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First Time Sex With Desi Call Girl | Virgin Sex Story

First Time Sex With Desi Call Girl | Virgin Sex Story

I am very eager to know more about sex I even try to fuck myself. Like inserting fingers in my asshole to touch g spot couldn’t get any kind of pleasure. I m fair and normal guy very interested in and about sex. I always had a thought to have sex with a girl but didn’t get any girl whom I can fuck for my bad luck. I read stories where a boy would seduce girls and aunty for sex appeal. But I never had or got chance like other stories.

One day I was searching for nude pics I got to know about call girl so I searched for it and I got a website locanto where I could find many call girls profile and with descriptions I called and tried some of them I got one near my place.

I went around for 4 clock and I met a broker who fix these meetings. He asked me the advance I gave him 1000 rupees. He showed some girls pics I selected one girl. I was new to it and didn’t have much information he asked me whether I would go outcall. I told him I’m new to it as he was close to me he managed to control his laugh. They took me to some other area by his vehicle. I thought it was area of prostitute

Button was a lodge. I asked him where he was taking me he told his area I didn’t get him at first and started to think and I assumed some prostitute houseor a girl’s house. He took me to a lodge and got me a room. I waited their ten minutes eagerly waiting for my first experience and it was the girl who I had selected came to the room. I asked her name she said aishwarya and she was fair with 32b nicely built.

I couldn’t wait and started to move towards her and asked her to sit next to me. She sat I took my phone out and opened some porn videos which I had downloaded before I showed her and asked her if we can try some things out of these she was in watching porn she was in mood I could notice by her reactions after seeing porns about 10 min.

We were in deep mood. I asked her shall we begin. She went to bathroom for fresh up and I followed her. She didn’t even mutter a word. I followed behind I she went inside bathroom I too went inside following her she told me to wait outside.

She went inside I stood at she moved further to close door. I refused her she asked me why?I told I want to watch her. You can but give me some time about 2 min she said. I pleased her, you will so she agreed and told she would pee.I said it’s ok and I told she can even shit infront of me she gave me a naughty smile and she started to unhooked her pant and slipped her panty down sat on command to pee I saw her curiously standing infront of her. She shied a bit.

She told me please that she felt like irritating I pleaded her for to do didn’t have any other choice either then peeing infront of me. She pissed and asked me why u want me to pee infront of me.I told her I didn’t get any chance to see any girls pussy in live and see any girl pissing so I defined myself .She was quiet her pee was yellow in color. I asked her to drink more water.

She asked me why I told her it helps in digestion and purification and smoother system. It’s very healthy it would help in faster circulation. I told her she would piss white pee instead of, I mean, no yellow pissing I said. She came near me and asked me do u want to taste my pee. I agreed and bent down to taste I licked her pussy for bit it was weird and salty. I washed my mouth she started to laugh at me. I was ashamed little.

Then we sat on sofa for some time we asked each other some personal things she told me she was interested and need to do this job for her studies. She told she is from poor family. I was in disappointment she convinced me I was in full mood now I grabbed her instantly she was smiling enough I kissed her lips. It continued more 5 mins. Then we went to our room.

She gave me a condom I undressed myself and started to remove her clothes I removed her top she unhooked her pant. She was now bra and panty I just got her to bed I kissed her on neck and navel and belly too.

I unhooked her bra and started to lick her left side boob and press the right one she started moaning heavily ammmhha…And slowly went down and removed her panty she was fully nude her pussy smelt awesome I started lick it and couldn’t manage as it was my first time.

I asked her can we try 69 and she agreed and started to lick my dick I was in deep moan. She asked me to suck her pussy to now I was able to suck. I fucked her with my tongue for five min. Fingered her pussy she was in deep moan she told me to not stop and she was oozing out her precum I tasted it.

Now this was my turn I placed my cock on her vagina pushed it inside slowly but she told me to slow down I was now into her pussy. I started to ram her faster and faster she and I was in deep moan I pressed her boobs in mean time.

I was out with my first cum and I changed the condoms then I fucked her in doggy style I ended up kissing her… Guys comment me and inspire me for my next sex story love you friends.

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