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Lost My Virginity After Breakup | English Sex Story

Lost My Virginity After Breakup | English Sex Story

This is a real story and not a fiction , the names used are fictional (obvious reasons)

I have been reading the stories on this site since a very long time and then decided that it’s time I should start too. This is my first story, so I hope you like it.

The first time I saw her , I was mesmerised by her breasts, they were so beautiful and elegant , going up and down as she hurried her way up to me. “Rahul , where can i find this book” , she gasped out of breath and that’s when I first saw her. I was a nerd back then and used to know all about books and readily helped her find it and that’s when she thanked me, and pressed her boobs on my arms. I was in heaven , they felt so soft and warm, but it was just a moment , she blushed and left.

Lost My Virginity After Breakup

Soon enough we started dating and because of studies I had a breakup, obviously , I was an asshole to leave a hot horny girl for this lame reason.

Time passed by, we lost contact, I came to Nagpur and that’s when she messaged “Abhi bhi mjhe yaad karke muth maarta hai ?” I lost words , I had seen her nude before , touched her breasts and kissed her a lot , she had great assets of 34-28-34. But I still was a virgin. “Yes , thrice a day 😉 ” I replied

“Want to have the real fun?”
Things started to get hot , but then slowly they went cold.
After 6 months I had vacations and came back home , and decided to pay her a visit .

I had no idea that I would be losing my virginity that day ! So I just bought a few chocolates for her as a present and knocked her door.
She opened up , and gave me a warm hug , pressing her tits on my chest . I got aroused , but controlling myself , I handed over the chocolates to her , saying that they were a present from my side for not wishing her on her birthday. Then we started talking about how life was and all kinds of shit ! She suddenly asked me “let’s have sex ?”

I grew hot , I didn’t know how to respond , sitting in front of my ex and being aroused all the while , as soon as she asked this , I said “why not?”

She pulled over all the curtains and the living room was all dark , we came closer and I started to kiss her lips lightly at first and then went in for a deep kiss , putting my tongue inside her mouth. Initially she didn’t respond but then started kissing me wildly , leaving behind cuts on my inner lips . I decided to bring in a twist , I asked her to bring the chocolates , and take some in her mouth , now we were kissing while exchanging the melted chocolates.

We kissed for around 15-20 mins and ate 2 dairy milk silks and then I inserted my hand inside her top and inside her bra and started pinching her nipples while my other hand was on her ass. She was very very wild , and soon stripped herself off and took my clothes off too , she was a hungry for my big cock , continuously moving her hands on my Hulk.

I lift her up and take her to her mother’s bed , and throw her on the bed and lie on top of her.

She was biting my , scratching my back , kissing me continuosly.
I slid down her panty and started fingering her , she was moaning aaah aah aaaah aaaaah. I then asked her to bring some ice , she asked me why , I said just bring it ! I then inserted ice cubes in her pussy , she was moaning in pleasure , screaming my name “ Rahul .. Fuck me rahul aaaah please fuck me I can’t control any longer” but I wanted to tease her more , so I inserted my second finger in her asshole and started pumping both her holes simultaneously , she was leaking heavily and took deep breaths , in a blink of an eye , she got up , pushed me down on the bed , started rubbing my cock with her hands and then guided it in her love hole , and started riding me , what a scene it was !

Big boobs bouncing up and down as she jumped up and down my cock , both of us shouting on top of our voices , she was a virgin too , as her blood was all over my dick , but she didn’t feel pain at all , she was high on pleasure “rahul fuck me , fuck me harder “ , I grabbed her ass and spanked them for some time , and then made them bounce harder. Finally we both came together and slept on each other , she still on top of me with my dick inside her pussy , we woke up an hour later as her mom called her and said that she will come in 30 mins , we had another quick fuck and then I left .

After that we had sex on a number of occasion that grew hardcore , but the rest of the story depends upon the response I get from you , please drop by comments and suggestions on how could I have improved my story.
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