. I was so hot and was moaning like anything, and then she came up and started to kiss my lips, and finger me with her middle finger, I was getting gasps and moans while she was fingering, once I was gone uncontrollable as her finger was moving in and outs fast and then I cummed with a great enjoyment. She felt my juice on her finger and hand; she smiled at me, I said great sister and I hugged her and kissed her face.

Then I took my turn to give fun to sister, I too pulled off her panty again I was thrilled to look at her pussy, it looks her pussy is cleanly shaved and very attractive thick pussy lips. Her thighs were very well shaped soft fleshy. I again started to suck her breast I got on her while she was on her back, I started to feel her butts and thighs, I kissed her thighs through her legs, and she widened her legs so I could see her pussy. I too draw a line between her pussy with my finger and then with my tongue, and then I started to lick her. Deep and deeper I licked her as much I lick her deep , my face was stubbed to her pussy, I made my time to ask sister am I doing it right? She slapped my head and said you idiotic girl meri chooth chat rahi hai aur sister bolthi ho? Anyway baby you are a sweet heart its nice go on more, baby fuck me with your tongue. I again started to lick her. Then she parted her pussy lips with her fingers and said me fuck me with your tongue. I started to do in and outs with my tongue, I was pushing my tongue inside her pussy as much deep I could reach, I was doing it for a long time she was moaning like anything her moans were also very sexy, I started to finger her with my mid finger

I went to hall I got a carrot, while I came I could see my sister was in her peak of hotness, she was rubbing her pussy and pressing her own boobs, soon I entered near the bathroom So I laid beside her I kept carrot down near her pussy she helped me to insert carrot in her pussy I started to push and pull carrot, she was moaning and saying ander dalo…aur, yelling me do it more fast and hard I then started push the carrot deeper and harder, she was moaning greatly and then said zor se gussana baby aur zor se….do it odd and even baby I started to do the same, at one time she moaned lauder and yelled oh baby nice, you are very great I am Cumming my baby oh god its great and she shook her whole body few times and thus she reached climax. Later we took little relax being both naked and hugging each other. She had put my one leg under her leg and one of my leg over her waist, our pussy were getting close with each other, we both were pressing each others butt cheeks, it was a great fun one should have it to know more. After that, I started to sleep with my sister every night and it gives me a different feel and excitement. We now continued to enjoy this kind of fun every often when we feel to have. But my mind was getting blow without sharing this incident, finally I found ISS website to share. I am looking for a cool and clean sexy friendship if anyone interested mail me at
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