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A Lesbian Incident With My Niece | Lesbian Sex Story

A Lesbian Incident With My Niece | Lesbian Sex Story

So I am Varsha from Mumbai. A mother to 2 most beautiful twins and a wife to a caring and loving husband, Hemant. This story recounts my lesbian relationship with ny Niece which I’ll share with you all here.


I have an elder sister. Her name is Darshana. She is 7 years elder to me, currently she is 44. Darshana has just 1 daughter, Niyati. Niyati is 20 now, in her last year of BCom in a good college in Mumbai.


So let me tell you all about Niyati. She is fair, around 5’7 in height, she has a very thin body. She is crazy about the “zero-figure” type and she literally starves herself to remain in that figure.

A Lesbian Incident With My Niece

This is about the recent Christmas vactions. Although me and Darshana both stay in Mumbai, we live far-off from each other and dont meet much. On 23rd December, Hemant planned an all-guys trip to Manali for the New Years. I was sad that he wouldn’t spend the New Year with me.


So I decided to make another plan of mine and called up Darshana. She suggested that we go to Mahabaleshwar. But I said it would not be possible with Shanaya and Samarth. She considered the same and offered to come over and stay at my place. I was very glad and agreed.


Hemant left with his friends on 24th December morning. I called Darshana up and she reached my place within an hour. As soon as she entered, she totally ignored me and rushed to meet Shanaya and Samarth. I was happy that they had such a loving aunt.


We spent the whole day chatting. Darshana told me that Niyati had been out with her friends since 2 days so Darshana had not informed her that she was staying at my place. She tried callig Niyati but her cell was switched off. At around 11pm, we decided to sleep. She slept in one bedroom while I slept in the other room with Shanaya and Samarth.


At around 2am, I heard soft knocks on the door. At first I thought its in my head and ignored it. But the knocking kept coming. I woke up and went to the door. I peeped through the keyhole but I could see no one outside. I opened the door and put my head out. “Who is it?” I called out, half-shivering in fear.


“Ohh thank God Maasi its you.” I was surprised to hear Niyati’s voice. She was hiding on the stairs and showed up as soon as I called out. She was wearing a golden coloured one-piece which just about reached her knees. I looked at her face. She was drunk like hell. I was shocked to see her in that condition.


“I was hiding coz I feared Maasa will open the door.” Niyati managed to speak. She nearly stumbled on the floor. I managed to hold her upright and took her inside the house. “Shhh dont make noise Maasi. I dont want Maasa to wake up.” Niyati said.


“Your Maasa has gone to Manali with his friends for New Years. He is not at home” I told Niyati. Niyati smiled and said “Oh wow!! I didnt know that. Good he is not here. I cannot go home in this condition otherwise Mom will kill me!”


I remembered that Niyati was unaware that Darshana was at my home in the very next bedroom. I told Niyati to keep quiet and took her to my bedroom. She started going towards my twins. I held her arm. “Dont go to them with your alcoholic breath! Shhhee Niyati I never knew you do all these things!”


“Come on Maasi. Its New Years its fun time” she put her arms around my neck and began dancing. Her breath was making me feel nauseated! I pushed her away and took her to the washroom. I told her to freshen up while I went to the kitchen to boil some milk for her.


When I returned 10 minutes later, she was sitting on the bathroom floor with her eyes half-shut. “Get up Niyati. Clean your mouth and face and drink this milk” I ordered. Niyati tried getting up but she was too drunk and fell down again. She was laughing at her own condition. Within a minute, she passed out.


I considered waking up Darshana but she would beat the hell out of Niyati if she saw her daughter in this condition! I kept the glass of milk on a side table in the washroom. I lifted Niyati from her shoulders and took her to the wash basin. I cleaned her face and brushed her teeth.


I went into the bedroom to fetch a towel. When I entered the washroom, Niyati was standing there drinking the milk. I felt relieved that she was atleast a little sane. While drinking, half of the milk spilled over her dress. “What the fuck!” she screamed out. I slapped her and again warned her to keep her mouth shut.


I got a nighty of mine and gave it to Niyati. I was cleaning the milk on the floor of bathroom when suddenly Niyati removed her one-piece dress and threw it away. That girl was not wearing anything inside. No bra, no panty, no slip! She was totally naked. I was shocked.


She had small breasts must not be even 30″ with a cup size of B. Her waist was 26″ and her hips around 32. She stood there naked, not doing anything and staring at the floor. I asked her to wear the nighty.


“Maasi, if I wear this nighty it will slip down my body, it is soooo big!” Saying this, Niyati sat on the floor spreading her legs. She had a very thick bush of pubic her over her vagina. So thick, it seemed like a forest out there!


I instantly remembered my lesbian act with Shanti, my maid and felt wet. Looking at my Niece’s pussy made my own pussy drip. I shook my head. How can I think like this about my own Niece!? I continued cleaning the milk off the floor but I couldnt take my eyes off Niyati’s cunt.


I heard a giggle. I looked up and saw Niyati smiling at me. She took her two fingers and inserted them in her vagina. She immediately took them out and sucked them. This act turned me on like anything. My vagina was already soaked with my juices. But I somehow waited for her to make the first move.


As if reading my mind, Niyati reached out and fondled my ass from above my nighty. I pretended to ignore her and kept cleaning. She crawled to my back and sat down facing my ass. She suddenly pulled my nighty up and left it above my waist. My naked ass was exposed to the hot breaths of my Niece.


Niyati licked my buttocks. I couldnt help but moan. I immediately turned around and put my lips over Niyati’s. She sucked well and didnt seem to be a first-timer. She removed my nighty completely. I was also totally naked now infront of Niyati.


Niyati started pressing my breasts. A few drops of milk came out. Niyati smiled and put her mouth to my breasts. She started drinking milk from my breasts. I had breastfed Shanaya and Samarth a few hours back so they wouldn’t need the milk for a few more hours, I thought!


Niyati filled her mouth with my milk. She didnt swallow it but spat it out on my body. She then made me lie down on the floor and licked the milk off my body! Ooohh my nipples must have grown nearly 2″ long I was so horny.


I pulled her hair and pulled her up and kissed her lips hard. I didnt care of her alcoholic breath she had made me so wet I wanted her at any cost! She kissed me deep while she also inserted 2 fingers in my vagina! I leapt up in the air a little as waves of pleasure passed through my body. Niyati kept fingering my vagina and inserted one more finger inside.


My own Niece lying nude over me, while her mother slept in an adjoining bedroom made me very hot and I had my first orgasm within sometime. I pushed out realms of cum on Niyati’s fingers. She fondled my thighs with her cum-soaked fingers and licked off the rest of my cum from her fingers.


I was sweating and tired as hell but I wanted more. Niyati was drunk but the fire of sex had probably engulfed her and she too was getting hornier by the minute. I made her lie down on the floor. I kissed her small boobs. She had pink colour nipples. I pressed her beeasts and came down to lick her navel.


Niyati moaned and pressed my head deeper on her tummy. “Aaaahhh oooohhmmmm Maaassiii yess hhmmmm maasi plz lick my pussy. Meri chut plzzzzz chaatiyee…..” I came down to ger vagina. OMG! I thought. I tried eating her pussy but her thick pubic bush was turning me off.


“Lets shave your pubic hair Niyati this is a bunch of it down here!” She did not respond, just moaned. I didnt take a razor as that night hurt her. I took a pair of scissors and started cutting the hair. I was shaving my Niece’s pubic hair while she kept moaning and pressing her breasts. I checked once or twice over Shanaya and Samarth to see if they were alright.


After around 10minutes, Niyati’s pussy was clean with just a few short hair stems. I immediately put my tongue on her vagina. “Ooooohh my my maaaa aaahhh maaassiii” Niyati moaned as I licked her vagina dry.


She had her orgasm but did not cum much. I stood up and went to my wardrobe. I took out a unique red dildo which my Hemant had gifted me. It was a two-way dildo, and was exactly 14″ long and 3″ broad! I smiled and went to the washroom. Niyati was lying on the floor, fondling her vagina.


She saw me through half-open eyes and also saw what I had in my hand. She was shocked looking at its size and girth! I bent down and saw that her hymen was broken. Also her vagina was not as tight as it should be; so my Niece had taken the ride to heaven not just once but many times.


I lay down facing Niyati and spread my legs. Now our pussies were exactly infront of each other. I took that dildo and inch by inch inserted in my pussy. “Aaahnnn mmm ooooo hhhhhhhhhh Niyuuuuuuu aaaaaa” I too moaned as the huge dildo made way through my vaginal walls.


I stopped halfway and then asked Niyati to enter the other end of the dildo inside her. Niyati quickly held it and started pushing it inside. “Aaahhh ooohh oooh ooohh Maasi bohot mota hai ye aaahhhh” Niyati had probably not taken such a huge and thick dick yet.


Finally the dildo went about 7″ inside her. On the other side, the remaining 7″ had disappeared inside my vagina! I shifted a little ahaead and now my pussy touched Niyati’s while the dildo was shared between the two of us.


I started moving back and forth. Fucking the dildo. Niyati did the same, watching me. We both moved back and forth with the dildo appearing and again disappearing in our vaginas! Sometimes in between, Niyati’s pussy touched mine and that gave us the highest point of pleasure.


“Aahhh oooohh ummm mmmaaa maaa aaa asshhhhsssss oooohhsssss iisssssssss” we both moaned with our pussies getting fucked with the same dildo!


Niyati was the first to cum. She literally began to fuck the dildo so vigorously that her pussy started bleeding a little! Seeing her wildness and seeing her cum, I too couldnt control and the mild wentess of my vagina turned into a flowing stream of cum. I had my 2nd orgasm of the night!


I and Niyati were sweating and panting. Even after cumming, we had no strength to move, and the dildo was still inside our vaginas. I got up after a few minutes and saw that Niyati had already drifted off to sleep on the bathroom floor. I took the dildo out of her vagina, cleaned it with soap and water and out it back in my wardrobe.


I went back to the washroom. I cleaned myself and then moved to Niyati her vagina was a mess with a few hair cuts, blood, sweat and cum. I turned on tbe shower and cleaned her whole body. All this while, Niyati waa sleeping; unaware of whats happening around!


I then dried her body with a towel and placed her on the bed. She was now sleeping peacefully on the bed, although naked! I wore my nighty and crawled up next to Niyati. Looking at her hude body, I felt excited so I removed my nighty and slept naked besides Niyati hugging her.


No doubt the next morning was a mess with Darshana waking up and me trying frantically to hide Niyati somewhere in my bedroom. But all thats for the next part.

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