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Banged Sister’s Friend | English Forced Sex Story

Banged Sister’s Friend | English Forced Sex Story

I used to be a very shy boy in my school days until my 10th grade. My sister was 2 years elder to me and her friends used to come to my place and we used to talk like good friends. I was so innocent that I never used to understand their winks n sexy gestures while talking. One of her friends who happened to be our neighbour too was Yamini. She had a dusky complexion and great looking eyes. I didn’t talk much with her but she always used to smile at me.

When I entered 11th grade, my world changed and I got into all sorts of porn stuff and made girlfriends in school and had my share of fun. By that time, My sister had joined a college and most of her friends had joined college in some other cities. In the following years, I hardly got any time to think about her friends as I got admission in some other city and later got placed in Gurgaon at an MNC.

Working in a hectic job with friday late night parties was a regular thing. One day I was scrolling my facebook page and my eyes stopped at a profile. I suddenly recognized her. It was Yamini. The dusky beauty had changed so much. She had developed nice round shaped breasts and had a real curvy ass. I started feeling hard in my pants looking at her profile further. Finally, after returning form an office party, I opened one beer for myself and while scrolling through my FB thought of taking the risk, I pinged her and to my wonder she replied instantly. Here’s the chat:

Me: Hey
She: Hey, how are you?

Me: I’m good, thanks. How are you?
She: I’m great yaar. So what are you up to these days?

Me: I’m working at this MNC in Gurgaon. What about you?
She: Oh, wow that’s great. I’m working at a company in Bangalore. Great to hear from you after a long time.

Me: Yea, its been really long. You have changed a lot too.
She: Oh really, is it for the good or the bad?

Me: good, of course 😉 like really cute.
She: Hey thanks, yaar, but I guess I’ve gained some weight….(I was about to say something when suddenly she said-) but only at the right places :D:D

This got me going. I had a feeling this was going to be good. I kept my beer aside and was thinking of what to write and wrote

Me: Well, I can only guess from the pictures you know. But you really are spinning a lot of heads in Bangalore I’m sure.
She: Oh really, well I like it when they look at me. Even you find me cute don’t you? and what guesses are you talking about ??

Me: Umm a guess with 34 C written on it.
She: WTF

I thought I lost her. She didn’t reply after that and I thought it was gone. Next day I was working in my office when I looked at my phone in the evening and I saw her ping

She: You’ve become too smart an asshole.
Me: So was I right?

She: why do you think I called you smart?
Me: Yummy 😀

She: I can’t believe you’re the same innocent lad. I liked you like that.
Me: so you don’t like me now?

She: You look handsome boy. I’m sure you’re tapping some real hotties there.
Me: None better than you I guess.

She: Hold your horses boy, I’m your sister’s friend and your neighbour.
Me: I wish you were my neighbour here 😉

She: Sad to know that staying in the same city would also make us stay at different places.

She really played me this time and I could only reply with a grin full of embarrassment. Further talks led to her saying that she would meet me when in Gurgaon as she has some friends there and both of us got busy in our jobs for a few days. Except for just a Hi n How are you, we didn’t talk for a week.

On another Friday, I got a call from her. I was in the office so I asked her to text me.

She: You wanna meet? I am in Gurgaon for the weekend but can only see you today. I have to attend a friend’s engagement.
Me: (with a devil smile inside of me) Why not? When and where?

She: You say, it’s your city after all. I’m just a guest 😛
Me: My city, my place then? 😉

She: and what will you say to your roomies?? 😛
Me: I stay alone 🙂 Where do you want me to pick you up?

She: I’m in cyber hug right now. Let me know when you get free. And yea- don’t try to get smart with me , I’m warning you. don’t even try.
Me: Always a gentleman. nothing without your permission. 😀

She sent a laughing emoji and I left my office in the next one hour.

When I went to see her at Cyberhub, I saw her on a tight top and blue jeans. She was looking smoking hot. We hugged each other and I asked her, where now? She replied with a tap- I thought we already decided and smiled.

We bought some booze on the way and headed to my place later on.

We entered my room and I put some music on. She poured the whisky and we both sat opposite to each other on my bed. Sipping slowly, our eyes met every other second while we discussed about our old school days. Out of the blue, I asked her if she wants to play Truth n Dare? She agreed to it.

Both of us asked each other about favorite sex positions where our mutual choice was doggy, she said she loved the penetration in that to which I was feeling hard in my pants. She noticed it and passed a smile. I was constantly staring at her boobs. They were just perfect, I thought. She asked me to focus on the game.

The game continued and I asked her when was the last time she had sex. She replied-it was more than 2 months back. I suddenly felt she was in heat. I went to the washroom and couldn’t believe how hard I was.

Banged Sister’s Friend

When I got out of the loo, I suddenly stood behind her back, held my right arm across her chest and held her left shoulder inside the top and rubbed it. I whispered into her ear- Are you still gonna wait for more now? That’s it, the ice was broken.

She grabbed my face and started sucking my lips. I started rubbing her boobs from beneath her bra while she was biting my neck and started taking off my t-shirt. It took seconds for me to get her topless and I threw away her bra and top. I was sucking her melons, those huge melons like I always wanted them. She grabbed my hair and asked me to suck them harder. I was teasing her nipples with my tongue and she was scratching my back, feeling my chest and holding my ass. My hands were busy crushing her ass. I tried to get on top of her when she kicked me back and put her hands on my belt saying- Now you’ll know what I wanted from you in those school days.

She got me sitting on my knees, unbuckled my belt and took off my underwear in a go. She was a real thing, a real pro at sucking cocks and I could do nothing but grab her hair and fuck her mouth. I started pouring whiskey over my cock while she sucked me. She said she loved the taste and my cock and deepthroated me for a time I can’t even remember. I was about to cum and I stopped her. She understood the signal, winked at me and said- Let’s see what you got Junior ;).

I made her lie down, pulled her jeans off along with her red thongs and slapped her pussy hard. She got excited. I kept sitting on my knees and pulled her feet up and kissed them. I put her legs on both my shoulders and brought her pussy closer to my face. She screamed- You bastard, what’s on your mind. I replied with holding her by her ass and started licking her pussy down to her ass. She jerked and moaned like a bitch in heat. With her face pinned to the bed, she couldn’t do anything but scream and moan. I fingered her ass and licked her pussy and the G spot. She had cum 2-3 times in 15 mins when I finally let her go. I asked her once if she liked condoms and she denied. I didn’t waste any time.

She was exhausted but I was not. I got her on all fours and drilled my cock into her pussy even before she realized it. A long-awaited drunken sex with this woman was like a dream come true and I didn’t let it go. She loved this position and kept asking for more. I was spanking her ass and she was screaming- harder you fucker, fuck me harderrr…aaaaahhhhh yaaasssssss.. I fucked her for a good 30 mins and finally, I took my cock out and sprayed my cum all over her face and tits.

We took a break and I started fingering her after a while. She got into 69 with me and we sucked each other in heat. Ready for the second round?? I asked her when she replied- Stay down tiger, I wanna ride your filthy cock now. She scratched my chest and rode me like a real bitch for another 20 mins, The room was full of moans and screams and we never wanted us to stop. I finally told her I was cumming when she got up started sucking my cock. This time she gulped it all and said she really loved it.

We dozed off later on and I fucked her in the morning before calling a cab for her. We kept in touch for a while but she is married now and we agreed not to continue this thing after her marriage.
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