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How I Lost My Virginity To My Aunt | Indian Sex Story

How I Lost My Virginity To My Aunt | Indian Sex Story

I am Ajay from gulberga and I am a medico 22 years old now. This incident took place two years back when I got admitted to the medical college here in gulberga. My paternal aunt (atte) was staying in gulberga. She was my father’s youngest sister. She is 42 years old now.This happened when she was 40. She was good looking ,sexy, very attractive, her assets were seductive .This incident happened during my vocation,after my admission.

I was supposed to stay in the hostel. Before this incident around 3 years back she came to my village in holidays. It was summer there was frequent powercut in our village so in the night we used to sleep on the terrace. At that time I was in 10th class.Believe me friends I didn’t have any sexual desires at that time not a we were sleeping on terrace (me , my aunt ,my sister ,my grandma, my cousin brother) my parents were sleeping in room itself.I slept early.After some time my aunt came and she slept besides me.

She was wearing nighty. In the midnight when I wokeup I was shocked..Because my face was on her chest between her breasts…Her hand was on my head pressing my towards her chest…Actually I was not mature enough at that time so I didn’t proceed (later I cursed myself for that)…This ended here …as usual in the morning she was acting as if nothing has happened…later after few days she went to her place…After two years I started reading sex stories, and I remembered my incident(above).Now I was mature enough and I cursed my self for not proceeding that day further…this incident made me to see my aunt in a different way …I was attracted towards her…many a time I tried to enjoy with her …but the fear in my mind made me not to move ahead….after a year I got medical seat in her place only …I was very happy now.. I decided to spend my remaining 15 days holidays with her…

I told my parents regarding this and they agreed…I went to her home with my laugage.she gave me a warm welcome she hugged me..her breasts pressed against my chest…my penis got erected…but I managed to control it so that she will not notice it…her husband was working in PDS department…frequently he use to get transferred from one city to another…presently he is working in vijapur…he would come once or twice a month to gulberga…she also had one son(single) and he was younger to me…he was studying in Bangalore…so we were only two in the home…in the evening we were discussing about our family …and the discussion ended up-to 8pm. Now she asked me what u want in the dinner…I told whatever u prepare I will have it…we had dinner…while sleeping I told her that I will sleep in her sons room it was 10:30pm…listening to me she told me why don’t u sleep in my room as I am alone…I told no…but she insisted me to sleep with her….now I remembered the inside which happened when I was in 10th class…then I told yes…we went to her room…we slept bed was not that much large enough…so while sleeping our body parts touched with each other…I was getting hornier…she didn’t do anything I was expecting something from her but she didn’t do anything…later I only initiated…

How I Lost My Virginity To My Aunt

I kept my right hand on her stomach later I found that she moved even closer to me…my hand was now on her lower back near her butts…after some time she kept her left leg on my thighs….now I got full erection…I was very happy that she was responding and she is not sleeping…but somewhere in my mind there was fear…I controlled my self from proceeding further…after some time she moved even closer to me…she kept her one hand on my neck …later she moved my head towards her face…now our lips were very close (around 0.5m) I could feel her breath it was very hot…I could feel the aroma of her phermones…my heart was beating too fast and I was sweating…I moved further now our lips touched with each others lips…she started to smooch me …it was my first kiss…her saliva was so sweet…I also broke the fear and started to enjoy the kiss…I couldn’t not believe what was happening with me…for sometime I thought it to be my dream…but it was real…now our bodies locked with each other …earlier we were under two blankets…now we were under single blanket… we hugged each other very tightly…it was my first time so was not knowing what to do next…she told me not reveal this one to anyone…later she moved her hand on my chest …I also did the same to her…

I put my hand inside her nighty from above…I touched her breasts they were warm…current passed in my body…I started to press them she moaned…she moved her hands into my pant and later into underwear…she touched my erected penis…it got still more harder some sort of fluid came out of my penis…she stared to move my penis back and forth…later I raised her nighty up-to her stomach(this all was happening under blanket itself) I kept my hand on her pelvic region on her underwear…it was somewhat wet…I took my hand inside her underwear…ohhhh her genital was covered with full of hairs…I was having good knowledge about the sexual organs of females as I am science student then I touched her clitoris…it was erected…during all this she was busy in kissing me …later she told that we should get undressed I told yes …within minutes we became nude…she was very horny now…i was amazed to see her nude body…it was really wonderful…we again hugged with each other very tightly…

I could feel the heat from her body….she too was sweating…she started to suck my penis…I was really enjoying that moment…as I remember from sex stories they will tell that they sucked the pussy…but I felt bad… but later I thought I should also give a try…I kept my mouth on her vagina some fluid was oozing out of her vagina it smelled good I tasted it now I started to lick her labia majora and labia minora…I moved my tongue in her slit….after 10-20minutes I went on her she held my penis in her hand and kept it on the entrance of her vagina and guided it insied…now I was moving forward and backwards…she was moaning…I was above and she was on the bed….after some time I ejaculated my sperm inside her…I was exhausted now and slept on her…she was still kissing me…my penis size reduced abruptly…some fluid came out of her vagina…it was mixed with my sperm she was still busy in kissing me on my lips and entire face….after some time she made me to sleep on the bed and she reached my genital area and she started sucking my penis…again it increases in size and became rigid…this time she was above me and I was below she took my penis in her hand and guided it into her vagina….she moved up and down and both of us were moaning…after some time again we experienced the orgasm….again the fluid came out of her vagina and it spred all over my stomach and thighs….she too was exhausted and she slept over me she went on kissing me…her weight was too much around65kg but I was enjoying that…later we slept side by side by locking our nude bodies…she was kissing me I was pressing her breasts…we slept nude itself I didn’t see at what time we slept…

Next morning I woke up at10:30am…I was still nude…I dressed my self and felt guilty regarding the incident…but later I stoped grieving…and I went to see my aunt…she was in kitchen preparing breakfast…we had breakfast…she was also somewhat sad…but later she also enjoyed and she was happy…in the afternoon I went to my new college to check the hostel….

After that many incidents happened between us in different positions ,different places and new styles which I will explain in the forthcoming parts….
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