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My Neighbors, My Angels Sex Story

My Neighbors, My Angels Sex Story

I am Sekhar, a twenty three year old student doing my Bachelor of Engineering course from a prestigious institution in South India. I had just completed my third year of the course (my pre-final year) and I came home to my parents during the summer vacation.

The city where I was studying is about five hundred miles away from the city where my home was. Being their only son, my parents insist that I spend the summer vacation with them and I love it too. After months and months of the rigors of hostel life and the food there, I loved being fussed over and overfed by my loving mom. My dad was a senior executive of Marketing Company and my mom was a Bank officer.

We lived in our own apartment at the Paradise Plaza; a twenty year old Residential Apartment complex located in a prime residential area. Paradise consisted of three blocks in a straight line, numbered 1 to 3. Block 1 was the one closest to the main gate and 3 was the farthest. Each Block had five floors above the cellar where vehicles are parked. Each floor had four apartments; each Block had twenty. The residents were mostly upper middle class.

My Parents bought our apartment and lived there from day one and we were very fond of our place. My dad was around fifty and mom was around forty five. As senior and longstanding residents they were popular, well known and respected in our community.

As a part of my course requirements, I was required to do a project or internship during summer vacation. The previous summer I did internship in a manufacturing organization. So, this year, I was asked to do a project that would use my skills to benefit my community. A couple of months back I had submitted my proposal to my Professor who was also my guide and it was accepted.

The project I had proposed was a simple one. I would conduct a four week computer awareness and training program for house wives in my community. While young India was excelling in computer skills, many of the slightly older people were computer illiterate. I made a detailed program showing various modules that I would cover and my Professor approved the same.

Then i informed my mom about the project over phone.

"If you want me to spend this summer at home, mom, you must get me some participants for my project," I told her.

Everything was firmed up by the time I came home for the vacation.

As mom and dad both worked, I had a free run of our home during the day.

Our apartment was a three bed room one. There was a drawing cum dining room, a kitchen, a common bathroom and a toilette and three bed rooms. Mom and dad used the master bed room, the second one was for any guests and the third was mine. The master bed room had its own bathroom and there was a second bath room shared by the other two bed rooms.

I decided to do my training program in the living room. I managed to get a LCD Projector courtesy my dad's office and connected it to my own Dell Laptop. I decided to use our dining table and chairs for my participants and I would project my power point presentation on to a white screen rolled on the opposite wall.

On a Monday morning, my participants turned up and mom introduced them to me. There were four of them -- Shobha, Raaji, Padma and Suguna.

Shobha aunty was thirty two and mother of two cute school going girls aged eleven and ten. Her husband was a chartered accountant and worked for a prestigious company of financial auditors. Raaji aunty's actual name was Rajeswari but everyone called her Raaji. Her husband was in pharmaceutical distribution business and they had a daughter who was in her final year at high school. Raaji aunty was thirty five year old.

Suguna aunty was the oldest of the group at forty eight. She was a widow having lost her husband in a ghastly accident last year. Her only daughter was married and lived in California, USA. Aunty presently lived by herself and had come to terms with life after the loss of her husband. She was known to have a lot of literary and yoga skills.

The fourth member of the group was Pama aunty. She was thirty three and had school going son and daughter, aged ten and eight. Her husband was a Bank officer and she was a housewife. She enjoyed teaching and gave private tuitions for school kids. She was the most talkative of the lot.

On Day one, I spent the time on ice breaking and putting everyone at ease (including myself). I explained to them the course objectives and what I had planned for the next four weeks. The first week would be spent on teaching them basic operations of the computer and MS word. In the second week I would cover Excel and Multimedia.

Third week would be totally devoted to Internet; mainly emailing and Internet surfing. The last week would deal with trouble shooting and assessment. They were all very attentive and asked me lots of questions. By common consent, we decided to have the class every day from 11am to 12 noon.

Later that evening, when mom came home, I briefed her of the developments. Mom told me a few things about my trainees and their known nature. Shobha was a woman who loved pomp and show. She dressed well and loved to display her jewelry. Raaji was a very quiet woman who dressed very conservatively and was religious too. She was soft spoken and displayed a quiet dignity all the time.

According to mom, Padma was an extrovert and never stopped talking. She was full of energy and enthusiasm and was hard working. She is also reported to be very helpful to everyone. They all knew very little of Suguna aunty and became close to her only after her personal tragedy. She was a woman of dignity and poise, took time to teach yoga to the young kids. She was also reported to be a good writer of short stories.

That night, I thought of the four women whom I was going to teach computers for the next one month. Their images came to my mind.

Shobha was of medium height and fair complexion. She undoubtedly had a few extra pounds on her bottom and her waist. She had a nice face with cheeks a little chubby and her lips were full. A mole on her left cheek was like a beauty spot. She dressed well in colorful saris and blouses. Her blouse design was very eye catching, showing lots of her back and the low cut neck revealed her cleavage and spillage.

Raaji undoubtedly was the most beautiful of the lot. Through her simple sari and blouse I could see that her body was very well proportioned. Her breasts were medium sized tending to be big and erect, her waist curvy and her belly flat. Her buttocks were full, round and raised just that bit and her ass was just wide enough. She was taller than Shobha by an inch or two and slimmer. She was very fair, had a lovely throat and neck and full red lips.

Padma was the least beautiful of the lot. She was of a darker shade of wheatish complexion and her face ordinary. Her body was disproportionate and she was of the same height as Shobha. Her boobs were medium sized and drooped lower on her chest like mangoes. Her waist was fleshy with that extra tyre around it.

She had two beautiful features; however. Her eyes were dark and beautiful and if she looked at you with love, you would just melt. Also, she had the most fabulous ass among all the women of our community. It was a big, wide ass between those two perfect and large globes.

Suguna was a small woman, short in stature. She dressed simply in pale colored saris and wore them in the traditional way. Her body was lean and slim due to years of yoga and this made her look much younger than her age. She spoke very little and rarely smiled.

At twenty three, I was a young guy with all the natural appetite and drive for sex. I was of medium height and build and had a healthy body; nothing outstanding. I was, however, blessed with a gift of gab that served me well in all my encounters with the opposite sex, thus far.

By the end of first week, we were all comfortable with each other and the training was proceeding smoothly and on schedule. Shobha and Padma exchanged their mobile numbers with me so that they could seek my help in case of doubts, while doing their homework.

After the class on Monday, the first day of week two, Shobha aunty asked me if I could help her get familiar with a desk top computer at her home, which her husband and her kids use occasionally. It was a old and slower system and she was not sure if it was working well. I said that I could check it out for her. She asked me if I could come in that afternoon at 2-30pm and I agreed.

Shobha aunty's apartment was in Block 1, second floor. Mine was in Block 2, second floor and Raaji's in the same Block, fourth floor. Padma's is in Block 3, first floor and Suguna's is in Block 3, third floor.

Promptly at 2-30pm I pressed their door bell and Shobha aunty opened the door promptly. She was dressed in one of those bright, printed saris and a designer blouse. I had a feeling that she dressed specially to impress me and I was flattered! Her apartment was very neat, clean and well furnished. She offered me a chilled coke and I accepted it and sat on the comfortable leather sofa. She sat opposite to me and we chatted.

"Your training classes are so good. I love them. We are learning a lot, thanks to you," she said.

"I am happy that you ladies like them and you are taking them seriously." I replied.

"Look at our old system and tell me if I can use it too." So saying, she got up and led me into one of the rooms, obviously the kid's room where I found an old desk tap on a table.

I sat on the only chair in front of the PC and switched on the system. It was an old and slow system and took its time booting. As there was no other chair I made to get up and offer her my chair. Shobha aunty pushed me down back into the chair.

"You are my guru (teacher) now. You sit and check it up. I will watch standing." She said smiling.

As the desk top loaded, I looked at the various icons there. Everything seemed to be okay so far. Behind me I could feel Shobha aunty bending closer to me and peering over my shoulder at the screen. I could smell a faint perfume coming from her and also feel her hot breath close to my neck. Even as I double clicked on one of the icons, I felt her moving fractionally closer to see my actions.

Next second, I felt her left breast pressing softly behind my right shoulder and her right breast brushing against my right arm. Her boobs were tight and bouncy and I gave a gasp at their divine touch. I was sure that she heard my gasp. If it were an accidental touch, she would have moved away. But she did not. Instead, I felt more pressure of her left boob and a very erotic rub of her right boob.

Through her thin blouse, I felt her hard right nipple poking my arm. My pulse quickened and I started feeling the beginning of an erection. I wanted to divert my own attention from this erotic encounter and quickly clicked and opened a few icons.

"Everything seems to be okay, aunty. This PC has MS Office 97 loaded and that is fine for you now. Shall I put you as a user on this PC with your own password?" I asked.

"What is the advantage?" Shobha asked me.

"Then all your files and folders will be under your control and other users can not access your account. It would be protected by a password which only you know and only you can change. It is like having your own locker and key." I explained.

"Oh, Please, Sekhar, set up my account."

"No aunty, I am not going to do it. You are going to do it yourself." So saying, I got up and asked her to sit in the chair. When she hesitated, I put my hands on her shoulders and pushed her down. Her smooth skin felt cool and good to touch.

It was my turn to bend over her, as I guided her step by step to open her user account. When it came to password selection, I told her to do it on her own and make sure that she wouldn't forget. While she was doing that, I bent close and had an eyeful of her back, a good part of which was bare thanks to her designer blouse. Her back looked awesome from close quarters. I was so engrossed in its beauty that I totally missed out something that Shobha said.

"Do you like my back, Sekhar?" Shobha asked me, her tone husky. Obviously she felt my hot breath on her back.

"Yes." I mumbled.

"Do you want to touch it, dear?" she crooned.

I couldn't believe my own ears. Did I hear her right?

"Very much," I whispered.

"You can touch it and you can kiss it too. But, first, you should stop calling me aunty," she said laughing.

In response I let my right palm rest squarely on her tantalizing back, between and below her shoulder blades. It was cool to my touch; soft and smooth. At my touch, Shobha let out a light moan. I let my palm roam around the exposed back, my finger tips playing on the smooth skin. I let my left palm join the exploration too, so that her entire back was caressed by them both.

Bending close to her head, I whispered in her ear, "You have an amazing back, Shobha."

I bent a little more and kissed her on her back and gave a quick lick with my tongue. Obviously I did something right because Shobha purred like a cat. As I pressed my face to her bare back and started lapping it with my tongue and kissing it with my very wet lips, she pressed herself backwards, more against my face.

Shobha was wearing a blouse with very short sleeves and I let my hands try and slide under her upper arms. As my finger tips pushed for a opening, she moved her arms a little and my fingers slid under and moved forward. They touched the sides of her tight and bouncy boobs ensconced in the blouse and bra. In one go, my fingers pressed lightly on the sides of those tight boobs and I could feel my hardening dick jumping in the constraints of my underwear.

Shobha quickly stood up, moved away from the chair and close to me with her back still facing me. As my hands regained the possession of her boobs on the side, she pushed her bottom close to me. My hands now grabbed and cupped her full boobs, one in each hand and started a gentle squeeze. As I moved a little forward, my bulge came into direct contact with her full bottom.

My hard cock tried to poke her between her ass cheeks through all those layers of clothing. Shobha wiggled her ass and squirmed trying to facilitate me. My mauling of her breasts got rougher as I felt her hard nipples swelling against my fingers. I tweaked them and pinched them as she moaned and shuddered.

Suddenly she moved away and then quickly turned around. Holding my face in both her hands, Shobha kissed me full on my lips. As our lips sucked and chewed, our tongues darted into each other's mouths; tasting, licking, poking. It was a mind blowing kiss that lasted for ever. As we came up for breath, she moved away.

"Oh! Sekhar! We should stop now. The kids would be back soon from their grandma's place."

We both looked flushed and very excited. She pulled out a bottle of cold water from the fridge and offered it to me, while she drank from another bottle. Our passions did cool down a bit with that drink.

"Thank you Shobha, it was wonderful," I said sincerely as I made to leave.

"For me too, Honey, it was so good and I needed it. We will do it soon and we will do more."

On that promise we parted.

Later that night, in the privacy and comfort of my bed, I relived the experiences of that afternoon and imagined removing all clothes from her lovely if little fleshy body and fucking her cunt hard. I masturbated thinking of that and when I ejaculated, I almost cried out with the relief.

Things were normal at my class the next day and both Shobha and I were very careful. We avoided making any direct contact -- visual or physical. But my mental state was anything but peaceful. I was like a tiger that tasted blood and wanted more; sooner.

After they left on the third day, I received a text on my mobile from Shobha. It simply said 'two pm'.

Instantly my pulse quickened and my heart beat faster. Could this be it? Will it be another touch and grope session or will I get to fuck her? I still had an hour to go. I finished lunch, eating very little because of the excitement. I shaved and showered, put on a fresh pair of undergarments, a nice fitting faded jeans and a lime yellow T shirt.

Exactly at two, I was in front of her door. Before I pressed the bell, Shobha opened the door. As I went in, she quickly shut it and bolted. My pulse quickened when I saw that Shobha was dressed in a nightie at that hour, giving an indication of what she planned for us.

We hugged each other and my mouth went to hers and we kissed with a lot of passion. Her full lips tasted sweet and fresh and I chewed and sucked on her lower lip and it's under side. Our tongues got busy and explored each other playfully and dueled. Breaking the embrace, Shobha literally pulled me to a bedroom that was probably a guest bedroom.

Once in that room, a dramatic change had come over her and she became aggressive.

Grabbing me, she quickly undid and pulled down my jeans, even as I removed my t shirt. Her hands went under my bunion and pushed it up and over my head in one impatient move. I wasn't idling either. My hands sought and unbuttoned the three buttons of her flowered nightie. Shobha quickly pulled it over her head and threw it on the floor.

She was in black panties and black bra, both setting off well against her fair skin.

Her breasts spilled over her bra that looked a size too small. Her panties hugged her raised mound in the front, while quite a bit of her buttocks spilled over at the back. Her tummy and waist were a little fleshy with those extra pounds but still very attractive to me. Her navel was big, circular and deep and added to her sexy looks.

As I saw all this, my hard cock got restless and my tent got bigger. Shobha looked at it with unhidden lust and grabbed it hard. Putting her fingers under the band of my jockey shorts and grabbing it, she pulled it down freeing my agitated cock. I did likewise with her panties and she unhooked and threw her bra. We were indeed in a big rush.

We both were now totally naked and devoured each other with looks that were full of lust.

"Omg! You have such a lovely cock, Baby! Want to give me a good fuck with it?" she crooned.

Her words galvanized me into action and I embraced her hard. Her tight boobs squashed against my chest which had some sparse black hairs. As our naked flesh made contact, Shobha moaned aloud. I pushed my hands between us and mauled her bare boobs roughly and pinched her long and erect nipples.

In response, she grabbed my shaft and ran her soft right hand over its full length, going right up to the root and pulling hairs from my pubic bush. Her left hand grabbed my balls and cupped them gently as if weighing them.

"Is there enough juice in it Baby for your hungry lover? My cunt loves cum; lots of it."

I was shocked. I thought only sluts and whores used such lingo and not middle class housewives like Shobha aunty. Obviously, I was wrong. Oh, boy, this was going to be real fun, I thought. My learning process had started too!

"Shobha, there is more than enough cum for your lovely cunt, baby, just try me," I leered.

As my cock poked her fleshy tummy and my balls hit her mound, she rubbed herself against me in frenzy. I realized that she was rubbing her clit against the full balls and enjoying the sensation. I slipped my right palm and grabbed her mound and gave it a squeeze. Shobha shook violently as if with a spasm and cried out in ecstasy.

We both realized that we need to fuck and fuck urgently, as our passions were reaching a crescendo.

Pushing her on to the bed on her back, I quickly got on top of her. In a trice, shobha opened her legs wide while pulling up her knees, opening her pink flower to me. As I positioned myself above her and brought my raging cock close to her cunt lips, Shobha's hand grabbed my cock and guided the helmet to her pink opening.

She was all hot, wet and juicy and very eager to get fucked.

I pushed my tip in between those pink lips and just pushed in a little. My cock slid in effortlessly into her vaginal passage. She was all squishy and juicy and hot and her vulva was churning inside, her vaginal walls pulsating and throbbing.

I slid in a couple of inches and stopped, trying to fuck her the way the books say one should do...slow and steady. I had a surprise in store.

"Push it all the way in, you naughty bastard, don't tease me." She shouted.

Chastised, I pushed fully into her, till my cock lay fully buried deep in her and my pubic bush rubbed her cunt on the outside and my balls hit her ass crack.

"Fuck me hard, Sekhar, fuck me real hard, stretch and tear my cunt and hit my womb." She was shouting now.

Seeing her agitated state, my own adrenaline rushed and I started fucking her with quick and long strokes for all I was worth. Though her cunt was not virginal and she was mother of two kids, it was still tight enough to squeeze my cock greedily on every stroke and deep enough to let me go as far as I could. For the first time in my life, perhaps, I reached my maximum length, whatever it was.

Shobha raised her big ass and met my thrusts with her counter thrusts. She blabbered all the time.

"I am your own private slut now. You can fuck me whenever you want and any way you want. Will you fuck me like a slut needs to be fucked?" she asked.

"Yes, my own slut, shobha, ' I tried matching her tone and language.

Our fucking became more and more frenzied and my grunts matched her moans and I felt her body suddenly stiffen and stop for a moment. Even as I sensed her orgasm, my own dam burst and I spurted deep into her. At that instant, I realized that I didn't wear a condom and hoped to hell that she was protected.

I drained completely into her and lay spent on top of her. Her legs were around me and my limp cock was still in her now resting cunt. With tender love she played with my hair.

"Shobha, You are wonderful and it is so good. Did you enjoy it as much?" I asked.

"Oh, Sekhar, my baby, I simply loved it, you are amazing, my stud! It is the best fuck I had in a long time. My husband almost forgot how to fuck these days. My pot has been simmering for years now." I liked the way Shobha went on and marveled at my good fortune.

"We have to be very careful, my love. In our community everyone spies on everybody else. And rumors start in no time. I am a respectable, married woman, a mother of two and you are a bachelor boy. We can't meet often. I will let you know when it is safe again and then we will fuck again." She sounded serious enough.

I promised to be very careful and discreet and await her next call. Before we parted we kissed deep and long; a lovers' kiss.

I was back to my role as trainer with renewed vigor and enthusiasm. Now that we fucked well, both Shobha and I cooled down and there were no undercurrents of tension. But a subtle change had come over me. I started looking at my other three trainees in a different way. I tried visualizing similar situations with them as I had with Shobha.

I was particularly fascinated by the beautiful Raaji and her ethereal beauty. But she remained just the same, shy and as distant as ever. She attended the training classes, did her work and asked very few questions. Beyond that nothing; Zilch! Well, I almost gave up any hope of making it with her.

My break came one day when Raaji stayed back after the class to get some doubts clarified on her assignment. Once that was done Raaji said, "I wonder if I can trouble you to help me."

"Sure aunty, tell me what is it?" I asked eagerly.

"At home we have this PC but it is a old one and rarely used these days. I want to use it for music and videos. There are some things missing there; some software they say. No one has time to fix that. They both have their own laptops. Will you please have a look? "It was the longest speech I heard Raaji ever make!

"No problem, I can look in whenever you want me to." I underplayed my eagerness.

"Can you please come in the afternoon by about three?" it was a polite request and I nodded.

By three sharp I turned up at Raaji's apartment, which you would recall is in the same block as mine but two floors above me. She answered the door bell and I walked into a very comfortable drawing cum dining room; well furnished. She was dressed in a light cream colored sari with maroon border and a matching blouse.

Offering me a seat, she walked to the fridge and came back with two small glasses of fresh pineapple juice, gave me one and sat in the opposite sofa. I asked her a few questions about her family and she spoke with a soft voice that was musical.

"Well, let us look at your PC," I said getting up.

Raaji got up and walked down a corridor which had a kitchen and a bed room on one side and two bed rooms on the other side. The PC was located in the last bed room on the left side. It was apparent that this room also doubled up as a spare room / guest room.

I looked at the system- the old screen, the external speakers and the big box on the floor that was the CPU. I sat on the chair in front, switched it on and started checking everything. Raaji pulled up a molded chair close to mine and sat on it, to my right. I moved my chair a little more to the left and at a slight angle and asked her to move closer to the PC to see and learn what I was doing.

In that position we were sitting pretty close to each other, on separate chairs and both of us could see the screen clearly and also access the key board. More important from my point of view was that my right thigh was just a few millimeters from her left thigh and her left boob a few centimeters away as the bird flies! Her body sent a mild fragrance that was like roses.

As I looked at the present player loaded on the system and its version etc, I kept talking to her to keep her mind occupied. My limbs were very active and I let my thigh touch hers very lightly and stay that way for a full minute. They had a broadband wireless connection at home and I started downloading the latest version of VLC player. The old PC was taking its own sweet time for every command.

I knew that I would have to make good progress with Raaji then and I might not get another chance. I would seduce her by treating her like a young girl on first date and not as a thirty five year old house wife. That was my strategy.

"This is a good opportunity for you to learn on the job. You take my seat and do it all yourself as I guide you, aunty," I said. Oh god! If only she understood the implied meaning too, I said to myself.

We exchanged seats. I started guiding her on which keys to press and which commands to execute and what all to do. Meanwhile I kept touching her. Our hands were necessarily touching each other frequently. Her hands were shapely, smooth and soft, with long tapered slim fingers and the nails polished and painted light pink. Her wrists and forearms were silken smooth wherever my finger tips managed to brush them.

My left thigh was now in full contact with the side of her right thigh and was constantly pressing it, reveling in its feel and warmth. The player was now installed on her PC and I started explaining various features of the player. While doing that I managed to brush, apparently accidentally, the back of my left palm against her right breast. I kept talking, she kept looking at the screen and my palm brushed her there again; a little longer.

I asked her to pick up a good video CD from their collection. She got up to go to the side shelf, picked it up, gave it to me and returned to her seat. All this necessitated a lot of movement and I made sure that our limbs and bodies brushed and rubbed against each other. When she sat down again, I could see a faint blush on her cheeks and a slightly quickened breathing. I had a gut feeling that I started making some progress.

While she operated the key board, I slowly turned my chair a little more anticlockwise, so that I was now turned more towards her. Her arms were resting on the edge of the table and operating the key board which was also on the table in front of the screen. I slowly extended my right hand, fingers extended, in the space under her beautiful upper arm.

My finger tips touched the side of her right breast. I let them stay; just a fleeting touch for a full minute. It was now or never, I said to myself. I pushed my finger tips a little into the side of her bouncy and tight boob. Raaji kept staring at the screen and her fingers stayed on the key board. We stayed like that for another minute or more, my fingers pressing her boob.

I took the final plunge.

I let my right palm cover her right breast completely, cupping it and squeezed it gently. Raaji shut her eyes and let out a sigh; or was it a moan? I was in heaven.

I quickly turned her revolving chair towards me and grabbed her breasts with both my hands and squeezed them. Her hands caught hold of mine and pushed them away.

"No, Sekhar! Please! Don't do that. It is all wrong." She pleaded.

"Aunty, Please, I have to touch you aunty. Let me touch you, please! I wanted to do this for a long time. You are so beautiful, aunty." It was my turn to plead.

I didn't want us to get into a debate. I was too impatient for that.

I stood up and bent close to her. My hands reached out and grabbed the upper portion of her sari and pushed it away from her blouse. The sight that greeted me took my breath away.

Her full breasts were perfect globes that filled her blouse and there was a considerable spillage of half moons over the V of her blouse. They looked so fabulous- full, white, tight and bouncy. Through the thin material of the blouse her bra was visible and looked so sexy. In the geometric centre I could discern the points of her nipples.

The sight raised only one over powering emotion in me -- lust.

"Aunty, your tits are so beautiful and sexy that I want to tear of your blouse and pull off your bra and maul them. I want to eat them." My voice shook with passion and lust.

Raaji was obviously shocked by my words. I bet she never heard anyone saying such things to her. Before she could react, my hands grabbed her blouse and quickly undid the hooks and pushed it apart. Reaching behind her, I found and unclasped her bra in one quick moment.

In a trice my hands cupped her fabulous boobs and started fondling them. I was trying to knead them, squeeze them, rub them, massage them, press them, stroke them -- I was trying to do all those things at the same time or in quickest succession, I do not know...I was so overcome with passion.

Once my hands got hold of her bare boobs, Raaji stopped speaking and stopped fighting. Her eyes shut firmly and her hands moved, as if in a reflex, to cover my hands that were kneading her boobs, caressing my hands with hers, pressing my hands even more firmly to her bosom. Her breath was coming in short gasps and her face reddened with a suffusion of blood.

"You have the most amazing pair of breasts and I want to make real love to them, Raaji," I said passionately.

"You like them so much, Sekhar?" she asked me softly.

I showed to her how much I liked them, by my actions. I brought my mouth close to her heaving right breast and wetted her brown areole with the tip of my tongue. My tongue then found and licked her hard and pointed nipple, capturing its length between my hungry lips. I gently sucked and chewed her right nipple while her left nipple was tweaked and pinched by my right hand.

Raaji moaned in ecstasy and her face registered an emotion that was perhaps a combination of pain, pleasure and desire. At that moment I knew she was mine. I also felt, instinctively I should treat her with lots of respect and tender care, quite the opposite of Shobha!

I licked, sucked, chewed and made love to her glorious tits with my mouth and hands for the next few minutes. Raaji pressed my head to her bosom with a tenderness that was in dramatic contrast to my passionate ministrations.

Moving away from her boobs for a second, I put my hands under her armpits and pulled her up to a standing position. I then embraced her, her bare boobs pressing against my shirt front and my hands finding and holding her by her slim and silken smooth waist. My lips brushed against her smooth cheek and kissed her lightly there.

"Enough please, Sekhar! It is dangerous. My daughter may return soon. Please go now." Her voice was apprehensive and brought me down to the earth from high flying.

"I will go, Raaji. But promise me that we will meet again like this. I want us to make love, wonderful love. I will love you like you have never been loved." I was desperate to seal a deal with her.

"Yes, Sekhar, I want it too. I want to be loved," she said shyly.

We kissed for the first time; a deep kiss where our lips locked and our tongues dueled...a kiss that took our breath away. Then Raaji pushed me away, reluctantly though. And I left.

Back home I was in a daze. I tried to sort out and analyze my own feelings. My experience with Raaji was so different from that with Shobha. They were poles apart. With Shobha it was pure, raw sex and lust. But, with Raaji! Though I started my quest with sex in my mind, at the end of the day I found myself in love with Raaji.

I knew that it was all wrong to fall in love with a happily married woman who was twelve years my senior and this would lead nowhere. What I probably wanted was to make love to her and not just fuck her. Yes, there was some clarity there. With Shobha it was just fuck and more fuck driven by pure lust. But with Raaji, I would always make love to her, like a very caring lover.

I couldn't sleep well that night, obsessed as I was with recurring vision of Raaji's marvelous boobs and how good it felt to fondle them and suck them; those ripe fruits! I tried imagining the rest of her body; her flat belly, her pelvis, her buttocks, her thighs, her ass and her pussy. But I failed to visualize because every time I thought of those things there was a rush of blood that made me giddy. I never experienced such intense emotions before.

Next day at class, I was extra careful with Raaji aunty and avoided all eye / verbal contact with her. However when the class ended, I asked her to stay back as I wanted to discuss certain points with her on her submissions (no pun intended). When others left, I quietly shut the front door and walked up to Raaji and hugged her. She came willingly into my embrace and we kissed deeply, lost in the bliss.

"I could hardly sleep last night, I kept thinking of you, Raaji," I whispered into her ear.

"It was the same for me, Sekhar," she replied shyly.

"I am desperate to make love to you. Otherwise, I would go mad," I meant what I said.

"I am scared, Sekhar. At my home I would feel very uncomfortable and nervous." I understood her predicament.

"This place is very safe, aunty. Mom comes home only after six and dad even later. I have my own room where no one pokes around. It is very safe for us," we were now whispering like conspirators.

"What if someone comes, unexpectedly?" She was still scared.

"My room is at the end. Even If somebody comes unexpectedly they can't see you. I will receive and dispose them off at the main door itself." I reassured her.

"You are in the same block aunty. Our flat is right next to the lift. So you can just get off the lift and slip in without being seen by anybody. Even if someone sees you, everyone knows about the computer training, so you have a reason to visit me." I was trying to bolster her confidence.

Hugging her once again and giving her left boob a gentle squeeze to remind her, what we were missing, I uttered the word 'please' very softly in her ear.

"I will try to come at two in the afternoon. Pinky (her daughter) said she would be late today." She smiled shyly and left.

I was already flying high when my mobile phone chimed indicating an incoming message.

It was from Shobha. 'Come in at two' was the message.

Oh my god, when it rains it pours, I thought wryly.

'Sorry to miss out, friends coming, can't avoid, luv' I texted back.

'Oh, shit, ok' was her terse reply. I will have to make up for this soon, I thought.

Pushing Shobha out of my mind, I ran to my room to tidy up and prepare it for the most beautiful visitor it ever had.

I kept the main door open and slightly ajar at five minutes to two and Raaji walked in at two. She looked absolutely fresh as a flower. She wore a synthetic sari of light pink flowers and a matching blouse. Her hair was jet black and long, worn in a loose single plait that reached her waist.

I took her into my embrace just after shutting the main door and she came willingly. As my arms went around her, she responded, by encircling me with her slender arms. My hungry lips sought and found her full red lips that were glistening. We kissed passionately; lost in the taste of each other. When we broke up, we walked to my room, hand in hand.

My room had a single bed that was actually a 61/2' x4' size with a very comfortable foam mattress, adequate for what we had in mind. As she looked at the bed Raaji became tense and nervous. I felt that we should cuddle a little and indulge in foreplay first. Hugging her, I turned us away from the bed and towards the dresser.

"I can't wait to undress you, Raaji," I whispered in her ear and she blushed.

Slowly I unfurled the sari from her beautiful body in a slow motion, savoring the gradual uncovering of the next layer. Once the sari was removed, I threw it on the chair. She was now clad in her pink blouse and petticoat. Her midriff was bare and so was her curvaceous waist. I bent and kissed her exposed midriff and waist. She shivered a little.

Next to go was her pink blouse, an act that sent my pulse racing. As my shaking fingers unhooked her blouse their backs came into contact with the soft skin of her bouncy and firm breasts. The blouse now rested on the sari and I unclasped and sent her bra to join the heap on the chair.

Her magnificent breasts in their naked glory were now mine and my hands rushed to grab them and start mauling them. With great effort, I restrained myself and got hold of the drawstring of her petticoat. Raaji made a feeble attempt to ward off my hands but I was firm and quick. I got hold of and pulled the string and her petticoat dropped at her feet in a heap.

My Venus was now clad only in her pink panties that were clinging to her slightly raised and compact looking, clean shaven mound.

Burying her head in my chest Raaji whispered," How about you?" very shyly.

I quickly removed my shirt, bunion and jeans. I was now clad in my jockey briefs that were proudly displaying my big bulge and I caught Raaji looking at it furtively.

We were now side on in front of my dresser mirror and what we saw quickened our breath and our mutual longing. We hugged our naked bodies; naked except for her panties and my briefs. As our bodies pressed against each other, we both let out loud moaning sounds.

Overcome with desire we tightened our embrace and this caused my bulge to press hard against her mound. I could feel her hot body tremble and shake with that one act. I had the urge to communicate with her urgently; not through words but through act.

I let my right hand leave her back and find some space to move down her front and make a grab of her panties ensconced pussy. After a gentle squeeze, my palm slipped under the elastic band and grabbed her clean shaven pussy. Raaji whimpered at my first touch of her naked pussy and trembled like a leaf from head to toe.

I gently pushed us towards the bed. Once there, holding her by her shoulders, I pushed her gently on to her back till her head rested on the pillow. I sat next to her and started fondling her full and tight breasts marveling at their tightness and bounce.

"Your boobs are amazing. They are the best pair I have ever seen, Raaji," I said in awe.

"Suck them, my love; they are hungry for your lips and tongue."

It was the first time she spoke in a while and also said something so erotic. My heart beat faster and lot more blood rushed to my tool.

As I brought down my hot and hungry mouth on her right boob, her hands pressed my head possessively to her bosom and she pushed more tit into my mouth. My right hand went to her pussy and started massaging its surface; my finger tips moving around and finding her small clitoris. As my middle finger touched the tip of her clit and tapped it gently, her body shook lightly.

When I rolled her clit with my finger tips and pulled at it lightly Raaji sobbed.

"Oh my god, what are you doing there, my love? It feels so good," she whimpered.

I felt hot and happy. I had only one need at that time. That was to do more and more erotic things to her wonderful body and send her over the edge. My own fulfillment would automatically come out of that, I was sure.

I released her boobs from my mouth and quickly moved my head south. My hands sought and separated her thighs gently at the V. My thumbs gently, very gently pried her wet nether lips apart and opened her pink flower to my mouth. Next second my tongue struck.

Yes, the tip of my tongue struck quickly at the pink slit and pushed fast into her juicy cunt. My lips locked on to her vaginal lips, sucking and chewing the juice off her lips. As I started eating her pussy, Raaji lifted her ass and pushed her cunt hard against my face.

From her reactions it was clear to me that Raaji didn't have her pussy eaten for a long time! Here was my chance to be different and give her something new and precious, I thought.

I pushed my tongue and lips as far as I could into her churning vulva, opening her cunt as wide as I could with my hands without hurting her. The more my mouth went in, the more Raaji lifted her ass and the more forcefully she hit my face with her pussy. Her cunt was wet with her juices that tasted something like a salt and sour soup.

Suddenly she stiffened for a second and I heard a long drawn out moan whose decibel level was suppressed by her own right hand covering her mouth. I felt her orgasm by the convulsions of her cunt and the copious flow of juices that washed my mouth.

My cock was jumping around in a very excited state and I knew that I wouldn't last too long. I had the sudden urge to push it into her heavenly cunt right then. I quickly positioned myself over her and she raised her knees up and then opened her legs wide for me.

I suddenly remembered something. I shouted, "Are you protected?" Wasn't I stupid asking her then?

"Yessss," she literally hissed.

Next second my throbbing dick entered the caldron that was her cunt -- hot and very juicy.

I am one of those guys who love to talk dirty while fucking. I wasn't sure how Raaji would react. But I thought I would give it a try and see.

"Oh, what an amazing cunt you have Raaji! It is so fucking hot and tight!" I cried out.

"Fuck me good with your big cock, push it to my womb and fuck me hard, my love," she sounded delirious.

Oh my god! I almost cummed when I heard her! It was incredible. Raaji aunty talking dirty while getting fucked by her loving stud! That was truly amazing!

Her cunt was incredibly tight and I had to push in two three stages for full penetration. Once accepted, her vaginal passage and walls adjusted to my length and girth happily and clamped me hungrily. I started with a few slow strokes but gathered pace as her response warranted.

"Yes, Yes, yes, my love, fuck me, fuck me," she kept on urging me.

Very soon we reached the edge. Her ass was lifting with every stroke to counter thrust my stroke and to take my cock deeper into her. It was then I heard a sound of whistling or was it our breath expelling! I felt the energy of my body totally concentrating into my groin and I exploded, in the next second, pumping my hot cum into Raaji's womb in a big jet.

I felt her body stiffen as she received my hot cum and then felt her shudder, with tremors raking her. I lay panting on top of her draining myself into her. She lay prostrate; her eyes closed and received all the sperm I gave her deep within her.

After a few minutes I got up and fetched us a couple of fresh towels. With tender care and slow motion I wiped her body from head to toe, marveling once again at her beautiful body.

"You are like a beautiful sculpture, Raaji, everything is in the right proportion," I said with all sincerity.

She actually blushed and said, "You know how to flatter a woman, Sekhar. But I am glad you like me."

I cleaned up myself and lay next to her. She rested her cheek on my left upper arm; her face turned towards me and her boobs tantalizingly close and brushing my sides. Her hand strayed to my now limp cock and caressed it fondly.

"Mr. Dick is quiet now and looks so cute," she said smiling.

"I love that one, a nice name you have given him. I will now call her Ms. Jane," I said touching her pussy.

Being a twenty three year old young male, I was very eager to hear what this thirty five year old Venus thought of my sexual prowess.

"Was it good for you Raaji, did you love it?" I had to ask that question.

"Oh, Sekhar, it was so good, my love. I haven't had such wonderful sex in a long, long time. You were great, my lover and made me come." Her words were music to my ear.

My hands reached out for her boobs and started fondling them again, paying special attention to her nipples. They responded quickly to my touch and I teased them with tweaks. Raaji's soft hands started stroking my cock gently, while delicately touching my balls now and then. Like her nipples, my cock too started lengthening and hardening.

Raaji turned me towards her so that we were now side on. She then slid down my side and before I realized what was happening, placed my cock between her full breasts. Holding my buttocks in her hand, she pressed her breasts against my pubic bush, rubbing her engorged nipples slowly against the hairs.

"This is something that I always wanted to do but never did. It feels so good to have you there. Do you like it?" She asked her voice excited.

"Omg, it feels so wonderful that I can't describe. It feels so heavenly; these cushions!"

My dick reacted very quickly and was now fully erect, hard and raring to go.

I couldn't wait any longer. I wanted my dick in her hot, wet and juicy cunt once again and fuck her good. Fuck her longer, harder and better. I pushed her to a horizontal position on the bed; flat on her back. I squatted between her legs, sitting on my knees. I gently pushed her legs back slowly, bent at knees, till her knee caps almost touched her shoulders.

Holding her thighs in my hands, I gently separated them. Her glorious pussy slowly opened up like a flower; her nether lips glistening wet, their undersides pink and opening into the churning honey pot that was the object and focus of all my desire. Positioning my raging cock close to her vaginal lips, I just caressed her slit with the tip of my cock.

Raaji reacted instantly and raised her ass to get me in but I pushed her ass down and held it firmly. No way, my lady, I am going to tease your cunt and make you very hungry first, I said to myself. I pushed my tip a little into her eager lips and stayed there. I could see her lips quivering with anticipation. I then pushed a little more till my helmet was clamped in her lips.

Raaji moaned as I stopped. "Push it in sekhar, please; I want it all inside me." She pleaded.

In response, I pushed just an inch more into her juicy tight passage which now opened up eagerly for me, wanting to swallow me. I could feel her vagina pulsating and impatient.

Aghast that I stopped again, Raaji sounded impatient as she said, "Oh Sekhar, what are you doing teasing me like this? Please, my love, I want you to fuck me now, please!"

"Talk real dirty now, Raaji, real dirty, like you always wanted to but never dared to and we can fuck good then." I was trying to entice her.

"Yes, my lover, during fucking I always felt like talking and shouting dirty but my hubby never uses those words. I am listening and using them for the first time with you, Sekhar." She admitted.

"What words? Say them all to me." The tease continues.

"Fuck, cunt, cock, cum," She smiled shyly.

"Now be a good boy and fuck my hungry cunt hard with your big cock. It is much bigger and better than my husband's cock and I love yours. Your cock went deeper into my cunt than his and hit all my spots well. I will always open my cunt for you, my stud." She blabbered nonstop.

I was thunder struck. When I teased her I hoped to get a little more fun but this was fantastic. Her words were most unexpected and they acted as the biggest turn on. Even before I realized it, my cock reared up like a wild horse on its hind legs and charged deep into her cunt. Raaji sensed the mood change and her own ass reared up taking me even deeper.

I went at her like a man possessed with hard, fast, full strokes. It felt as if I was fucking her with a great rage, trying to beat her at some game. She was now whimpering continuously while moving her own pelvis and ass in tandem. I kept hammering with my rod and started panting now. Raaji now made animal sound intermingled with occasional sob like sounds.

Then her whole body stiffened for a few seconds and she convulsed with a sob. That tipped me over the edge and I howled into her neck and bit her breast on the side. My last sensation was that my cock just burst and I was flooding her vagina. We collapsed.

I didn't know how long it was...may be 10 or 15 minutes before I woke up. I was on my side next to Raaji and her hand rested gently on my cheek. When my eyes opened they looked directly into hers.

"Oh my god, what have you done! It was sheer magic and heavenly! I never even knew that this intense pleasure was possible, my darling." Her voice was thick with genuine emotion.

"Raaji, it was same for me. No words to describe it. You are incredible." I could have cried from the bliss.

We hugged and kissed, held each other tight, our bodies sated and our hearts full of love.

Life was glorious from the next day. My training program was going on well. I had already reaped rich rewards in the form of sexy Shobha and the beautiful Venus Raaji...both neighbors turned out to be angels. I knew that I would have to be very careful and shouldn't be complacent because they were both married women.

Life has been pretty busy. The training program has been going on well and so were my affairs with the two ladies. Shobha and I continued to meet at her apartment whenever we both could make it safely and enjoy our violent mating. She was a tigress and taught me quite a few things.

I continued to hold beloved Raaji in my spell and managed to get her to visit me at my place. Our love making got better and better with each session with Raaji shedding her shyness and her inhibitions.

I was very content with my two ladies and had neither the energy nor the inclination for further amorous explorations. We were into the third week of the training and I started the Internet module. Naturally, everyone was very much interested in learning all they could about the wonders of internet. By common consent, email, yahoo messenger and face book were a priority.

When I taught them about email, they all took my email ID so that they could send test mails to me and also clear any doubts through emailing. That night, while checking my mails, I came across a mail from Padma that was interesting. She said she was already on yahoo Messenger and could I add her as a contact so that we could chat. She gave me the mail from a yahoo account. I promptly logged into my messenger, added her as a contact and sent my invite.

It was accepted immediately and there appeared a new contact, naughty girl, on my contact list. Next minute she was on for a chat. My chat id was sekhs -- the first four letters of my name and the last s was my family name (try saying it out - lol).

Naughty girl : hi, I am Padma

Sekhs : hi, how r u?

Naughty girl : ok n u?

Sekhs : good

I wanted to have fun and flirt a little.

Sekhs : I like ur name. r u really naughty?

Naughty girl : thx, but u r naughtier

Sekhs : me, y? What did I do?

Naughty girl : ur name is very naughty

Sekhs : oh, that! ppl love it

Naughty girl : yeah, cute really

Sekhs : can I chat with u like I chat with the gals...u know

Naughty girl : I wd love that

Sekhs : I call u pam here, ok?

Naughty girl : oh, I love that, luv

Sekhs : Pam u r awesome

Naught girl : which way, luv?

Sekhs : well, I am scared to tell, u may not like me saying it

Naughty girl : now u hv me curious, out with it

Sekhs : no, baba, i am scared

Naughty girl : won't bite you, promise

Sekhs : Pam, u r like Jlo... back there

Naughty girl : omg, u like it luv?

Sekhs : it is real awesome, Pam

My pulse quickened as I could see this chat hot up. But I knew that I shouldn't rush things.

Naughty girl : thx, luv

Sekhs : time to go, hv things to do, bye and gn, Pam

Naughty girl : ok,luv, gn, cu, sleep well

Well, that was totally unexpected! Obviously Padma aunty was very much into chatting on yahoo messenger. Her chat lingo left no doubt about that. And we were certainly flirting out there. Whether we would only be cybering or take it into the real world, I wasn't sure.

She was no beauty; but, she was lively and had the greatest ass in my neighborhood. Now, I was hardly an ass man and totally inexperienced in that area. May be she would provide me an opportunity to do something about it!

Next day at class everything was normal. Padma was her normal self and I was relived. At the end of the class when everyone left, Shobha stayed back to tell me that her kids were back from her parents' place and her home was out of bounds for now.

I acted distressed but I was really relived, in a way. Our encounters started wearing me out, and frankly, I had more than enough on my platter with Padma promising to be the latest addition.

With Raaji it was different. She was never demanding and I set up our meetings and generally controlled everything. She was happy to respond to my call and once there, gave in completely to me. As I said earlier I had fallen in love with this woman. Later that night, Padma and I chatted for an hour and we flirted some more and our chat got steamier.

Next day after the class, Padma asked me if I could check out and advise her on a power point presentation she made for her students. This was her first attempt at power point and she wanted me to check and improve it.

"Have you done any animation on the presentation?" I asked her.

"No. I wasn't sure how to do it." She admitted.

She left a pen drive with me that contained her presentation. I looked into it later in the afternoon. It was fairly well made and I made a few corrections and also customized animation. It was ready by evening and I took it to her myself. Padma lived in Block three first floor and opened the door herself when I pressed the bell.

She was very happy to see me and I returned her pen drive. She offered me a cup of tea with some biscuits and briefed me about the tuitions she was giving. Soon her students started arriving and I left her. She thanked me profusely and shook my hands before I left. I let my fingers caress the back of her hand for a few seconds and press her hand gently, as I looked into her lovely black eyes.

We chatted again that night.

Naughty girl : hi luv

Sekhs : hi pam

Naughty girl : thx for the help. It is great

Sekhs : no prob. U liked it?

Naughty girl : yes, so good! Luv, when r u teaching me animation?

Sekhs : whenever u want but not for free

Naughty girl : you want fees from me?

Sekhs : yeah but not cash, pam

Naughty girl : what then?

Sekhs : something u hv and I want ;)

Naughty girl : something naughty?

Sekhs : may be, u scared?

Naughty girl : may be, more like excited

Sekhs : so am I

Naughty girl : hubby calling now, c u

Sekhs : gn tc pam

Naughty girl : gn,luv

Well, there it is! May be I can get my hands on that fabulous ass of hers tomorrow, I thought. My sleep that night was naturally disturbed.

When she came to the class next day, Padma was even more lively than normal and was radiating energy and charm. After the class she stayed back for a few minutes.

"Can you teach me that animation today?" she asked me.

"Sure. Can you come down in the afternoon at two?" My voice shook a bit.

Nodding her head in assent she left.

I was very excited but also worried. I was excited because I was going to get hold of Padma's magnificent Jo Lo like ass. I was worried because I never did anything anal. My knowledge of anal sex was limited to what I read in books.

This summer, I had read two very erotic bestselling books of fiction; both written by women. Both described anal sex at length. And I was excited by what I read.

After some thinking, I told myself that I would play it by the ear or should I say, play it by the ass.

Padma came in at two sharp. When she walked in I shook her hands welcoming her. I didn't let her hands off for a full minute, caressing them subtly. I hoped she got my message.

We sat at the dining table, our chairs close to each other and with my lap top in front of us. Padma sat to my right. I opened the power point program and asked her to make a slide as I explained the features to her.

Because we both were using the same lap top we had to sit closer and our bodies necessarily touched. My right thigh pressed into her left thigh and occasionally, my right arm brushed against her waist and left boob.

I explained the basic features of animation and asked her to animate the slide she prepared, guiding her and answering her queries. I shifted my chair back a little as if giving her more place to work freely. In my new position I glanced sidewise at her wide ass and buttock spread over at the junction of the seat and back rest. It was awesome and I just couldn't resist it.

As she was bent forward a little towards the lap top, there was a gap between her back and the back rest. I inserted my hand there, palm straight, without touching her and dropped it slowly till it hovered just a few millimeters above her right buttock.

I let my palm touch her right buttock lightly and rest there for a full minute. She just stopped what she was doing for a fraction of second and started again. I let my palm down a little more on the vast expanse of her pumpkin buttock. I was losing control of my palm as it started fondling her buttock. There could be no pretense now.

I moved my head close to her left ear and said softly," oh, Pam, please."

She stopped working and turned to me and looked at me with her beautiful eyes. Her eyes had the answer.

I got up from the chair and pulled her up too. She came eagerly into my open arms, as my hands dropped eagerly on to her big buttocks and tried to grab them. My first feel of them was unforgettable. They were big, tight and bouncy. Yes, they bounced like hard sponge balls. I was overcome with a desire to see them bare; then and there.

I grabbed her hands and quickly guided her to my bed room. Once there, we hugged each other tight and I kissed her full on the mouth. She obviously loved my kiss because she gave a deep sigh.

I quickly unwound her sari from her body and she was now clad only in her blouse and petticoat. I felt her getting self conscious and uncomfortable, probably because she didn't have a very good figure. I had to put her at ease first.

I quickly undressed in front of her, removing each garment and exposing my young body to her. Her dark eyes lighted up with desire when she saw the big bulge in my jockey shorts. I hugged her from behind, my hands cupping her breasts and fondling them through her blouse and rubbed my big bulge on her bottom.

"It is all for you, Pam. My big cock is hungry for your big ass and pussy, Pam. You want it there in you, Pam, don't you?" I whispered from behind her, grinding.

Padma shivered at my words and her body shook as if it received an electric shock.

"Sekhar, I am scared. I never did it with anyone other than my hubby. I want to do with you but I am scared." She did sound scared. I thought that the best way would be to heighten her lust and desire so that she would forget all about her moral dilemma.

"Padma, I want to see your pumpkin buttocks and kiss them. I want to lick them, kiss them, bite them and tongue them. Has anyone done that to you, Baby? Don't you want my hungry mouth to do that to you?" I was speaking to her louder now, my voice shaking with desire.

"Oh, Sekhar, my love, I want that very much. He only fondles it once or twice. Never kissed or bit me there. Would you really do all that? I always fantasized about that," She was blabbering now.

"Let us get naked quickly and I will show you how," I said even as turned her around and pulling at her clothing. She quickly removed everything except her white panties that were totally inadequate to contain her huge bottom. Through the panties I saw that she had a dense patch of pubic hair and several hairs were showing through the sides of her panties. Her mound looked big; bigger than Raaji's and Shobha's.

I quickly sat on the edge of my bed, made her stand before me and turned her around. Her panties clad ass was now level with my face. I pulled her closer and pushing my hands into the elastic band of her panties pulled it down her fleshy thighs and legs. Next second, I rubbed my face against the magnificent Jo Lo like bottom.

"Oh my god, Sekhar," she cried out as my face rubbed itself all over her buttocks.

My tongue was out and started licking the twin globes, while my teeth nipped away and my lips tried to suck. My hands touched and stroked, caressed and rubbed her bottom. My fingers separated the cheeks and found her ass hole.

I rested my left thumb on her ass hole and rubbed the sensitive wrinkles around the bud while my right hand went to the front and cupped her hairy pussy. Normally I love them when they are clean shaven but padma's cunt felt different hidden in all that hair. I rubbed my palm all over her big pussy trying to locate the lips with my fingers.

Padma whimpered and wiggled her ass and once my hands touched her pussy, she let out a sob like sound. As I fondled her pussy, she bent forward a little more and thrust more of her ass and vagina into my face. My actions now were getting guided not by book, but by intuition. I had a feeling that her hubby never kissed her pussy either and if I did that it would set her off.

With both hands I searched and found her vaginal lips hidden in all that jet black hair and pried them open with my thumbs. They were nicely shaped and glistening wet with her juices and they were pink inside. As I brought my face closer, her pussy gave a pungent smell that was heady and my tongue darted out and touched her between those lips for the first time.

Her reaction was unbelievable. She became rigid instantly and next second with a wail like sound Padma pushed back her hot, big vagina literally into my mouth. I scored more than a hit!

I recalled a statement from Vatsayana's Kamasutra ( one of the greatest reference books on erotica). It says that the need of your partner should be paramount and when he/she expresses that very strongly during the sex act, it should be fulfilled on priority and should take precedence over everything

Padma's need now was paramount and my tongue went deep into her cunt and my mouth sucked and chewed her vaginal lips and the vulva. She sobbed continuously now and her body shook as if with chills, as my hungry mouth literally ate her pussy.

Suddenly I felt a copious flow of her juices on to my tongue, lips and face and Padma went limp. Had I not been alert and held her tight, she would have fallen down.

I pulled her limp form into my lap her wet bottom in my lap and my arms around her fleshy waist. Together we toppled over gently on to my bed. It was a couple of minutes before she recovered. Her actions took me by surprise once again. She quickly pulled me to her and showered my face with kisses.

"Oh, Sekhar, my love, you are incredible. Omg, I could never imagine that such pleasure existed, let alone think of experiencing it. Thank you so much," she was obviously so happy that she cried. My heart swelled with pride.

"Padma, this is just a beginning and we would do a lot more, baby. Here, just look at how ready I am to fuck you, baby." When I used the F word, she gave an involuntary gasp.

I pushed her on to her back and quickly freed my raging cock from the constraints of my briefs. It sprang to its full length and did a sort of jig. She looked at my cock with a lot of lust.

"Do you like my cock, baby, does it look good to you? What do you want it to do?" my passion for this woman was constantly mounting.

"Oh, Sekhar, it looks so big -- long and thick and it is nice light brown, exactly like the cock I always saw in my dreams. Push your cock into my juicy hungry cunt and fuck me hard, my love," she really wanted me there badly.

I got on top of her and padma opened her legs wide for me. Her right hand grabbed my cock and guided it into her squishy, hot cunt. Her cunt was wet and open with desire and lust.

My cock slid in easily into her depths and I pushed it in till my crotch rubbed hard against her dense patch. Padma's hands grabbed my ass and tried to pull me in even deeper and her own wide ass lifted to assist deeper penetration.

My mouth found her right nipple that was big and swollen and clamped on it. I chewed it and sucked hard, even as I stroked her cunt with my hard cock. She didn't need too many strokes.

She climaxed with a long drawn out wail that was more animalistic and strangely erotic. My own dam burst and hot cum flowed from my cock like lava into Padma's hungry cunt and I fell on top of her, totally spent.

We were both in ecstasy and lay drained and exhausted, my limp cock still inside her cunt.

"These are pleasures I read about and heard of. I thought they only existed in imagination and not in the real world. I never thought I would taste them but you are giving me all of it." She overwhelmed me with what she said.

"I lost my husband's attraction for my body soon after my daughter was born. Since then it has been occasional, statutory fuck and nothing else. My body may have lost its shape but not its hunger. After all these years you have quenched my thirst," she added.

I realized that we both were very comfortable with each other and indulging in pillow talk as if we had been lovers for ages. I felt an urge to comfort her even more now.

"You have been incredible in bed Padma and I loved it as much as you did. It is mutual. We are not finished yet, Baby. I have more plans for us," I said with passion.

"Oh my, don't tell me that we can do more today. I am drained and exhausted and there isn't much time either. I have to leave soon." She said wistfully.

"Okay, we can do it tomorrow then but I want to tell you about it today so that you are prepared," I said my breath quickening.

"What are you planning for us, my love?" She was getting excited too.

"You have a fantastic ass and I am going to fuck you in there," I shocked her.

"What? Oh, no, certainly not. How can you? Is it possible at all? You will kill me doing that." She was talking nineteen to the dozen now.

"Paddma, you have the greatest ass and it would be a sin not to be fucked there. Just leave it to me. Would I do something if it doesn't give us great pleasure?" I said with more confidence than I felt.

She was quiet for a moment. Then she kissed me full on the mouth and said something no woman had said to me till then.

"You are my savior and I am all yours. You take me anyway you like and I will like it too. You are my prince."

I was speechless. She dressed quickly and left.

We chatted briefly that night.

Sekhs : hi, how r u?

Naughty girl : fine n floating thks 2 u

Sekhs : :)

Naughty girl : I can come tmrw , no prob

Sekhs : good we will do as pld

Naughty girl : I am scared, baba

Sekhs : don't b just relax

Naughty girl : luv u, prince, hubby calls, gn

Sekhs : luv u more pam, gn, tc

Next day at the class everything was normal. There were strong vibes between me and Padma and I hoped others didn't notice them. Suguna stayed back for getting a few doubts clarified on formatting a word document. She told me that she planned to buy a PC after the training and use it well.

Promptly at two Padma arrived. Even as I shut the door behind her, we hugged each other tight. Her jet black hair was freshly shampooed and silken smooth . She smelled fresh and good. We quickly moved to my bed room and kissed hard. I could sense the hunger in her mouth matching mine. Her nipples were aroused and hard as they poked me through her blouse.

We quickly undressed, helping each other along the way. I was pleasantly surprised to see her totally shaven pussy and gave it an appreciative rub.

"I felt you were not too happy with my bush and removed it." She said simply. I was glad she was so perceptive about my likes and dislikes and kissed her to show my appreciation.

Totally nude we hugged again, standing in front of the dresser mirror, side on. As my right hand grabbed and fondled her left breast and tweaked her nipple and my left hand caressed her right buttock, we both looked at our images in the mirror.

"Omg, it is such a big turn on!" she exclaimed.

"What? Seeing you nude?"

"No, seeing myself in another man's embrace, all naked."

I guided her to the bed and pushed her gently on her back. She lay flat on her back. I sat next to her and said, "Turn around and lie down on your face. Remember, we are doing it different now."

"I am scared but I am also excited, please be careful and don't hurt me, Sekhar," she whined.

"Just relax, baby. If you are not happy at any time and it hurts, just ask me to stop and I will." I tried relaxing her.

She turned around and her bountiful bottom in all its naked glory presented itself to me. I slipped in a pillow under her pelvis so that her pussy rested on it and her bottom rose even higher.

I sat next to her and started kneading her big buttocks one at a time, using both hands. Her muscles which were tense initially started relaxing. As my hands continued the massage, I interspersed it with occasional mild slaps.

Every time I smacked her buttock, she would let out a moan and rub her pussy against the pillow. Slowly I started smacking her buttocks harder and more frequently, turning her buttocks a little pinkish in color.

After a few minutes, I stopped all activity and lifted my hands off her butt. Her butt waited anxiously for the next round of spanking that didn't come.

"Don't stop, give me more," her voice was low and her butt quivered.

My hands resumed the massage and I let my fingers move closer to her ass hole. I reached out with my left hand for a jar of Vaseline that I kept close by. I dipped my right hand fingers into the jar, and then spread the Vaseline well over their length.

It was a perfumed type and smelled like lavender. I moved the tip of my forefinger to her ass hole and rubbed the pucker around it and her bottom shook a little. I then put the tip against her hole and pushed it in a few millimeters. Her ass trembled.

With a little probing I pushed my forefinger in till the first joint and stopped it there. I slid my left palm under her between her pussy and the pillow. She lifted her ass involuntarily to let my left hand grab her quivering pussy.

I did that, but more importantly my forefinger went a little more deeper into her past the tight anal ring. She grunted with a little pain.

Her anal passage was very tight and once my finger was in up to the second knuckle I wiggled it slightly and left it there a few seconds before pulling out. Dipping it once again into the Vaseline jar I recoated it.

When I inserted it again, it slid in a little easier and I pushed it all the way to the root of my finger in one go. Padma whined a bit loud into the pillow, her body shuddering.

Her ass accepted the intrusion and adjusted gamely to my finger and gripped it tightly. Then I started wiggling my finger a little more, trying to stretch her tight, virginal rear passage. She allowed me to do it without any protest; even cooperated by moving her ass in harmony.

I pulled out my finger after a couple of minutes and applied a copious supply of Vaseline every where it mattered -- my fingers, her rear entrance and the now open anal passage.

It was time to stretch her a little more, I thought. I now pushed very slowly both my middle finger and fore finger together into her ass to stretch her passage. She tensed a little when she felt them at the entrance and realized my intentions and her hole tended to close in reflex.

"Relax Baby, you are so nicely open and you want your lover to take you there, don't you? It is so nice and incredibly tight there," I murmured.

"Yessssssss." She hissed.

I pushed in slowly and steadily till both my fingers were fully into her ass and her ass cheeks literally yielded to my actions. Letting her get used to the size of intrusion, I looked at my own cock, fully hard, erect and vibrating.

For a few seconds I had doubts if it could get totally into her ass without hurting either of us and wondered whether the pain would be really compensated by the pleasure.

I slowly pulled out my fingers and reapplied Vaseline to her hole and along the length of my cock.

"Padma, I am going to put my cock into your wonderful ass, baby, a little at a time. Just relax and if it hurts, stop me any time, okay? Think of it as your first fuck, my love," I just said whatever came to my mind, as I was tense too.

She just said ok in a low voice.

I put my helmet against the gaping hole and gently pushed. My pink and soft helmet disappeared into her quite easily. I then started the slow push, my hard boner trying to clear her ring and go into the passage, stretching her passage like never before.

With a grunt I pushed on and then I was into her ass, more than an inch of my hard cock in. I let it rest there for a full minutes to let her get used to its girth. Padma tensed and her stomach pulled in on reflex. As I pushed again, the most incredible thing happened.

It felt as if the other end of her passage had suddenly became active and sucked at my cock, like a vacuum cleaner, and pulled it deep into her. I fully penetrated her ass and lay buried in there with my pubic area flush against her bouncy buttocks. It was so tight inside her that I was scared I would tear her wall if I moved.

"Padma, are you okay?"

"Yes, it feels so filled up." She sounded awed.

Slowly my left hand on which her pussy was resting went to work, massaging her clit and my fingers probing her wet nether lips. Her own hand joined mine in the activity. I held a couple of her fingers in mine and pushed them into her pussy along with mine.

Her breath quickened and so did mine. This was something very appealing and novel to us both -- fingering her wet cunt together and masturbating her. It took our minds away from her ass for the moment.

As her breath quickened and our fingers moved faster and deeper into her wide open and wet cunt, I started fucking her ass, moving my cock slowly in small strokes. Her buttocks bounced in response and their bouncy pressure enhanced my pleasure.

Gradually the pace and stroke length increased and our fingers were moving much faster in her cunt. Our breathing quickened, she was gasping and I was grunting.

As Padma had a big orgasm that was preceded by a banshee like wail, I exploded in her ass with a shout myself. Her juices flowed copiously and my own cum flooded her ass.

I fell on her back, my face buried in her jet black hair, hands limp on sides, cock draining itself in the most beautiful ass I had ever known. Her eyes were shut and her right cheek rested on the pillow and she looked asleep.

After a few minutes of that post coital bliss, I pulled out my limp cock. I wiped her great ass and her nice cunt, both very wet with our juices, tenderly and with great care and love.

Padma looked at me with those dark and beautiful eyes fondly, her looks full of love for me. When I finished, she took another towel and pushing me on my back, cleaned up my limp cock and pubic area.

We lay down side on and kissed each other time and again. We didn't speak at all. We just kept on kissing, short, light, sweet kisses. And then we slept lost to the world, totally exhausted.

We woke up an hour later and I made us some coffee. Padma was thrilled that I made it for her and we enjoyed drinking it sitting at the dining table. Our mutual comfort level was increasing by the hour and when I said the same thing, she was very happy. It was getting late and she left soon, after a deep kiss.

We chatted briefly that night.

Sekhs : how r u dear?

Naughty girl : very sore, love

Sekhs : u in pain or something?

Naughty girl : more of something; It is very sensitive now

Sekhs : incredible u were back there

Naughty girl : was very full filling , lol

Sekhs : ok, sleep well n recover

Naughty girl : yes boss, gn, kisss

Sekhs : lots of K, gn

Fortunately the week end was on us and she had time to recover, and I had time to recharge my batteries and spend some quality time with mom and dad.

Then the last week of training started. My trainees had some doubts on internet usage and browser related issues and I clarified them. They paid particular attention to topics like clearing browsing history and cookies, surfing incognito etc for obvious reasons. I was proud of my class.

During the week Shobha was totally tied up with her kids and we couldn't do it again. Raaji managed one more visit to me and we had a very satisfying encounter during which I introduced her to the pleasures of fellatio. When she sucked me with her hot and beautiful mouth, I pushed my cock close to her throat and ejaculated there. She managed to swallow most of it.

With Padma it was different. We fucked almost every day and I tried out various positions with her successfully. She had blind faith in me and was a game for everything. She really liked us doing the 'doggie style' and literally went berserk.

"I always watched with great fascination whenever dogs mated. Invariably I masturbated that night," she confided to me.

I loved the way she opened up to me; in more ways than one!

Soon it was the last day of the training. They took an objective test that lasted thirty minutes during which they were required to answer thirty questions. After that, I gave them the blank Feedback form that I made and printed earlier.

They filled up the forms in about ten minutes and returned them to me. Padma spoke on behalf of all of them and thanked me profusely. I told them how much I enjoyed doing the training program and thanked them in return.

They all promised to stay in touch, said their goodbyes and left.

Later I evaluated their answer sheets. They all scored very good marks. I completed my project report the next day, attached the assessment sheets, feedback forms, program schedule and other relevant documents and couriered the lot to my Professor. I made out a Certificate for each of them and presented them the same. My Project was completed.

This story would have ended here but for a phone call I received on Monday.

It was Nirmala. She wanted my advice and guidance on something and asked if she could meet me. I wasn't too keen, but it would have been impolite to turn down. So I asked her to come down whenever she was free. She said she would come in an hour's time.

She arrived on the dot. We exchanged pleasantries. I offered her a coke and she accepted.

She then explained her problem to me. As an author writing mostly stories, Suguna first writes her draft story as a manuscript. She then gives it out for typing and later checks and corrects the typed draft. After that the final draft is typed. She then Okays it. It is then sent to her publisher as an attachment. The whole process was time consuming, expensive and tiresome.

After attending the training program she realized she could do all this herself quite easily. More importantly, she was now confident that she could do it. She wanted my help in selection and purchase of a suitable computer for her. She also wanted me to set it up for her and get her going on her own system. Would I please help her?

What this lady wanted to do matched exactly my project objective of empowering the housewife with computer. I could add this to my completed project as a Case Study and score additional points from my professor!

I told Suguna aunty that I would be more than happy to help her. I said that the first thing for us to decide would be whether to go for a Desk top PC or a Lap top. We discussed at length and decided to go for a desk top. We decided to buy a printer too.

With the advent of so many players, Broadband connection was available on demand. I told her about a friend of mine who sells computers and who would give us a good deal. I phoned him up and fixed up an appointment for that evening.

We went that evening to my friend's shop which was some four miles away. I asked aunty if she was comfortable riding pillion on my motor bike. She said she had no problems with that but would I be careful and not over speed. She had her left hand around my waist holding on to me loosely. Once or twice when the road bumped, her chest touched my back and I felt her small breasts brushing my back.

We spent over an hour and half finalizing the configuration and the price. I told my friend that it was for aunty and he should give us a special price for a special lady. I bargained and got the best deal.

He promised to have it delivered by next afternoon. When we left the shop, aunty suggested that we have a coffee before going home. So we went to a nice cozy restaurant nearby and had a light snack and coffee.

Suguna aunty had become livelier than her normal self that evening.

"It is such a refreshing thing, coming out this evening and buying the computer. Thank you, Sekhar, for asking me to come along," she sounded happy.

For the first time, I had this urge to flirt with Suguna aunty. I do not know why I did it. May be that my success with the other three ladies had gone to my head. May be I thought of myself as a stud now. May be I was attracted by the idea of flirting with someone old enough to be my mother.

"You should come out more often, aunty. I would love to take you on a long ride on my bike. I love long drives. Would you like that?" I said playfully.

"Are you sure you want a old lady on pillion for a long drive?" she asked smiling.

"No, I don't want that but you aren't old lady. You are a lot younger and don't forget that you were my student," I replied.

"No past tense, Sekhar, I am still your student and we have a deal remember?" she smiled a lot more now.

We finished coffee and started the drive back home. It was dark now and the street lights were on. She sat like before, her left arm around me, a little tighter now. Her breasts now pressed more often against my back and her right thigh pressed against my hips. Aunty was obviously comfortable with me and felt better. When we reached home she said she would look in and say hello to my mom.

When Suguna aunty walked in along with me mom was a little surprised. We briefed mom about aunt's computer purchase etc.

"So did my son brainwash you to buy one, Suguna?" mom asked her smiling.

"You could say he inspired me, he is our new guru now and he is going to help me with the new PC too," aunty replied.

"Well, it looks like you all have adopted him now," mom said grinning.

"You should be very proud of your son, Laksmi," she said to mom.

"Everyone is telling me the same thing. Obviously he did a good job of training you all," said my proud mom. I felt embarrassed for obvious reasons and made a quick exit.

Next day was a busy day. Shobha dropped in to tell me that her family was leaving on a two week trip down south. We kissed and groped a little before she left.

Over the next couple of days I worked hard and installed the new computer at Suguna's place. On Thursday she performed pooja and started working on her new computer. I was there to help her get familiarized with the system. By Friday evening she was very comfortable and happy with her new computer.

I helped her open a new yahoo mail account and also downloaded and installed the latest version of yahoo messenger so that she could chat with her daughter and friends. Naturally, I was one of her first friends on the messenger.

That night she chatted for the first time with me on yahoo. It was weird chatting with someone older than my mom as a friend but I found it strangely exciting too. I knew I had to be very cautious not to say anything offensive or suggestive, but I had this innate urge to flirt a little and see what happens.

Sugus: hello

Sekhs: hello, aunty, how r u?

Sugus: fine and PC good. I love it.

Sekhs: so happy

Sugus: thx to you, guru

Sekhs: ha, nice joke

Sugus: no joke, u r my guru

Sekhs: so will you give me guru dakshina (fees)?

Sugus: sure, I owe you, what do you want?

Sekhs: I will take whatever you give

Sugus: no, you ask

Sekhs: how can I ask? Ok I will take sometime

Sugus: hey, when r u taking me on that long drive?

Sekhs: whenever u want, I would love to, weekend?

Sugus: no weekend, I have visitors, week days are better

Sekhs: no prob for me

Sugus: tell u tomorrow, bye

Sekhs: bye, gn

Next night we chatted again

Sugus: hello

Sekhs: hi

Sugus: Monday okay for long drive?

Sekhs: sure

Sugus: couple of things, though!

Sekhs: what?

Sugus: it would look odd if people come to know about it, so we have to keep it a secret

Sekhs: true, we will not tell anyone

(I am excited)

Sugus: you can pick me up from temple at 10am

Sekhs: that should be fine; it is about an hour plus drive

Sugus: where are we going?

Sekhs: suspense but a nice lovely picnic spot

(How would she react?)

Sugus: oh, I am scared!

Sekhs: don't be, it is a nice place and I am a nice guy

Sugus: okay, u r guru

Sekhs: yes and I will take good care of u

( I am excited saying that)

Sugus: I am sure you would (there! the acceptance?) I will bring some food for us

Sekhs: thx and I will get coke

Sugus: ok, bye

Sekhs: thx, aunty, c u

Sugus: c u good night

I didn't sleep well that night. I was excited about the drive next day; I was confused too. I realized that I was utterly confused about my intentions towards Suguna aunty at that time. I was 23 and she was 48; three years older than my mom. So she could easily be my mom.

Why am I flirting with her? Do I really want to try and have sex with a woman so much older than me? It is not as if I was starved? The other three women were different; they were much younger than her and nearer to my age group.

It was then I realized my own shortcoming. I probably have this fetish like obsession with older women. I wasn't really aware of this myself till recently.

Obviously it had been lurking for long in my subconscious! May be this was the reason why I even took up the computer project for housewives!

I wasn't sure what was going to happen the next day but I was certainly excited about it. We would go on that long drive. There is a large lake and nice greenery surrounding it about 50kms away from our city.

It is a very popular picnic spot in the weekends but hardly anyone visits during week days. That was the place I wanted to take Suguna to. Once there, I would play it by the ear.

Thus on the Monday morning, I told mom that I was going on a long drive with friends and I would be back by evening. I drove to the temple exactly at 10am. Suguna aunty was waiting outside for me. She had a small carry bag which I transferred to my back pack.

She wore a Punjabi dress of sheiwar kameez. The shelwar was a loose fitting yellow colored one and the kameez was also of yellow color with blue and pink flowers design. She looked a lot younger than her age.

I strapped the back pack on to her and made sure she was comfortably seated behind me as we set off on the long drive. Once on the highway, I increased the speed of my powerful bike, and in response, Suguna tightened her arm around my waist. I could feel her small breasts pressing constantly against my mid back and her cheek occasionally brushing my back.

Due to the wind stream we could hardly talk. But her body was talking to my body, alright! I felt her nipples hardening and poking my back insistently. Her hands were holding on tight to me; her right a little above my waist with her palm resting on my chest.

Her left arm was still holding me around the waist but a little lower; her palm resting on my lower abdomen and a little away from my pelvic area.

I knew that her hands were necessarily holding me thus because she was riding pillion on my bike and she was hanging on to me. I shouldn't read too much into it, I told myself. But her hard nipples, which felt like pencil erasers and were poking my back, were telling me a different which I loved.

It was a clear and hot summer day but the breeze wasn't too hot yet. There was hardly any traffic at that hour and we reached the lake in an hour's time. I stopped and parked at the small reception centre and we visited the rest rooms.

We bought some fresh and cold mineral water bottles and a big two liter coke bottle. I took the back pack from Suguna aunty and strapped it onto my back after putting all the bottles in a side pocket.

"How did you like the drive?" I asked as we started walking along the lake front on the shaded pathway.

"Oh, I loved it, Sekhar. I haven't had this long drive ever on a bike. It is so different feeling the wind on your face and whistle by and feeling the nature all around you. It felt so good."

I stopped at a wooden bench that was set in a small recess a little away from the pathway and fully shaded by a flowery creeper.

"Let us sit for a while and relax a little." I said, removing the back pack.

We sat on the bench and stretched our legs fully in front of us.

"So, what are the plans, my guru? What sightseeing have you planned for us and which spots should we visit?" She asked me, smiling.

"Well, aunty, you see the small hillock behind us. We have to climb about half way to reach the 'view point'. From there we get a breathtaking view of the vast lake and its surroundings. A little away from there is a nice picnic spot where we can camp." I sounded excited even to myself.

"Let us go before it gets too hot," she replied.

So we climbed up the hill for the next twenty minutes and reached the 'view point'; huffing and puffing a little. Once there, however, we forgot everything as we looked at the scenic beauty of the vast expanse of the lake, the green surroundings interspersed with carpets and carpets of flower beds. The bird's eye view was really exhilarating.

Suguna took in the whole scene, her eyes widening more and more in awe and she was rendered speechless by the beauty of it all. After several minutes of uninterrupted visual treat, she silently turned to me and hugged me. Her lips brushed my cheek and it was more an act of affection.

"Thank you, Sekhar for bringing me up here and showing me this wonderful vista. We did visit this lake a couple of times earlier but we never explored this area. It was the statutory lake front walk, get your feet wet once or twice, eat, drink and leave always." She sounded bitter.

"We will return here later and you will see it in totally different colors," I promised her as we walked to the camping site which was a little to the interior and five minutes away.

We reached the picnic spot. It was a small, cleared area, fully shaded with several trees, lush grassy lawn like ground and a very small, dry stream close by. I emptied the back pack.

I took out the cotton bed sheet that I brought along and we spread it out under the cool shade of a large tree. Aunty took out the packed food and our coke and water bottles.

We were both hungry and decided to eat our lunch. She brought several chapattis (a kind of thin Indian bread), potato curry and some jalebis (sweets) -- all home made.

"They are so tasty and delicious, aunty! You are a great cook." I complimented her and she beamed.

The coke was chilled and went well with our food. We finished and cleaned up in fifteen minutes time.

All was quiet as we both remained silent for a few minutes. The only sounds we could hear were those of birds chirping and they sounded so musical!

"I want to rest my back for a while and lie down," aunty said softly.

Next minute she did precisely that, stretching out fully on the spread sheet. She looked at the tree topped skyline for a minute, looked at me, gave a nice smile and then slowly closed her eyes.

I sat quietly next to her and continued to look at her. Her face was peaceful and serene. She was no great beauty, but at that point of time, her face looked beautiful to me because it was so peaceful. Her cheeks were smooth; her skin looked so healthy and glowing. Her lips were glistening and reddish.

My eyes wandered down her body. Her dupatta (a kind of upper cloth/ scarf) was all rolled up and under her head, doubling as a pillow. Through the yellow thin cotton kameez (shirt), the cups of her white bra containing her small, perky breasts were visible.

My eyes rested on the geometric centers of those cups and could clearly discern her hard nipples projecting there. I wet my lips involuntarily.

Wandering further down, my eyes saw through the thin fabric of kameez, her flat abdomen and curvy waist without a trace of fat anywhere. It was such a sexy sight! Normally, women much younger than her tend to accumulate a lot of fat around their waist and on their tummy.

But she was an exception, probably due to all those years of yoga. Her shelwar was loose fitting and what I could discern of her legs and thighs, they looked slim, hairless and toned.

Her bare feet were visible and they were small and cute; her toe nails painted pink. Her feet and toes gave an appearance of good care and maintenance.

"Have you finished your inspection?" I was shocked to hear her voice.

Oh my god! She had caught me red handed ogling her! I turned a deep red.

"Sorry, aunty," I mumbled my incoherent apologies.

"Don't be sorry, lie down here next to me and relax."

I immediately obeyed and lay next to her on her left side. I turned side on facing her.

She took my left hand in both her hands. While her soft left palm pressed lightly against my left palm, her right hand caressed my left hand, sending light tremors down my spine.

"You are young and virile and at your age it is natural to look at a woman's body with curiosity and desire. You want to touch my body and feel it, don't you, Sekhar?" she asked me softly.

"Yes, aunty, I do," I said with passion and conviction.

As if in response Suguna pulled my left hand closer and placed it tentatively on her kameez ensconced right breast. My hand squeezed her small boob gently.

"Oh my god, it has been so long! Take my boobs, Sekhar, please!" her voice shook with desire.

I was already hot for several hours during which my lust for her built up. My hands went behind her and found the hooks to her kameez and loosened it.

I pulled it down her front after slipping it over her slender and smooth shoulders. Next minute, I unhooked her bra and pulled it down too; freeing and exposing her perky boobs.

My first look at her boobs gave me a few pleasant surprises -- they were not as small as I imagined, they were slightly conical but compact and erect, there was no sag or droop, her areole were brown and her nipples were long, shaped like pencil erasers and hard now.

As my eager hands reached for them and fondled, aunty let out a moan and whispered, "Oh my god, it has been so long since a man touched them, take them, Sekhar and suck them please. They are hungry for your suck, my baby." Her words excited me further.

My hot and hungry mouth clamped on to her right boob and my tongue and lips went on to attack her long nipple. Moaning aloud, aunty pulled my head to her bosom with some force and lots of eagerness. My hand mauled her left boob, squeezing it hard and pinching her engorged nipple.

As we were in a side on position, Suguna lifted her right leg and threw it over my left hip and moved closer to me. My free left hand found the top edge of her kameez and pushed it down further over her shalwar there by exposing her flat and smooth tummy.

As I rubbed it with my palm, she purred like a cat. Her skin was smooth and silky to my touch and taut there.

As my hand made a move to find the draw string of her shelwar, aunty pushed my hand away murmuring a 'not yet'. Her hands tugged at my shirt and I got the message. I quickly removed my T shirt and bunion.

With both our chests bared, we hugged again. As her small and bouncy boobs squashed against my hard chest, aunty gave a loud moan.

"Oh I love this, Sekhar," saying that she rubbed her tits all over my chest in a most erotic way, her hard nipples teasing me. Her slender arms went around me and held me tight to her. My hands roamed on her bare back that was cool and smooth to my touch.

"Do you like my boobs, baby? You like sucking them and fondling them? Do you want more? Are you hungry for more? Tell aunty what you want, my love," she cooed.

"Oh, aunty, I love your tits. They are so nice and bouncy and they taste good. I want all of you aunty, I want your tummy, your navel, your thighs, legs, feet, your buttocks...all of it, I am hungry, aunty."

As if to convince her, I caught her right hand in my left, guided it to the big bulge in my jeans where my tent was up and rested it squarely there. Suguna aunty convulsed as if she received a high voltage shock.

"Oh my god, what are you doing, Sekhar! This is all wrong, my dear," she mumbled weakly even as her hand explored and caressed the bulge. I pushed it even more against her soft palm.

"Hold it and see how big you have made it, aunty. It is very hungry for you." I mumbled too.

"Oh my lord! It feels so big to grip; thick and long. Did I tell you my secret, Sekhar? I am small, always been small. Everyone thinks of me as small. Even my womanhood looks small. But, I am deep within and always wanted and yearned for a big one!" She was excited.

"Yes, my boy, aunty always craved for a big one, a long and thick cock in her. So many nights I fantasized for a big one in my cunt even as a small one fucked me. Do you have the big one for me now, Sekhar?" She sounded delirious in her passion now.

There was only one thing to do now and do it quickly, I thought. Leaving her for a minute I undid my jeans and pulled them down. My jockey briefs followed them quickly. I guided her soft hands, her left to my balls and her right to my hard and erect cock.

"Hold it and see for yourself how hungry it is for your pussy, aunty. It wants to get into your nice cunt and fuck you like nobody ever fucked you before. It wants to fuck you so good that you would never want it to leave your cunt."

I kept talking even as I undid her shelwar and pulled it down. She had soft white cotton panties underneath. Her thighs were slim, hairless and toned and so were her legs. I let my left hand move along and feel the satin smoothness of her warm thigh from her knee to her panties.

Auntie's left hand transferred from my balls to my rigid cock while her right hand found my left and guided it to her panties. When my palm started caressing her panties, her hand quickly pushed my palm under her panties and to her clean shaven pussy. As i grabbed it eagerly she let out a sob.

"Oh my god, at last your hand is on my pussy. The nice, hard, young, male hand, rubbing my hungry pussy! Yes, my baby, please fondle my hungry pussy with your strong hand and fingers. It is so hungry for your touch, baby." Her words were rousing my passion higher and higher.

My hands pulled down her panties and I looked at her compact, small pussy that most certainly belied her age. My forefinger found her nether lips and my tip first made an explorative probe between those slightly open lips. I felt happy when my finger tip felt the wetness there. I slipped in my finger into her vaginal passage, all the way in.

As my forefinger invaded her womanhood, aunty shifted from her side on posture to flat on her back. As I pulled out her shelwar and panties from around her legs, she opened her slim legs wider. I let my middle finger join the fore finger in her cunt and started wiggling them together.

"Ahha, Sekhar, you naughty boy, what are you doing with those wonderful fingers to my hungry cunt. No man ever touched me there in ages. Your fingers are setting fire to my pussy. Do you see now how deep is my cunt, baby? I told you so. It looks small but it can take big, baby. Big like this," saying that she ran her hand over the entire length of my hard shaft.

Taking cue from her words, I let my third finger join the other two and holding the three together like a cock, I started finger fucking her cunt.

"Oh, baby, many a nights I used my fingers there while thinking of your young cock in my cunt and masturbated. Your fingers feel so different, baby and they are much better than mine in there. You don't know how much I need this, my love," she was blabbering now.

As her words became more incoherent, I felt her nearing a big orgasm. Sucking her right tit almost completely into my mouth, I moved my fingers faster and faster.

Suddenly Suguna's body stiffened and then she let go. I felt warm wetness flooding my fingers and her vaginal muscles twitching as she sobbed with the pleasure of her orgasm.

I didn't want to give her too much time. After a couple of minutes I pulled out my wet fingers and licked them a little. They tasted a mix of pungent and salty. When she saw me doing that, she smiled. I immediately pushed those fingers into her mouth and made her taste it too.

"See, how you taste, aunty," I said laughing.

Next minute I mounted over her and got into position, resting on my knees which were positioned on either side of her open thighs. Holding my now rampant cock with my right hand, I touched the wet helmet between her pink vaginal lips and stayed there.

Aunty moaned aloud as I stopped and raised her ass to get more cock in, but my hands pushed her down. I wanted to tease her a little.

"Oh, Sekhar, what are you doing, teasing hungry aunty? Please, baby, give me all of your big cock. My cunt is so hungry for your big, thick cock. Please, please, baby. Push it all in." she was frantic.

"Soon, aunty, very soon, but I want to make it so good for both of us. Let's talk dirty, aunty, real dirty," I said sliding an inch into her hot and wet cunt.

"Yes, my love, I always fantasized about talking dirty but I could never do it. Now I can do it with you, my baby."

"What was the biggest cock you had in your cunt, aunty?" I asked all excited.

"Hardly any experience there for me, Sekhar. My husband was small sized and his dick was about five inches long only and not thick either. With a pillow under my ass sometimes, we managed some sort of penetration and occasional orgasm."

"What about before marriage, aunty?"

"Just once, another man wanted to fuck me and he had a very big dick. He made me suck it. When he tried to put it into me I was too scared and too tight. I cried and he stopped." Very interesting, I thought and pushed in another two inches into her.

"Who was it, aunty and did you think of him again?" I asked curiously.

Obviously, the memory excited her in her current state, even after all these years.

"I can't tell you who it was. Yes, I did think of that big cock sometimes, particularly when I masturbated but not these days. Please, Sekhar, push it all in, baby and fuck me now." She sounded a little impatient with talk now.

I pushed all the way into her wet and hot cunt, till my cock lay buried to the hilt and my pubic bush rubbed against her bare pussy. Raising her hips slightly, aunty wound her legs around my waist and drew me even deeper.

Our bodies molded well into each other -- her body very fit due to years of yoga and my body blessed with the power of youth.

As I started my strokes, I remembered the golden rule that I had read somewhere but could hardly practice often. It said that the best way to make love is with seven or eight short strokes followed by a long stroke.

The rationale for this according to the author was that the first half of the vaginal passage is sexually more sensitive than the second half.

After a couple of minutes, her cunt got adjusted to my cock and also the rhythm of my stroking. At every long stroke, aunty would gasp and counter thrust, with her ass lifting. Gradually, I quickened the pace and her sighing matched the pace.

"Do you like my cock now, aunty?" I said stroking faster.

"Yes, dear, it is very good in there filling me so completely. I am floating now, "she sounded happy.

"My cock loves your cunt, aunty. It feels so good sliding in you, it is amazing," I replied.

My hands had the possession of her tight buttocks and ass and when she lifted her ass, my right hand slid under it and stayed there.

I wiggled my middle finger around and found her rose bud entrance to her tight ass. I caressed the rosebud and the wrinkles around with my finger tip. Her body gave a big jerk.

"Aaahhaa, that feels so good, please do it again," she whimpered.

In response, I started stroking her cunt faster with my cock while my fingers teased her ass hole, sending her into spasms. The decibel level of her moaning went up along with the pace of her breathing.

Her eyes acquired a glazed look and her ass moved constantly. My cock was literally bursting at the seams.

It was therefore no wonder that we both came together; more or less. I ejaculated in big spurts deep in to her and perhaps the first hot jet triggered her own mighty release.

A continuous sob like sound and umpteen movements of her cunt, hips and thighs told me that it was big for her too. Slowly and gradually, all the activities abated.

Our sweaty bodies rested together, side by side but still enjoined at our pelvic areas, my now limp cock still in her now full and peaceful cunt. Our eyes were shut and we were both lost in our own private bliss.

It was several minutes later that Suguna opened her eyes and kissed me lightly on my lips.

"Thank you, my dear, for giving me such incredible love; the best my body ever received," she said softly messing my hair.

"Glad you liked it so much, aunty. It was so incredible for me too."

"Actually I was scared, Sekhar, whether you would be disappointed by this old woman." She did sound honest saying that.

"I was scared too, aunty, whether I would be mature and adequate enough for you. But it was so incredible."

"My dearest, now that you have rekindled the passions in me and ignited my lust, I hope you won't leave aunty high and dry." She did sound a bit worried.

"Certainly not aunt but you know that in two weeks time I go back to my college."

"We can do a lot of things in two weeks, my love. First of all, aunty wants you to take her in her own big bed so that her back won't be bruised like now." She showed me her bruised back.

"Oh, I am so sorry, aunty, I should have brought along a much thicker bed sheet," I said.

"Or banged with lesser force? No way, my love, I love the bruises and also these crescents you made," she said showing me the marks my teeth left on her boobs.

"Anyway, aunty always had a few fantasies that were never fulfilled. May be we both could really enjoy them together, Sekhar?" she asked eagerly.

"Most certainly yes, aunty and may be you would love a couple of mine too, aunty?" I was just fishing.

"Yes, my love. But you must find a way of spending a whole night in my bed and in my arms. Only then we can become totally familiar with each other's body and needs." She said with longing.

"We will, aunty, I would love that more than anything." I replied, kissing her small boobs.

"You promised me a long ride and gave me the best ride of my life, Sekhar," She said, pulling me to her bosom once again.

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