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My First role as sex slave

My First role as sex slave

Hi everyone I had been married for 6 years now. Me and my husband having a good sexual relationship till now. Serving a master is always is my fantasy but I never achieve it. Around 6 months ago my husband went outside town due to office work. My ex Boyfriend is unmarried yet and we still used to talk over phones or text. That time when my husband was out of station he wants to come to my house to see me but I said no and we quarreled. He got angry and next day he came to my house and I was surprised and before I say anything he enters and grabs me and started to strip me down and slaps me in my face. After he fucks me I ask him to leave but he didn’t and he want me to teach me a lesson so he make me a slave.

I have been a complete sex slave to my ex-boyfriend for 3 days when my husband is away for office work.i do mean complete, i exist only for Master and i am at Master's service 24/7. There are no sessions. Every second of the three days i'm his object and i can be used for anything that Master wants at any moment in time. What i feel, think, if something hurts me, if i like it or not, has no importance. The only thing that has any importance is that Master gets all the pleasure He wants from me, without a even a single thought for me. This is the way it is and the correct way to be.

my General Rules for three days:

i don't get punish a lot since i obey every rule or command Master gives without questioning. When i do get punish is for not doing something the way i'm told or the way Master wants it done. Also i'm proud to be His sex slave to i'm eager to do the things Master wants me to do and follow the rules.

There are simple rules to follow at all times.

When it comes to clothes:
I'm never allowed any clothes within My house or Master's house or any of his bachelor friends houses, i must be completely naked with the exception of my collar which he brought, which i have on all the time. If i'm going out and need clothes, all clothes must be approved by Master and follow certain guidelines. If i'm to wear pants, they have to be booty pants(hot pants so short part of the ass is hanging out), and a camel toe has to be showing. Also no panties with pants. If it's a skirt, it has to be extremely short. General idea is that the skirt should finish just below Master's dick finishes (i say this because since i belong to Master my pussy or cunt really belongs to Him not to me, like the rest of my body). Blouses or shirt have to show has much has possible.All underwear must be used with direct permission of Master, if nothing is said i can't wear it.

A new rule is that if i am to be out i've must have a duct tape or clips in order to seal my nipples and my cunt all the time while i'm out of the house( if it's 10 hrs, then its 10 hrs).

If Master or any of His friend is near me, i must never be higher then their dick. Master and all of those Master has given permission to(all his friends and others), can used me for their pleasure at any moment , using me for whatever they want. this means that they can grope, fuck me anywhere they want, hit me, cum on or in me, make me swallow their glorious cum, in general terms whatever they want whenever they want it, without even having to talk to me or say something to me. i remembered, once was passing by one of Masters friends and without any warning He took me by my hair put my face in his dick and started face fuck me until He was satisfied. .

Another rule is that i must never clean the cum of me, without permission for it is a great honor to be given to cum.

All of this amount to they use me for a lot of gang bangs and bukkakes and every other wild thing they want to use me for. If Master forgets to give permission then i can't clean myself. I had a great fucking lessons on those three days and I lost my shyness also in these days. I almost being fucked by 8 to 10 guys which I don’t know several times in different times, all becoz of my master(my ex boyfriend). And my master used to fuck me every morning and night fuck.

When it comes to cleaning, i do keep the house clean and everything going around the house. I must admit that Master is a very clean person, so it's no much of a problem to do so. Also if Master goes to the bathroom to urinate i must take out his magnificent dick and hold it. i Also bathe Master and generally do all those kind of services like waking him up by sucking his dick and those kind of things too. All of them like everything else is an honor, for is a great honor to be Master sex slave.

i almost never hear my name anymore, for i don't deserve one I guess, usually i'm called slut, whore, bitch, pervert,pig, slave, or thing of that nature. This is all alright for this is what i am and want to be. i want to be Master 's sex slave, Master's dick. I'm proud to be that and serve a great Master.

Well i think this gives a general view of my first and last sex fantasy came true. I love more but he moved on and we never meet again although we talk over phones and text as her slave and till now my husband don't know about it.

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