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Lesbian With My Tuition Teacher | English Lesbian Sex

Lesbian With My Tuition Teacher | English Lesbian Sex

I’m saleena from Malappuram. This is a true story which happened to me.

This incident happened when I was just 18(I was in 10th class) . As I was weak in mathematics I went to a tuition to our maths teacher. She was a brown skin toned women in her late 30’s( aged around 37-39). She had a good body which is similar to that of kavya nair. She was very short tempered and gets angry easily. I started going to her tuition one month before the public exam, I went regularly to her home between 5 to 7:30 pm for tuition. Her husband is a carpenter who works in Kozhikode(comes only once in a month). She had 1 child aged 12. This day was a usual day, I went to her tuition as usual. As usual, after I went she opened my door and welcomed me in and told me to study. I started learning and she was doing some kitchen works.

After that, she came to me and asked me if I had any doubts. I asked some doubts and she sat beside me and helped me to do some problems. (she was wearing a red colour nighty that day.) she helped me with trigonometry and other problems after that she went to the kitchen and came back. She told me to stay with her that day if I wanted to complete the chapter. I agreed and she quickly called my dad and said about it. And he was more happy to hear about it because he thought I would get good grades.So after 8:30 she prepared dinner and served us(her child also). I ate it and went to study meanwhile after drinking milk her child went to bed. Until then I didn’t have any bad intentions on her nor did she I think. Till 10:30 she thought me sums and we successfully finished one chapter. After that, we both went to bed. She offered me a separate room and went to her room and slept.

I was very scared to be alone. I wasn’t feeling sleepy too. I went to her room. I was very scared and didn’t feel comfortable to wake her up. But I gathered courage and woked up her. She was surprised to see me there at that time. She enquired me about the matter and in told her that I was afraid to sleep alone. Then she told me to sleep with her. I was very relieved. And I went and slept beside her. Usually in my house I drink boost(energy drink) before I sleep. I badly wanted to drink boost that day, I woke her up again. Then she really got frustrated and asked me for what I again woke up her. I told her that I wanted to drink boost. She was frustrated and told me to sleep. I was scared to call her again but I felt disappointed in mind that she told like that. Now I guessed in mind that she was a lazy person. I tried to sleep hard. But I wasn’t feeling sleepy at all.

After 10minutes to my surprise she called me “Saleena”. In was very surprised . I asked her what was the matter. She told me that she felt very bad that she told me like that. And she told me that she felt very 4th disturbed in her sleep that’s what why she told me like that. I told her that it’s ok. She told me that milk is over, her child drank all milk which was left and she asked me if you don’t mind come here. I went near her. I didn’t for what she called me. As soon as my face was near her she removed her nighty zip and pushed my head towards her milk boobs. I was very surprised excited and very nervous as well. I told her I don’t want, but she told me, no problem you are also like my child drink it.

Lesbian With My Tuition Teacher

And she pulled my head near her nighty zip. When I reached near her mighty zip I got a pleasant aroma of her body. I reached to her zip and peeped inside her nighty, there was a big milk tanks which was firmly holded by a bra. I told her that her bra has to be removed. She then told me that “Only in can offer you milk you can’t expect me to do everything , go and do whatever you want “. I then put my hand behind her and put my hand inside her nighty and removed bra hooks. Now bra was loosened and I took her bra out through front zip and smelled it, there was a good smell of that pleasant aroma in that bra. She told me then to drink everything and not to waste a drop. I put my head inside her nighty and searched for that source(nipples). After a long search she caught my head and put it in correct position of her nipples. As soon as I got the source in my mouth I started drinking all her sweet milk from her.

During that time she was massaging my head, I suckled on her big cherry nipples, her boobs was big in size. I liked it very much. Before finishing first tank my stomach was full. I continued to drink as this was rare opportunity. After finishing first one she took my head and asked if I want any more?. I told her yes. Again she pushed my head into her mighty and placed on the nipple of her other boobs. Now as my hunger is over I started to tickle and enjoy her boob. I was about to finish her milk. She pulled my head and said naughty girl, and laughed. I felt shy, again I dived inside and drank all her milk, after some time I slept with her boobs in my mouth. Next day I woke up at 8:00am , she smiled at me and said go go and brush and come I will give your favorite boost. I then smiled and went to bathroom and came back. She gave me a cup of boost.

I didn’t know what happened to me but suddenly I kept boost down and opened her zip of her nighty as if I have some rights on her. She was surprised and didn’t react. I saw that she didn’t wear bra I soon left my head inside and suckled her. After finishing her milk I took my head out. She laughed at me and said miss what is this. I didn’t know what to react and felt ashamed to face her. She adjusted her nighty and said its ok go now. I went and sat at the table for studying after a while she came to me and thought me 2 sums, and she casually asked my why I behaved like that in morning . I didn’t tell her anything. Then she said its ok little girl come we can study now. We finished one chapter by afternoon. (her child has gone to school. Since I was having study leave I was there.) then we both ate lunch and had some chat in other topics . She asked me that she had done so much favour for me right from yesterday and requested to do a favor for her inturn. I was really surprised to hear this from her. I nodded my head.

She told me that since her husband is not there she was not at all satisfied with her sexual wants and she told me today morning activity has triggered her to ask this. I nodded again keeping my head down. She suddenly held my face in her hand and kissed my mouth lip to lip. We both now were standing, we kissed for about 5minutes. Without even telling me anything she slowly pushed my shoulder down. I without any resistance automatically started going down very slowly bit by bit. She continued to push me down while still kissing after reaching near her knees I don’t know why I did it but automatically I lifted her nighty end and went inside her nighty(I was totally inside her) I pulled her panty down, I was feeling her perfume smell, I right away went and suckled on her pussy like a baby suckling milk. She was moaning lightly.. Owwww…Aaah.. Mmmm… Hhaaa. Etc I was continuing as if I was born to do this. She adjusted her leg slightly and pushed my head with her hand tightly to her pussy.

I licked her in that position for about 45minutes. After some times she pulled me out and kissed me. And told me that I’m a good girl and I’m her best student. She made me lie down on the floor. I didn’t know what she wanted me to do but I listened to her. Suddenly she whispered in my ears you drank my milk don’t you want my juice and other things?. I nodded my head. She right away sat on my face pressing her pussy to my mouth. Again as if I was fortunate I vigorously licked and suckled her pussy. For 50 minutes, she cummed inside my mouth with full force. That juice was really tasty. Even after she was tired I suckled on her pussy like a baby. She smiled at me and pulled my face even tighter to her pussy. After about 5minutes I felt some salty liquid in my mouth. Yes, she slowly passed urine in my mouth.

I took my mouth and her. That I want her urine in full force. Then she made me stand and pushed my head near her pussy and pissed fully in my mouth. I drank that all. She told me that it’s enough I won’t ask you anything here after. But then I told her that I daily want her urine and cum. She smiled and said ok, daily come to tuition and get some. After 5.00pm that day my dad picked me and took me to my home. That night I was totally thinking about my teacher. Next day when I went to tuition. She opened the door. As soon as she opened the door I went underneath her mighty and removed her panty and started to suck she then cummed harder on my face. And pulled me out.

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