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Fucked A Girl Very Hard | English Virgin Sex Story

Fucked A Girl Very Hard | English Virgin Sex Story

I’m regular reader of this site. After reading lots of experiences from males and females, today I had thought to share my experience with u. Its happened with me in last month. Basically, I’m also a common guy and have same feelings like u all. I had so many female friends but I never had sexual contact with anyone. In life of 23 yrs I came across so many incidents where I had an opportunity to seduce girls but I never converted it into an action. I used to repent for this. But my goodness gave me life time experience. Recently I have been transferred to bangalore. First time in my life I visited bangalore. For few initial days I was in love with this place and the kind of culture followed by bangaloren people. But gradually I was feeling loneliness.

After completing office hours only one question used to come in front me and that was how to kill the remaining time. For that purpose I started going to fitness club. Because of heavy work outs remaining time I started sleeping. But again after few days going to gym all alone was very boring thing. Then I started visiting gardens, market and beaches just to kill the time. Then one of my colleagues suggested me to shift into one locality near to his house which is decent and very nice. Till then I was 2 months old in bangalore. I shifted to suggested flat. It was located in nice area. Market and all essential things r very close to that place and even people living that society seems very standard and high class. Because of new place and people, again I started liking bangalore. One fine day I went to market to purchase one pillow and bed sheet for me. I found that there was one scheme on purchasing 3 bed sheets and 3 Pillows together. As I required only 1 bed sheet, so I picked the one of each and headed towards to bill counter. Suddenly one middle aged woman was waiving her hands in my direction. I got confused about her actions.

Fucked A Girl Very Hard

Then she came to me and asked “if u r purchasing, can we buy it together so that we can share our benefit together.” From her looks and dressing I guessed she must be belongs to some high society. But I surprised with her discount consciousness. So I said ok. Then I went with her to select pair of pillows and bed sheets for her and by selecting those we came at billing counter. There was lengthy queue at counter. Meanwhile she started asking me random questions like where I live and where I work…. all this general questions. But surprisingly I came to know that she also lives in same society of mine. She started asking some further question about my work and family and all. As I said I work as SAP consultant in one MNC and live alone. She got surprised that I’m living alone in bangalore. She was showing sympathy on me and was saying how poor I’m & all the stuff. Then I asked about her she said she lives with her in laws and children. So I thought she forgot to tell me about her husband and then I inquired about him. She said her husband is working in Dubai as chef. He used to visit bangalore once in 3 or 6 months. She said we both were some how on same track. I didn’t get what she was trying to say.

Meanwhile we reached at billing process she paid the bill and I gave her my share. Then by completing our payments we came out of that shop and I was heading towards my bike. She was waiting for something, so asked her any problem. She said no, and awaiting for pilot or auto rickshaw. Then I don’t know how but frankly I said, “I won’t mind being your pilot madam.” We both started laughing and she sat besides me with full of bags. Purposefully I drove slowly and reached into our society. I dropped her in parking space of our apartment and locked my bike. She was waiting there for me. Once I reached near to her, she gave her mobile to me and asked me to save my number. I did it and gave 1 missed call on my mobile. Then we exchanged our number and names. Oh sorry forgot to tell u our names, mine is Jay and she was Melisa (Changed for privacy). Then for few days I’ve not seen her around. So one day in evening I called her to inquire about her health and all. We exchanged hello but I felt that she didn’t recognize me. So again I introduced myself. Then she said sorry and inquired about me. It was coffee time so she asked me to come down to her flat for cup of coffee. Even I was getting bored so I readily accepted her proposal. I wake up, got fresh and went to her place.

Once I reached at her place she welcomed me with smile and introduced me to her in laws and children and then started asking me for some snacks and all. Then after having coffee I left her house and after that any how we had managed to keep in contact by exchanging smile or small talk in the morning when she used came down to drop her children into school van. One day I got call from her that her husband is not coming on Christmas and her whole family will miss him, so she was asking me to accompany her family on Christmas day. I readily agreed as I was interested to celebrate Christmas. And that day came. It was holiday so I woke up late. And 10 in the morning I got call from her, she wished me happy Christmas and invited for breakfast. I said ok and I went to her flat. She was looking like angel; sorry I forgot to describe about her status. She was around 35yrs old, 5’4’’ height, very fair and had very prominent features. She must be 38:32:36. On that day she was wearing a sexy dress, due to that her melons were clearly visible. I rarely stare at private parts of any women but it was so reveling and beautiful that I couldn’t resist. Meanwhile she caught me when I was staring at her boobs. And gave hard look I felt bad but suddenly she exchanged naughty smile. Then she served me breakfast and after that asked me to watch TV. I did so and after half an hour she called me in kitchen and started asking about my schedule. I replied that I’ve no plans for the day. Then she asked me to take her to market to buy some sweets and other stuff. I agreed.

Then she finished her work in kitchen and went into change room. She walked with skin tight T shirt and jeans. She was looking super hot. By holding my breath I confessed that Melisa mam u r looking very beautiful. But naughtily she asked what’s more beautiful in her. I got confused and fumbled in answering this question. She understood my situation and started laughing. We came down in parking and I took my bike and asked her sit on back seat. When she sat at backside, I felt that her boobs were penetrating onto my back. It was very nice feeling. It was arousing me. I started thinking bad about her. In same mind set while riding the bike she confessed that she was missing her husband. I thought it was normal kind of missing. So I said don’t worry I wont let u miss him. She took some different meaning of what I said to her and asked what u bangalorenna do? I said I’ll do anything that gives u happiness. She smiled and said u r like kid. Doesn’t u understand woman has different needs from her husband? Then I… understood what she was missing. So for instance I kept mum. But suddenly she asked, Jay if you don’t mind can I ask for something? I said mam I’ve already committed that I’ll do anything for ur happiness. Pls tell me what was that? She hesitantly asked that can I satisfy her physical needs. I got shock by her direct question. I was trying to change the topic but she asked me again. I asked r u sure that u need some1 else in your life? She nodded. I had mixed kind of feeling. I asked her but how and when u wants this? She said that part I should leave up to her. I said ok.

Two three days passed and on one fine after noon she called me and said today she can manage and asked can she come to my place for few hours till evening. I But I was not ready to do it at my place because it was quite risky if any1 see us while entering into my flat. So I asked, won’t it possible at her place? She agreed. We planned to meet after her in laws departure from her to some relatives for function till evening. I wind up my office work I bluffed that I had headache and left for the home. In my way to home I visited a medical store and purchased packet of condom and some cold drinks and started heading towards our apartments. I parked the bike and called her. She confirmed me that her in laws left home and went to some relatives and won’t come back till evening then I entered into lift, I was so tensed that I could hear my heartbeats very clearly.

Once I rang the bell she opened the door with one hand and her other hand was busy with tying her hair. She was wearing silky night gown of pink color. She was not wearing any bra, her nipple was poking out. She was looking goddess of sex. I couldn’t speak anything and meanwhile she was behaving very normal. Her behavior was making me very uncomfortable. Finally she came and sat on my lap and started playing her soft fingers on my lips and neck line. I too started playing with her sexy curves. We were looking into each others eyes and finally ice broken and we indulge into a deep kiss. We started exchanging saliva. She has climbed on me and kissing each other with gr8 passion like true lover. Meanwhile I started playing with her melons from her gown. She understood that gown was disturbing me in having those melons in bare hands.

Once she freed her melons I was amazed to see such big and stiff boobs. I couldn’t dream about such boobs. I was astonished to touch that most beautiful pair of boob I’ve ever seen in my life. I started sucking her nipple like baby and continued for almost for 5 to 10 minutes. I was caressing her boobs in such gentle way. We were doing this at sofa so it was little uncomfortable. She asked me t follow her into her bedroom. It was fully decorated and with ambiance I was feeling more excited. I pull her on to bed and climbed on her. She was in just wearing black color net panty. I started gentle kissing her lips then on forehead then on cheeks and chin and then on neck simultaneously I was playing with her belly button. Which was so beautiful? I again started sucking her nipples; I was trying to eat her big melons. She was moaning like aaahhhh…. Aaaahhhhh…. She was pleading for hard sucking and love bites. I squeezed it very hard like I was milking her. Then again I started kissing her, and moved my one hand along her panty line. I squeezed her milky and fleshy thighs. What experience it was? She was moaning and moaning. When I touched her pussy hole she jumped into excitement like newly married girl. Her panty was wet with love juices. I started to finger her pussy over her panty. It was very exciting thing for her. She asked me to lick her love juice and in second I jumped into her legs and started eating her pussy. It was cleanly shaved, little dark outside and having pinkish layers inside. It was very hot like some volcanoes were coming out. Smell of her love juice was making me mad, I liked it because first time in my life I’m seeing a beautiful pussy and got chance to test its fluid.

After continuing this act for 2-3 minutes she started moaning loudly and pushing my head dip into her pussy. I understood that she was near to her first climax. I was really very excited to watch female ejection from such close view. Literally I was tongue fucking her pussy. I was trying to insert my tongue more and deeper like I was trying to catch something with my tip of tongue. Finally she grunted aloud and suddenly a jet of liquid falls on my face. By seeing all this she was hiding her face. I stood up and went close to her and looked into her eyes, I was so happy to see her smiling with satisfaction. Then after few minutes of chat she started removing my cloths and in minutes I was naked in front of her.

She pushed me to the bed and started kissing all over my body and finally she took my manhood into her soft hand started pulling it like hanging toy and then slowly she bend down and took my manhood into her soft & pinkish lips and started licking it like candy. She was not able to take it completely into her mouth but she was trying it again and again. She was trying to take it deeper. Due to my manhood’s length it was hitting into her deep throat. She was fully excited and ready to start real action so she asked me to start the fucking play. I took one strawberry flavored condom and wore. As this was my first time I was little confused how to take the position but guys she was expert in teaching me all kind of sex position. She came at the corner of bed, kept two pillows under her butt and guided me to insert it. Initially it was little painful for both of us but then I was feeling like I’m in different world. Her pussy layers were contracting in such manner like they are saying welcome to my dick.

Finally I inserted ¾ of my dick and in next step I pulled it outside and gave a forceful jerk so that I could insert it completely. Because of this pose I was hitting her deep inside. She was shouting loudly. I got afraid after her reaction but she said that she was doing it after so many months that’s why it was little painful and asked me to carry on my act. Then gradually I came in to and fro motion. When I fell like Cumming we used to change position and after playing this motion for 10 to 15 minutes mean time she came twice. Then after long session I fell like Cumming and told her then suddenly she woke up and removed my condom and started stroking my dick. In between she used take it into her mouth and after few more strokes I exploded tremendously on all over her body. She cleaned all the sticky stuff with napkin and came close to me ad slept besides me. She was looking very satisfied. We kissed each other like true lover and she started caressing my hair. She kissed me on my forehead and thanked me. After half an hour rest we cleaned our self and I left her place. I came to my apartment and messaged her thanks about her gift and said I won’t forget her in my whole life. Then in last week her husband visited her and the whole family shifted to other city. But we are in contact. May b after few weeks her husband will leave for Dubai. If anything happens I’ll let u know. This was first ever experience of my life. Please Excuse if at any point of story I made u feel like bore or lengthy. Actually I was putting down whole incident happened with me 
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