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My Encounter With My Brother-in-law

My Encounter With My Brother-in-law

My name is Shruti and I am 34, 5 feet 4 inches tall. My figure is 36-28-36. I have been married for about 6 years and have reasonable sex life. My husband is good, loves me and provides well. We have reasonable sex life but nothing exciting or not much. This is a true story and happened two week back. My brother-in-law, Raj is few years older than my husband almost similar height but much well built. He is quite handsome and fun loving. I always thought that he also likes me but I don’t know if he likes more than a sister-in-law. Let me start the story about what happened. My brother-in-law Raj came to our city for a business meeting and will be staying with us for 2/3 days. First night when he was here we talked and laughed a lot. At about 11 PM my husband said that he has a meeting early in the morning and needs to go to bed. Raj and I stayed for a little bit longer and I noticed that Raj was flattering with me a lot. He was praising my figure that I kept it well after all these years. I kind of liked it but was not willing to encourage him much as my husband was sleeping in the next room. While I was going to my bed room Raj kind of touched my ass and pinched.

I was surprised but was happy that maybe something will happen. I looked and him and gave a naughty smile. Next morning I woke from the knocking on my bedroom. I saw that Raj is standing on the bedroom door. My husband went to his meeting without waking me up. I sleep with very small transparent night dress and no under garments as I don’t like to wear under garments while sleeping. So I was kind of shocked as Raj can easily see all my body parts. Raj said that he was looking for some fresh towels and saw my door open, so he just came in. He said he is sorry but was happily looking at my boobs. I tried to grab my gown but I could not find it right away, so I told Raj that I will get him a towel soon. Raj left and I went to my bathroom to wash. I wear a bath robe and brought a fresh towel went to guest bathroom. I heard the shower running so I knocked loudly couple of times and still there was no answer. So I tried the door knob and saw that it was open. I opened the door slightly and called for Raj. This time he heard me, turned off the shower. He then opened the shower curtain and asked me what I wanted. When he opened the shower curtain, he opened the entire portion and I could see him totally naked. Not only that he was naked but his dick was totally erect. His dick was few inches bigger than my husband’s dick and much fatter. I was just stunned and could not say anything but kept looking at his dick. He was looking very handsome and I wanted to feel that huge dick. He asked me again as to what I wanted. I stammer and told him that I got the towels and leaving them. He said Ok and kept messaging his dick. I then asked if he needed anything else. He immediately said yes. I asked him what else he wants. He told me that I could help soap his back as he could not do it himself. I hesitated to answer anything. He then came out of the shower and hold my hand and said let us take a bath together. I could not move and told him that this will not be right, even though I wanted to do that. He did not reply but closed the bathroom door and started to kiss me. He put his tongue inside my mouth. I was not in a position to stop or refuse. His hands started to explore my body. I slowly started to respond to his kisses and touch. I was getting hot and noticed that his dick started to push my pussy area. He started to kiss my neck area and I started to moan and my breathing became heavy. Raj got the signal and took my robe and night dress off. We are now both totally naked. He stepped a little far and started to look at my body. He said you are so very beautiful and such a hot figure. He said my brother must be fucking you everyday. I said no, we only have it maybe twice a week. He asked me if I want more. I said yes lot more. He then started to feel my entire body with his hand and started to suck my boobs. While sucking my boobs his other hand was feeling my cunt. I was very hot and wanted him to fuck me right then and there. But he was doing it slowly. I told him lets go to the bedroom, but he said no he wants to do it in the shower. His dick was so hard and strong that it looked like a missile trying to get separated from his body and enter me. He kept his hand on my breast and felt juicy melons with really erected nipples.

WOW!!! I was eagerly waiting for him and whispered in ears " I am ready for you take me and do what you like." He was kissing me on my neck and shoulder while his hands played with my breast. I closed my eyes and started enjoying. His kisses started to go downwards towards my pussy. His face and hands began to play between the innermost areas of my legs, massaging my clit until I become too hot. I started to drip cunt juices. He moved my knees up and outwards until I was completely spread. He was now looking at my fully open cunt and planted a kiss between the cunt lips. He started to suck and tonguing my pussy. I was extremely hot and asked him to fuck me right then. He said “what’s the hurry we have lots of time to enjoy”. He kept sucking and I started to move my pussy up and down a little. I started to moan and groan loudly and within few minute I had my first orgasm and held his head tight in my pussy. He sucked my pussy dry and then turned me around to enjoy my big buttocks. He slapped a few times on that butt. I gave a sigh of pleasure, "Ohhhhhhh... Hmmm…aaahhhh" He put his lips on my buttocks and a sudden shiver went through my body when he kissed there. He put several passionate kisses & light bites on that perfect pair of butt. We both went to the shower and he started to put soap on me. I took the opportunity to put soap on his big dick. It was hot and I wanted to take it in my mouth. I washed it and took it in my mouth. It was difficult but I liked to suck. In a minute or two he took it out of mouth and told me that he wants to put the first load of his cum inside my hot cunt. I said “I don’t want to get pregnant” as he don’t have condom. He replied “I want u to get pregnant little slut”. After listening this I didn’t able to say a thing. He then turned me around and wanted to fuck me from behind. I bend and spread my legs and was holding the bathroom wall. I pushed my hip up as much as I could so that he can have a clear view of my pink pussy. I told him to enter slowly as his dick is way larger than his brother. He told me not to worry and put some body oil on his dick and my ass and then started to push it slowly. Slowly but steadily he continued to exert pressure against me. "Uhhhhhhnnnnnnnnn," I was moaning loudly as he continued to press. He continued to press into me, until, with one heavy push, his dick slid all the way into me. I squirmed as I adjusted to the size of the dick lodged deeply inside my body. He began to thrust in and out of my hot cunt. Then I slowly began to move my hips with his rhythm. He then began to fuck me with hard rapid strokes, forcing my breasts to jump furiously on my chest as he powerfully rammed my cunt again and again like a piston moving inside an engine. His balls were hitting my ass as he and I both pushed to meet each other. Very soon he dumped a heavy load inside my pussy and at the same time I also had my second orgasm. Both of us were really in seventh heaven and at a final beautiful moment we came together and reached a terrific climax, which neither he nor I can explain. We finished our shower and went to the bedroom to change. I saw that Raj’s dick was still fully erect. I asked if he wants another round before the breakfast. Raj immediately agreed. Raj went to his meeting after lunch but within that time he has fucked me two more times. That night my husband told me that he has to go to another city for an urgent work and will be back after 3 days. Raj told him that he may be able to stay that long and give me company. My husband was happy and told me to take good care of his brother. When my husband left for his official trip, Raj and I will start our fucking sessions. We fucked in all imagining places like in terrace, garden, balcony and in night once in street at around 2 o'clock under a bus stop and we also did all different positions. After having sex at night, Raj used to come to my bed and sleep with me totally naked. On those 3/4 days I fucked countless of times. I know we fucked more than I would with my husband in 2 months. We still fuck whenever we get chance.

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