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Breastfeeding My Uncle | English Incest Sex Story

Breastfeeding My Uncle | English Incest Sex Story

I am 18. I have a 6 month old baby girl and 4 months ago I caught my boyfriend in bed with another woman and I moved out.

This past Thanksgiving my mothers family was over at my uncles tri-level house, everybody was there.

At one point things quieted down. Most of the kids were in the lower level family room playing video games. Some of the family were playing cards in the dining room and some were watching a movie in the downstairs den.

I was in an upstairs room that my uncle converted to a work den. It was where he kept his computer. I had placed my sleeping baby on a couch in the corner of the room and I sat at my uncles desk and hooked myself up to a breast milk pump.

After a few minutes my uncle burst into the room, then quickly saw what I was doing, walked back out of the room and partially closed the door.

He then said that he needed to download some files because a co-worker was near by and was going to stop over later to pick them up.

I said it’s okay you can come in. He asked if I was sure and I said yes.

So my uncle came in and showed me how to lock the door.

He then looked for a CD and began to search for the files to download. I was next to him with one breast partially exposed and with my nipple hooked to the pump.

Breastfeeding My Uncle

My uncle looked very nervous and kept fumbling around. I noticed that he kept looking at my breast. He looked up again and saw that I was watching him as he looked at me. Then he said, your breasts have gotten really big.

I thought it was a funny thing to say and giggled. Yeah, that’s what happens when you get pregnant, I said jokingly.

My uncle seemed even more nervous now but he couldn’t stop looking at my breast. He then asked, does it taste like milk?

I thought that was even a funnier thing to say and I let out a loud laugh I even snorted. My uncle laughed too. After a bit of silence, he again stared at my boob.

I don’t know why, maybe it was because I was feeling rejected and now someone couldn’t keep their eyes off of me. Or maybe it was because I hadn’t had sex for months and probably wouldn’t have sex for a long time that I suddenly blurted out, do you want to taste, …my milk? I felt my face flush and my uncle locked eyes with me and he replied, sure.

I was sort of embarrassed. I pulled my left bra flap down exposing my nipple and said, go ahead if you really want to.

My uncle leaned forward then back up again, then went to make sure that the door was locked. As he walked to the door I watched and smiled as he reached down his pants and rearranged his noticeable erection.

As he was came back he looked excited and he gave me a big smile I think because I guess was giving him the opportunity to suck my breast milk directly from my tit.

He got down one one knee and looked me straight in the eyes and then his mouth opened and he leaned forward. I went from looking in his eyes to watching his mouth slowly cover my big nipple and when I felt his first suckle I moaned and he moaned and we both make an Mmmm sound.

He began to suck harder and we locked eyes again and I softly asked him if he liked it. He stopped sucking and licked around my nipple the he kissed my nipple and replied, yes, the he again began to suckle my breast milk right from my tit. He reached up and squeezed my tit then he licked and bit my nipple and pulled on it with his teeth. It felt so sexy.

I again just blurted out, I’m feeling so horny! He got up and unzipped his pants and pulled out his huge erection. In a split second I forgot about everything but my uncle’s big cock sliding into my mouth. My uncle said, I love your thick lips. He put his hand behind my head then leaned back so that he could watch as he fucked my mouth.

he suddenly interrupted everything got up and pulled me up from the chair. I asked him, what was the matter? and he said, I have wanted to do this since you were 13. He hiked up my skirt and pulled down my panties and then urged me to the floor. The pump was still in place and really getting in the way.

He positioned me on all fours with my butt in the air. He then got down behind me and cupped my butt cheeks in both hands and spread my butt cheeks apart. I then felt his soft, warm, wet tongue lick my butt hole. He then flicked his tongue and pushed hard as he tried to insert his tongue into my rectum.

He pulled my butt cheeks apart again and I felt his tongue lick inside my rectum. It felt so fucking good. He continued to lick and flick and stab at my butt hole witch his tongue and lick inside my rectum. I was in butt hole heaven.

Then I felt him spit on my butt hole and he softly slid his finger in. He finger fucked me, first one finger, then two. He spit again, and finger fucked me more.

Then spit again, but this time he re-positioned himself behind me,. Then he grabbed my ass with one hand and his cock with his other hand and he guided his cock inside my butt hole. With maybe 4 inches of his cock up my ass the pain that I felt was huge but I moaned out load, fucking me in my ass! My uncle shushed me as I had moaned loudly.

I pushed back towards him and I felt his hips on my butt, his 8 inch cock was buried deep into my ass. We both began fucking faster and faster and I moaned, I’m coming” and in a couple of seconds my uncle moaned, I’m coming.

I moved in with my uncle. No one knows about us.

I’m pregnant.
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