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Fun With Shreya Inside Woods | English Sex Story

Fun With Shreya Inside Woods | English Sex Story

This incident happened during my btech days.I had a friend called as Shreya. Initially we did not talk to each other much but as the time had passed we slowly stated talking each other and with in a few days we became good friends.We used to sit close to each other in parallel rows me at corner and she at the starting so that we can interact with each other.Our bond slowly developed and we became very very close with each other I was very good at studies so we used to hangout for combined studies and I used to stare at her boobs.Forgot to tell her stats 34-28-32 which I came to know later she is an absolute angel.She used to note me staring but she never reacted to it.We used to have late night chats with each other and slowly we started about love and romance she was very open with me and she told her opinions very openly these chats increased our closeness with each other.Slowly we started talking about sex and one night we had a nice sex chat over phone the whole night she loved it like hell.We used to maintain two separate personalities in class we are just friends but wen we are alone things are different.I used to kiss her on her cheeks and lips and touch her a bit she used to respond very well but we never got a change.Days continued like that and I couldn’t resist any more and need her badly I told her the same during our sex chats at night ,initially she said its wrong etc etc but slowly I convinced her.

We made a plan during our exams and she told her parents that she needs to have combined study with her friend and she will come back home by night 12. Shreya is absolutely an angel milky beauty and the most beautiful one.As per our plan we met at 6 pm near her house and picked her on my bike and we went for a long ride outside the city.We chatted normally she was hugging me and we are talking very close during our journey and I couldn’t resist at all . There is a place in the outskirts of the city which is very lonely and full of bushes.We went there and I am absolutely sure that no one is there.I parked my bike there held her hand and we started walking into those woods, we walked for about half km and its an absolutely lonely place out of the city surrounded by tall trees and plants.

As soon as we reached there we hugged each other with lots of lust and affection.I took the initiative and kissed her on her forehead and cheeks and her ears.The moment I started kissing her ears she moaned slowly and I just loved it.I kissed her on her lips and she responded back and we had a very deep liplock for ten minutes, we had a deep french kiss and shes really really awesome.That day she was wearing a white churidar.I need to be downed near her removed her top a bit up kept my lips on her waist and started kissing her waist ,I cant describe the feeling it’s very very soft I kept my tongue inside her navel and licked it and kissed her waist badly aww she is moaning slowly and I absolutely enjoyed it.It was pitch dark so it couldn’t see it properly , I then removed her top and she co-operated very well.I started my flashlight of my mobile so that I can see it , initially she resisted but she accepted that it’s her first time and she is a virgin guy she’s very very shy at that moment.Wen I saw her with the flash light she is fabulous guys , her eyes are full of shy and horniness and her boobs are bulging out her bra.

Fun With Shreya Inside Woods

I removed her bra instantly her boobs are hanging. I immediately kept my lips on her breast and started to kiss her boobs.She is twisting her body badly and slowly moaning.I kept her entire left breast inside my mouth and started sucking it badly and pressing the other breasts her moans increased a lot.I sucked both of her breasts badly they are big the exact size I just loved it.I hugged her from back cupped both her breasts with my hands and pressed them slowly and we started lip locking each other and exchanging saliva.We were french kissing badly and at the same time I was cupping her breasts we both became very very very horny.I removed her bottom and she was only with her panties we started hugging each other.I asked her to remove my pant and she did it.Initially, she declined to hold my dick but she slowly started to give me a handjob.I removed her panties and she is nude and exposing every bit of her she was very very shy.

I kneel downed at her and slowly started to hold her back and kiss her thighs she is responding very well and her moans increased.Then I went near her pussy it was clean shaved I turned on my flash light again and I saw her pussy its the best thing ever no hair and completely shaved I couldn’t resist and slowly kept my tongue inside her pussy and started licking it it is very wet and juices are flowing from her pussy she is moaning very badly I slowly increased my pace and started licking deep inside her pussy and holding her ass cheeks with my hands.I kissed her pussy like that for fifteen minutes after that I started fingering her with my finger initially it was very tight and I started to finger her slowly she was moaning very loud and I started her fingering very very fast and then she cummed I drank every drop of her fluid and I just loved the fragrance of her pussy.I then turned her back and saw her ass its simply awesome and I started kissing her ass cheeks slowly they are very very soft, after some time I spread her ass cheeks , kept my tongue inside her ass and started licking her ass badly she started moaning and she absolutely enjoyed it and shes back to track again after orgasm.I licked every inch of her ass very deep and we both just loved it.

She then nee downed and removed my underwear and kept my 7inch dick inside hr mouth.Its very very soft and she started sucking it that was the best moment I ever had she was damn horny and sucked it badly.She even sucked my balls and every inch of my penis badly.After some time she increased the pace I told i was about to orgasm she did not listen and I crammed inside her mouth.She drank every drop of it.We both hugged each other nude feeling each other bodies and I was cupping her ass during that time.After a few minutes, I placed a large cloth on the ground sufficient for us both.I slept on the ground and I asked her to sit on my chest and slowly I made her pussy on my face I started licking her pussy badly and with my hands, I am cupping her back badly I kissed her for about ten minutes like that.I made her sleep there spread her legs and slowly start to finger her I inserted my top finger slowly and started to finger her and later I tried with 2 fingers and after some struggle (I am sure I don’t hurt her) 2 fingers are inside her pussy and started to finger her very very badly and she was moaning karthikkkkk loudly.

I spread her legs and she knew my intention that I didn’t get condoms and we were in no stage to talk about all these I kept my penis slowly at her vaginal entrance and slowly kept inside half of my penis went inside ,I gave a slow stroke she started to bleed ,pained a bit for her but I assured her that it will be fine and my dick is completely inside her pussy.I then started to give strokes slowly she is moaning hard with my name I increased my pace and we both cummed. We are completely exhausted and satisfied, I asked her that I want to have pics of her boobs pussy n ass she accepted it as she trusts me and I trust her I took the pics and this incident happened one year back and even now I store these pics securely with me very responsibly.I tasted her back after that, we dressed each other and left the place and I dropped her home.We are very good friends and care a lot each other even now.
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