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Cheating on my fiance at my bachelore party

Cheating on my fiance at my bachelore party

A few days before I married my husband, I cheated on him. There, I've said it. Only a few people knew, and he never knew. So, here is that story....

I was fairly introverted at the time and usually had been faithful to the guy I was dating at the time. I didn't expect anything wild to happen the night of my party. A few girl friends, took me out for drinks and dinner and gifts. It was all very nice. I even chatted with my fiancé via the phone an hour into it to reassure his insecure self that we were being good. Hah, if only I knew what was to happen!!!.

We went to a nearby club and drank some more, danced some too. Like I said I was pretty introverted, and partying all night was not really my style. As the night went on some friends went home, leaving me and a couple other girls. One of them, lets call her Riya, She said we were now going to meet someone for a special treat. I drunkenly agreed , and off we went in her car to... a hotel! OK, I thought, this is a little strange, but I trusted my two friends. Riya had already checked in so we went up to the room.
It was a nice suite-like room with a separate bedroom. Riya instructed me to put on a blindfold but I asked why, she said “we have a surprise for u dear”, then wait on the bed. A few minutes later I heard her let someone into the room and whisper something. I heard people come into the bedroom.

"SURPRISE!" said Riya, "take off your blindfold, ha ha ha!!!"

Standing in the room with Riya and my other friend was one of the most amazingly well toned men I had ever seen, with a clean shaved face, muscular arms, and a clean white smile. Oh and he was naked except for that smile and a small set of boxers. Oh my, I blushed and covered my face like a silly girl.

Riya said "Enjoy, hunny!" and closed the two of us in the bedroom alone. I was totally nervous. He introduced himself as Rahul and said he was here to give me a massage, nothing more, and I could stay clothed if I wanted. After a moment I composed myself and agreed to let him caress my shoulders. Since he was doing this from my front, it was hard to miss the enormous bulge within his boxers. I could tell he was way larger than my fiance or any other man I'd ever been with. Thoughts began to percolate within me. Rahul swayed his hips and hummed gently as he worked by stiff muscles, then my neck, which really turned me to mush.

He said "You're so tight! And so sexy cute." he commented as he worked marvelously.
I laid on the bed on my stomach. Soon he had convinced me I'd be more comfortable with my jeans off. Part of me was in shock but most of me was saying "What the heck, why not?" as I was drunk. My panties slipped off with the jeans, but I didn't care. Rahul worked his strong warm hands up and down my short legs and feet, sending me to a heavenly bliss. He caressed my buttocks perfectly. Squishy sounds were becoming obvious as he massaged the thigh areas. All I could do was moan and love it
all. My fiance had never given me such an amazing massage, and still never has.
Well, I couldn't get the thought of Rahul's enormous meat out of my mind. When he next massaged up my back close to my head, I stared at his bulge and commented, somewhat slurred, that I'd never seen such a large man part. Part of me was further shocked, but most of me was into this. He thanked me. I asked if I could see it. He pulled off his boxers. My eyes grew wide. It had to be twice my fiance's thickness and at least 9 inches long, half erect, half dangling like a massive man sausage. I wanted it inside me. Immediately! My body was beyond ready to experience that. I rolled over onto my back and lay with my legs spread. Then it was like some deeply repressed part of me emerged and said "Why don't you find out how tight I really am. I need some massaging, from the inside. I'm so wet Rahul, I want to feel you inside me." I had totally lost track of where Riya and my other friend were. Had they left the other room? I didn't care.

Now Rahul was over a foot taller than my petite size and probably twice my weight. Easily the biggest hunk of man I'd even been this close to. I wanted to experience his thickness! And seconds later, he...was... inside me! Ahhhhhhhh Ahhhh Ahhhhh Ammmm.... and he was smiling down and clasping my hands with his. Oh my god. The sensation! OH. MY. God! I was instantly halfway to an orgasm. His dick was parting my tight vaginal walls in the most incredible may I'd ever felt. I'd never felt such delight. My slippery inner muscles quivered and melted around him, thrilled to feel this amazing rod's penetration and slow strokes. My g-spot was very very stimulated. Hell yeah, I needed this!

"How's that feel inside, Rahul?" I asked

"Ahhhhhh, so tight! You are certainly the tightest little lady I've felt mmmm...!!"

And then he withdraw his dick and he lay back and said me to sit on ur mouth, so i did the same and then he pushed his tongue inside my cunt and started to fuck me and then lick my pussy like he want to eat me up.... i was shivered as i didn't feel that much aroused to myself. he fucked me with his tongue until i was in the verge of cumming.
He then asked me to laid on him, and using full force of his strong hips he then penetrate completely into my secret folds of wet Pussy. Hearing him moan, feeling him stretch me like never before, I suddenly exploded around him, waves of pleasure overwhelming me like my fiance had never given me.

"Haaa oh yessss, I feel you cuming little hottie, cuming around my cock. You like that big meat inside you don't you, little cutie? Mmmm" I loved it more than I could express. I simply writhed in pleasure as he slowly slid in and out, his cock swelling even more inside.

"Use my insides, Rahul. Yes, do it, cum inside my pussy! Ohhh godddd yes do it!!"

He grunted, plunged deep and filled me with gushes of his warm seed (cum). Maybe I should have had him wear a condom, oh fuck it, I thought drunkenly. It felt so good. He came so hard. Moaning loudly, I loved hearing him and feeling that warmth draining from him into me. He laid on me fully, panting. He looked at my face, told me again how sexy cute I was, and we made out for several minutes with deep sloppy tongues exploring each others mouths. Soon he cleaned up and departed with a smile.

I shyly emerged from the bedroom and find only Riya still in the room, watching TV and pretending to sleep. I took a quick shower, then had her take me back to me car. We didn't talk much. She grinned and I grinned back. She had gotten me the perfect present.

Now of course my insecure fiance didn't approve of me coming home to him so late. He was pissed. I sucked his cock to sate his angst, but me heart wasn't
really into it, and he knew it. I barely had him in my mouth and his orgasm was weak to say the least that time. Now he is just like him and I enjoy my husband very much.

I made up some lies about why I was late, and later got Riya to cover for me with the same fake alibi. I never saw Rahul again, to me it would always be an amazing memory to think back upon when I needed to put my mind elsewhere.
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